Bypassing The BS Detector ? Essential For Any Internet Marketer Or Article Ghost Writer

There is just an astounding amount of utter crap out there.  The Internet is supposed to be the “information superhighway” but sometimes it seems more like a Sewer of Super-Drivel.  If you’re an internet marketer or article ghost writer, an important part of your job is to cut through the garbage and reach the real human beings on the other side of the computer screen.


What I mean is that over time, people begin smelling the stench and tuning it all out.  We’ve all got a built-in BS Detector that’s working in high-gear.  This is how we know that an email from Carlos Witherball promising us more inches is spam.  This is how we know that a blog comment that says “I really enjoy you many informations I coming back here many!!” is spam.


BS Detectors improve over time to deal with increasingly clever advertising strategies. You get more careful about opening emails from Paypal.  When you see a sales page, you immediately skim to the bottom to see how much it is.  This trend can be seen in the offline marketing and advertising world as well.  Many years ago, they sold products by giving people the benefits.  Then, when every product was loaded with benefits – “lighter, fluffier, cleaner, better” and so on – people got immune to it.  Each new generation of advertisers has to reinvent the wheel to try to grab people’s attention.


The Internet seems even more prone to getting glutted with junk.  Check any article directory and you’ll see 1,000 articles in your niche with identical titles and no content whatsoever.  Every niche is saturated in this way, so you’ve got to think – how can I cut through it all?


Don’t BS


First and foremost, quite BSing people.  Offer products that you really believe in and that you can actually stand by.  Stop worrying about making money for a while and think about developing a product or service that people can really use.  Think benefits first, and figure out the money angle later.  This will get you something that, at its core, is something true which will stand out among all the BS.


Know Your Niche


If your customers/readers know your niche better than you do, you’re in trouble.  If you’ve chosen a niche that is something you’re passionate about, this is no problem.  But remember that it’s your authority that’s going to get people buying, so if you’re not a complete expert in your niche, spend some time with it and learn what it’s all about.  Spending time researching on forums is a good way to do this.  Firsthand experience with it is also good. 


For example, if you’re doing the dog training niche and don’t even own a dog, you might think about getting one.  If you’re doing fly-fishing, get out there and fish.  If you’re selling affiliate products, use them yourself before you start blogging about them.  This firsthand experience will make a huge difference in your expertise, and this will come through to your readers. 


Offer Real Value


Finally, offer them what YOU think is a great deal.  Too many marketers and writers are out there thinking that the “public” are mindless morons and our job is to separate them from their money.  What you believe comes naturally through everything that you do.  Focus your mindset on offering a deal that you’d buy yourself.  If you’re an article ghost writer, write content that you’d want to read.  This will get you more readers, more purchases and more success in the online business world; it will also help you sleep better at night.


And you’ll have a product or service that you know even the most highly tuned BS Detector on earth will be useless against. 

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