Black Ops 2 “APOCALYPSE” 4th DLC Map Pack “ORIGINS” Zombies Map – Map Pack Details!

So the Black Ops 2 “APOCALYPSE” DLC Map Pack is here on August 27th! What do you guys think? Be sure to Like, Fav & Sub! NEW – Black Ops 2 “APOCALYPSE” Map P…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Mychannelhasnofocus

    I think that I’m going to get the season pass next game, I feel like I miss
    out on so much, and with only uprising, I can’t even use it in multiplayer.
    Hopefully the next spec ops/ zombies/ whatever will be worth it!

  • Joe Mamma

    They need a full fucking zombies game Fuck this multiplayer gay shit WE

  • TheValkyrieProject

    Well there can be 2 more personalization pack, so mabye a good Dlc?

  • moses Zoquiapa

    Where’s my bacon camo

  • Hentai Mugen

    ahh okay, thanks man! you gave me hope :]

  • Oscar Pullin

    New logo? o:

  • xRouskiex

    They brought back 4 good maps, summit, firing range(studio),
    stadium(takeoff), and courtyard(dig). But not shitdown(nuketown. <--- fuck that map

  • uke bummers

    what about the og maps boo boo who

  • Ricardo vivas

    I have a zombie theory for the ending of the zombie story i think maxis an
    richtofen will fight and right when one of them is about to die they both
    stop fighting

  • vilgax0000

    treyarch are such moneywhores

  • xNobleProdigyx

    The new zombies map. Zombies is one of the best features in Call of Duty.

  • MrBossFTW

    There is only one in Black Ops 2.

  • natan ruman

    What about the new cherecters there story didn’t end

  • hollywoodundeadfan7

    Does anyone remember the spawns in stadium. that map is spawn kill central
    I hope they fix the spawns

  • seandan317

    courtyard is my favorite map

  • UnknownGamer

    The fuck multiplayer maps and 1 zombie map that’s gay

  • SwiftProductions01

    There won’t be a 5th dlc unfortunately, they stated “4th and final dlc”
    FINAL 🙁

  • Coyote Starrk

    Why did I stop watching your video!?!? THEY’RE AMAZING

  • MrBaseballguy99

    Wow 2 more remakes

  • MiLiTiAxKiNG


  • MrBossFTW

    I agree. It is a game mode that has made Treyarch super successful.

  • MrBossFTW

    You didn’t catch my sarcasm…

  • EpIcTrIcK ShOtzZZ

    Add me plz XxOpTicXRalnbOw