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3 Reasons to Visit Grand Bend

Grand Bend also commonly know as “the Bend” or “GB” is a community located on the shores of Lake Huron in Southern Ontario. This town is a popular tourist destination thanks to it’s great beaches and lively night life.

The year round population hovers around the 2 000 mark, but summer weekends see that number swell to something more like 50 000. The summer party atmosphere has earned The Bend a reputation of being Florida North.

If you make the trip down, make sure to check out:

1. The Motorplex: Grand Bend’s Motorplex is Canada’s largest multi use motorsports facility. It features a record breaking dragstrip as well as 2 competitive motocross tracks. The dragstrip plays host to Canada’s largest and oldest National Drag Race.

People often make race days into race weekends. The Motorplex includes an onsite motorhome area and campground that are packed with revelers during the long weekends. If gas fumes and loud powerful motors are your thing – there are few places better in all the country to get your fix than Grand Bend’s Motorplex

2. The Beach: With it’s climate and rocky nature, Canada isn’t exactly world renown for it’s beaches. Grand Bend is the exception to the norm, as it is well known for it’s great beach areas. It is part of the “West Coast of Ontario” which is home to hundreds of miles of open beach.

The shores of Lake Huron are beautiful – the white sands and blue water will make you think you took a vacation far south of the border. Long weekends find the beaches full of sunbathers and swimmers. It is a lively and fun atmosphere. Currently, Grand Bend is working on a Beach Enhancement project that will make their beach area even cleaner, more natural and add more family space.

3. The Wexford Shipwreck: The Wexford was a steel hulled freighter from Great Britain. It was hauling steel beams in the Great Lakes when it was caught in the legendary Great Lakes Storm of 1913. This storm, also known as the “Big Blow”, was a blizzard with hurricane level winds. It raged for three days and was responsible for the deaths of 250 people and the destruction of 19 ships.

The Wexford was found in 2000, 87 years after the huge storm. It is located off the shores of Grand Bend – it is about 75 feet under water. That makes for an intermediate level scuba dive. Curious scuba divers have been coming to Grand Bend to get a look at this sunken ship which is still fully intact.

Grand Bend is a rapidly growing community – it is no wonder why. From quiet unassuming small town in winter, “GB” transforms into trendy tourist destination in the summer. The town caters to tourists with interesting attractions like museums and quality dining.

The Motorplex assures that big name talent will continue coming to entertain Grand Bend and the Beach Enhancement project will make sure the town keeps it’s Florida North feel.

For more info on Southwestern Ontario towns – Ontario

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