• Zachary Dwyer

    whats the song at 5:06?

  • aldorgan heroica

    how do you do the swiming glitch

  • Slimshady Fan

    LOLOLOLOLOL #ripdelirious 

  • kingcool189


  • GreyPlayz

    Now this is why I play cod, because you always get that one lobby where
    instead of taking it seriously, you and the enemy team just piss around and
    have a good time :3

  • SurvivalWarGamer54

    whats the song at 5:00?

  • Ethan Leterm

    I hate them

  • jaden dailey


  • sexyrobnlisa


  • Petri Du Toit

    Looking for the the silly song @ 00.14 please…

  • viciadao23


  • mcfcguvnors

    Activision just released “Corner the crab” as a DLC :P

  • Team Valour !

    subscribe to me

  • mohamad reza azadi


  • TheFuzzyse

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    mark this as spam 🙂 As long as I tried! Thank you youtubers!!! Hope you
    enjoy my videos!!

  • nicholas almanza

    hey fuckin retard its not stolen they share videos because they do it

  • Stefan Batmo Beale

    This is the funniest shit to watch when drunk O.o

  • UnderDog5097

    I think I pissed my pants


    1:05 final fantasy for the win

  • Jakup RVD


  • ImOkayMan46274

    Nogla, 407, Delirious and Mini Ladd have an amazing laugh

  • jwalk505

    Loled so hard

  • bdogawx derp


  • Adrian Fernandez

    I wanna try that

  • kbhuff8

    whats the name of the song that starts at 0:14