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FOLLOWING BIT is a reenactment of Vito Acconci’s FOLLOWING PIECE, originally performed in New York City between October 3 and 25, 1969. FOLLOWING PIECE was part of “Street Works IV”, a series of performances and conceptual events sponsored by the Architectural League of New York between October 1-31, 1969. Acconci followed a person for a few minutes, if that person entered into a private space or a car, or for several hours, if the person went to a cinema or restaurant. Acconci carried out this performance everyday for a month. He typed up an account of each ‘pursuit’, and, the following month, he sent a report to a different member of the art community.

Coll.eo’s FOLLOWING BIT is presented today to a broader audience via different media, in the form of tweets, machinima, digital photographs, prints, maps, and diagrams. The month-long performance generated an enormous set of data, consisting of 23 digital videos in high definition over 118 GB in size; 13300+ digital photos; 60 digital prints; 23 written accounts sent in Tweet form (archived), plus several typewritten pages of notes, framed, and mounted to wall and to a board.

This folder documents a following bit took place in the streets of Liberty City on July 23 2013. The episode lasted a few hours. The photographic documentation was automated. The computer camera took pictures every three seconds. The result: approximately 5 GB of screenshots. This is a selection.

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September 1, 2013