• 7910cesar1

    como entraste a ese ma’¡=?¿((&&mapa

  • matthew cook

    U suck at zombies

  • flamedan1

    4th origins looks sick

  • Nick Frost

    Why did you not take the ksg?

  • Raging Rat

    Do an origins Easter egg vid

  • Liam Hills

    you suke at zombies

  • Andrew Rivera


  • MrMegauk

    uk dont get it

  • Amirun Zulkifli

    HD please

  • xiongkun

    man this is super hard

  • JY Harris

    did he denie the ksg

  • TheMaskedWeirdo67

    yea you do

  • Adrian Mcdaniel

    Fuck ya

  • John barahona

    Samantha voice is like a normal girl

  • MrTimetodielol

    It’s not out yet is it?

  • Tim Taylor

    I play on xbox360

  • GarrysCounterMod

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    so boring

  • Enrique Garza

    Dude next time save your money instead of wasting it like a dumbass. Also
    next time dont buy the ballista cuz you suck at it

  • Rick vanDam

    Playing right now lol

  • RobrulesMiami


  • NCproductions

    9 ya

  • Trish B


  • SirJimiee

    how do you it will be 8 hours?

  • Stormagedon the dark lord of all