• King Prince

    Also a suppressor slow weapon down just a tip


    LMFAO Jive stay Spazzing lolol I thought I was Bad

  • oliverlawton1

    You are a beast respect from York England mate

  • Michael Stevens

    @JiveTurkey600 As Jive knows, even using a controller on PC really doesn’t matter a whole lot. You still don’t get the console’s benefit of aim assist. It just feels wrong.


    Yeah… but who wants to do that? why dont i just play console when i do that …lol

  • indajew1

    You do know you can sync your x box controller to your pc right.

  • thatdudeballin

    Jive deserves way more subscribers

  • Leo Cotti


  • Goopy200

    TBNRfrags is alright, the fanboy advertising his page isn’t.

  • RentACopTN

    Dat Moderate NAT, like a boss!

  • oztechkid1

    Im gooder ur funny

  • emmiigh

    Nice gameplay tho

  • emmiigh

    Jive you aint a hacker just because steam fuck up your name. and 375 spm isn’t hacking.

  • NanybeeLP

    Can I add you ? We can play together

  • JustnSlayer

    Yeah i with reg guns on 4 and i snipe on 8. I was just wondering cause Jive always has great aim.

  • XxRyicexX

    Yep gooder

  • W3llDunn

    dig the pc gameplay, and the live commentary

  • Brickwallhood1

    Luv Yu mu nigga jive gllad ur on pc what’s your pc stats

  • MrFlightposites

    your life’s a mdiorce gameplay

  • bad851

    oooo…. Oh haha that makes since, lol I feel stupid now

  • FreshLjTingsz

    Nice Jive!

  • George Claude

    When your good on pc every one thinks you cheat

  • Dexter McSnuggles

    I hope you didn’t send Vahn death-threats for nerfing it lol


    I noticed that ,Dex…. but an is my babyyyyyy

  • xLaDyMeRkx

    Snap YO FINGERS!!!