Call of Duty: Black Ops

Treyarch is set to take the gaming community by storm with it’s upcoming title “Call of Duty: Black Op’s”. With all new features and multiplayer modes Black Op’s is set to possibly beat Infinity Ward’s record set with their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The multiplayer mode will now include currency (CP). This is a first in the Call of Duty franchise. This feature harkens back to the days of counterstrike where you received money based on how well you did in the game. This currency allows you to buy things such as attachments, once unlocked, for your weapons and customizations for your player and your weapons. Some killstreak rewards also require currency.

Want to throw your currency on the line? Another first for the Call of Duty franchise is the all new Wager Matches. These are a separate gameplay mode where you bet your hard earned currency on where you’ll place in 4 new free for all modes, One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, Sharpshooter, and the community recommended game mode Gun Game.

Treyarch’s multiplayer will feature an all new contract system. This system was originally slated to be unveiled in Modern Warfare 2 but was left out. The contract system allows you to purchase a chance to gain more experience and currency by fulfilling your contract. The contracts have a life span anywhere from seconds to days depending on the contract. The contract system is also dynamic with the Treyarch team being able to add and change contracts on a weekly or even daily basis.

Players wanted it and now they have it, customizations. Customizations allow you control over not only your character but also your weapons. You can easily change the camouflage on your face, add your clan tag to your weapon and even customize your title card. Don’t like the standard sight reticle for you weapon? There are dozens of alternatives from smiley faces to just a plane arrow.

Treyarch has truly set the bar when it comes to innovation in a video game, and with the return of the ever popular Nazi Zombies in the Elite and Prestige additions, this game is set to beat Modern Warfare’s record. Get more Info on Call of Duty: Black Ops here.

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