• carter manganello

    WAIT F.E.A.R is map packs bo 1 And Teddn?

  • ZOMBuckaCurt

    its not fear russ u moron russman has nothing to do with it


    So the first Black ops dlc was F.E.A.R… AND the last letters of each
    mapsin black ops2 are Tranzi(T) Die ris(E) Mob of the dea(D) and now the
    new map Burie(D) And the last map for DLC 4 should have a Y at the end 🙂

  • TheMatsterx

    Y don’t they make a shopping center or something -_-?

  • Justin Schaetz

    dude this is fake but I can help you with the “fear ruin” in the end it’s
    probably going to say “fear Russ” Russman from zombies it’s a hint that we
    need to fear Russman so the next dlc will probably start wit a s and so on

  • The201antony

    Fake made by izusty check his channel