• John Rajczyba

    Really don’t understand why you would buy titanfall if not for the
    movement. I’m pretty sure that all of the players that bought this thinking
    it would be Cod with mechs will have gone back to cod or whatever they play
    nowadays, in a month or so.

  • mynameiscolb

    A tip for building speed in Titanfall: When doing parkour, get started with
    a wall run, then jump from wall to wall…. but do NOT run on the walls. As
    soon as you touch a wall, immediately jump again. When you take more than 1
    step, it slows your pilot down. You can actually outrun stryders on the map
    shown in this video. This is how we win CTF on this map.

  • nsmc99

    Tg u suck at Titan fall if u don’t parkour

  • AlyMewGaming

    Love the parkouring, I was just discussing this about how xbox one people
    don’t do it as much as pc players with +Wintergore. Awesome vid. 😀 

  • TBT Gaming

    Titans in Attack on Titan are MUCH bigger.

  • Todd Groves

    Good points about parkouring. It’s the one aspect of TF that drew me to it
    in the first place. Something new compared to COD. In the videos I’ve seen,
    people who play it like COD are the least successful. Thanks again for
    another helpful video.

  • Vapes

    Reminds me of Attack on Titan and Air gear. Players like this are fun to
    watch, but he needs to be more aggressive and a killing machine to make
    this game view able. Haven’t seen one game yet that makes me want to game
    again. Pretty sure that’s a good thing too.

  • Dragoonsoul7878

    So basically this raises the skill cap incredibly? I like it, but at the
    same time worried about how good it is, watching how you turned around in
    wall jumps, this is ridiculously powerful.

    I really “like” this game, but at the same time I am worried that if I get
    good at this unless the majority of the player base gets good at such
    things as well it would become to easy.

    It is, for lack of a another comparison from my experiences, why I stopped
    Halo online. I got good at maneuvering in the maps and doing things people
    wouldn’t expect. I could make my shots count and win most if not all of the
    time, and that was just in Halo 3 when you couldn’t fly and climb over
    everything… It became horribly easy to do good, imo, and it got boring
    because I just did well without even trying. I really want this game, but
    do people think it would suffer the same way Halo did for me or not?

    I really want to get this game, but past experiences are stopping me and my
    concern voiced above, if this game’s movements are more complex won’t that
    mean I could potentially less competition just because of how hard it is to
    get good at that?

  • MultiHammodi

    Bro. Do You Even Praise the Sun!?

  • Cj Perez

    i think more xbox players play parkour well atleast i do

  • MOB100TV

    To the bitch made fuck boys who claim titanfall is boring, you’re mad that
    you can’t camp for kills streaks. In titanfall it’s about what you can
    actually do, how you can piece together combinations. That’s the rush, not
    camping the whole damn match to get a helicopter lmaoo. Sorry, but the run
    and gun is back bitchreeess

  • gabriel garcia

    Is the second season coming out? Is mirrors edge 2 coming out too, becuase
    it was an amazing game. 

  • Vampires Crypt

    the wall running looks weird in this game I dunno, its like a free camera
    also how do pilots even do that without power suit :/ hell you cant do
    stuff like that even in Crysis or Halo xD

  • Bruno Cornips

    The C A R SMG lools like a SCAR from cod ^^ just sayin’.

  • Max Phillips

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who made the AoT x TF connections.

  • Paran01ac

    Dirty cuntsole peasants playing like dirty cuntsole peasants? No way!

  • Andrew Takata

    Woo! Attack on Titan! Also, Drift0r, there is an online Unity game for
    Attack on Titan. You should look it up

  • carlos Rios

    COPY RIGHT! plagiarism !!! plagiarism !!!

  • joseph gigglez

    Hey Drift0r, i always wanted to know when u put a Muzzle Brake on any gun
    in COD Ghosts does it make it so u have to get farther away for longshots
    or what?

  • 6487ichigotheman

    Driftor… You watch attack on titans too..
    Dude you are fucking awesome

  • Ckoolo Gejms

    I perkour even inside of buildings

  • Jet 27

    My whole family won’t shut up about “Attack on Titan”. I practicaly know
    the whole story by now, even though i never watched it.
    So, yeah, i’ve been noticing similarities too.

  • squanto246

    I am really enjoying “Attack on Titan” after watching this vid. Thanks!

  • EightBit ShadowGamer

    dont got no clau on ppl that dont use parkour 😛 well atleast they are easy
    targets :P

  • riku 1560

    Yes I tried the game and the parkour make me better on the game I love wall
    running in games