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Fair Play: El Mundo — little interview w/Kaleidos Hope (owner/creator)
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Image by ƦƲƁƖԼƳƝ (sie.verlangen)
Fair Play are permanent fairs inspired by games. El Mundo is an ancient game from the 13th century.

The Fair Play: El Mundo fair will open its doors on July 1st. I had the chance to have a little talk with Kaleidos Hope, owner and creator of the event.

With this article, I also started a major change for my future blogging. All fantasy-related content will now be found at

Why, you wonder? I always loved blogging as well as roleplay, and after being inspired by other awesome projects, I wanted "to go back to the roots" for everthing that is around my roleplay hobby. Therefore, I want to combine the fantasy fashion I wear with little stories from my roleplay adventures.

I will still blog casual/freebie stuff on my existing blog as I did before, no worries! Just for fantasy fashion, it will be another way of approaching for me. I hope you like the idea and still enjoy to follow.

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SURL (opens July 1st)