4 Reasons Cheating Does Not Have to Lead to Divorce

There are so many reasons people cheat and just as many reasons that cheating does not have to lead to divorce. Divorce should always be the last resort in a marriage. It is what should happen after all other possibilities have been explored. It should not be the default solution for the first sign of trouble.

In many relationships, an affair, or cheating is generally the first easily recognized sign of trouble. There were probably others that you can see clearly in hindsight but when you were in the thick of things it probably took cheating to make you sit up and really see where your relationship has been going for quite some time.

It hurts when you are the one being cheated on. There are few things in life that will hurt you more deeply than that. But, a cheating spouse is not necessarily a sign that your marriage is over. Cheating does not have to lead divorce now or ever. Buy, why doesn’t it?

1) Because marriage is about so much more than just the good times. Marriage is a series of rocky roads with twists and turns and lumps and bumps. It is not a smooth path and it certainly isn’t the final destination. Sometimes, it takes the really dark and painful times in your marriage to truly appreciate how wonderful your marriage and your spouse really is.

2) You owe it to yourself to try and make your marriage work. You took a vow and that vow meant something to you. For better or worse. Now definitely qualifies as one of the worse moments but for you, it’s just not enough to merit breaking the vows you made.

3) You believe the family you created together deserves a second chance. Normally there are children involved in the marriage by the time cheating takes place. You want your children to have the love of both parents to guide them through their young lives. It’s important to you and you know, deep down inside, that it’s important to your cheating spouse too.

4) You know, without a doubt, that you and your spouse still love one another. You may have lost your way a bit or been blown off course but you know your future lies together. There is no more compelling reason than this that cheating does not have to lead to divorce. At the end of the day you only need one good reason to make the decision to make your marriage work.

Have you already left your cheating spouse behind? It’s not too late to change your mind and get your ex back.


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