A Few Tips On Common Zerg Starcraft Strategy Ideas

When talking about any Zerg Starcraft strategy that has to do with mirror matches, there is something to be said about proper expansion.  Of course, scouting is important in this type of match as it is in any other. However, in this particular mirror match, following a good expansion policy is crucial to survival and winning.

To expand or not to expand
Quickly expanding is one of the characteristics of the Zerg. This is so for good reasons. In order to sustain their numbers they need a lot of resources.

Of course an expansion strategy is at odds somewhat with a rush strategy. The Zerg is best known for its rush tactics. This reputation started over ten years ago back when the original Starcraft was launched. It is nice to see that some things don’t really change.

As far as rushing goes, Starcraft 2 has only modified the already pre-existing array of tactics left over from the original. With new units and abilities of course there are now new rush build orders. And there are lots of them available for you, depending on what type of player you are or on what type of player your opponent is.

There is a varied choice of rush tactics but the problem with most of them is that they are all-in tactics. If they fail, then most probably you will lose the match. All it requires is an equally competent player with a faster clicking finger and your attack can stop at his ramp – or in some cases not even reach it.

If you assume that your opponent will try to rush you then what you must do is prepare for all the initial possible rushes and get ready to expand. If he is rushing you it is highly probable that he will be behind you economically if the rush fails.

All you have to do is make sure that the rush fails and then deliver the final blow.

On the other hand, if you resist his rush but he refuses to die then you need to keep up with your expansion and more critically, hinder his.

As a fellow Zerg, he will want to expand as quickly as possible in order to tech-up to other units. However, at this moment in the game you should have the upper hand and more units. Keep an eye on him and stop him from expanding.

Of course you could choose to be the aggressive player, in which case micromanagement becomes the name of the game. Keep your Lings alive for as long as possible and always go straight for his workers. If necessary, fall back with your Lings and wait for reinforcements. Even a badly damaged Zergling is of more use than a dead one.

Common Zerg tactics
The fastest attack a Zerg can go for is a Zergling attack, using the 6 Pool build order. As mentioned before this is an all-in tactic meant to win the game. If it fails, the player employing it loses.

It can be used against any race, however when used against another Zerg, the opponent might also send a Drone to create a Spine Crawler on the opponent’s creep. This tactic will work the best on small 1v1 maps, where you already know the position of your opponent.

When fighting another Zerg you can also consider sending all of your Drones to help the Zerglings. While their range is extremely short, every bit of extra damage can prove to be important in such a tactic.

Another common tactic is the Speedling/Baneling rush. With this tactic you need to have a few Roaches up and some Zerglings to act as a buffer. Use the Roaches to block your ramp and snipe the Banelings before they reach your Lings.

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