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Timeline For World War 2 – The World Goes to War

Ignoring the well-meaning, peace-keeping actions of the British and French, Hitler continued his attack on Poland, proceeding deeper into the country after the success of his initial attack. The ultimatum delivered by the Allies on September 1st demanded that he withdraw, but when Hitler blatantly ignored the request, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and France declared war on Germany on September 3rd. Within a few days, Canada, South Africa, and Nepal also joined the War on the side of the Allies.

Even with a declaration of war, both the UK and France were still unwilling to do everything they could to stop Hitler’s army, as the memory of World War I was still fresh in their minds. Despite treaty obligations, neither Britain nor France moved quickly enough to aid Poland. Their inaction, combined with the Soviet support for Hitler’s regime, resulted in Poland’s defeat in October 1939. In the timeline for WWII, the period between the autumn of 1939 and the spring of 1940 was known as the “Phoney War”, because little actual fighting occurred between the Axis and the Allies. Aside from seizing German ships and establishing a blockade, Britain and France acted with chiefly defensive strategies. Germany took advantage of that time, regrouping after conquering Poland and fortifying themselves for more powerful future offensives.

After aiding the Germans, the Soviets moved through Eastern Europe on their own agenda, seeking to conquer and acquire Baltic states. Their battles – including a confrontation with Finland – led to the penning of the Moscow Peace Treaty, which was signed on March 12, 1940. This granted the Soviets the ownership of some Finnish land, but also put an end to their attempts to annex Finland.

In April 1940, the Germans and the Allies fought against each other in their first major battle. The Norwegian Campaign, launched independently by both sides, sought to gain control of valuable Swedish resources including iron ore. After two months of battle Germany was victorious in claiming the land, though a significant percentage of their military, naval, and air resources had either been destroyed or needed to remain in Norway in order to maintain German control. Another faction of the German military invaded France and the Low Countries in May, and again quickly secured a victorious position. Managing to divide and conquer the Allied forces, (soldiers in the North were evacuated by the Allied Operation Dynamo), France signed an armistice with Germany on June 22, 1940.

A German puppet government was established to keep control of the area, and Paris – along with two-thirds of France – was conquered and occupied by the Axis. With only the UK left as opposition, Hitler and his generals developed Operation Sealion, a complex plan to gain control of Britain.

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Timeline For World War 2 – The Beginning of War

Aside from the mistake of allowing the German annexation of Austria, when the French and British tried to take affirmative action to stop Hitler’s quest for power and land they made another significant mistake. Grossly underestimating and misinterpreting their soon-to-be enemy, Hitler was given a large part of Czechoslovakia at the Munich Conference in September 1938, in an attempt to keep peace. Instead of appeasing him and ceasing his thirst for conquest, this gift only increased his desire for more power and land.

Less than half a year later, Hitler had taken the rest of Czechoslovakia. At this point, the French and British still did not do anything to stop him, as they did not wish a repeat of the death tolls and trench warfare of WWI. To prevent encountering armies from the Soviet Union as he moved east, Hitler signed the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact in August 1939, just over a week before attacking Poland, the soon-to-be first battle of World War II. The events of the timeline for WWII officially began on September 1, 1939, at 4:45 am, when Hitler staged what appeared to be a Polish attack on a German radio station. He manipulated the situation to make it appear as if Poland had attacked first, but in reality he took a prisoner, dressed them in a Polish military outfit, and shot them in the head. From the beginning, Hitler proved himself to be manipulative, calculating, and bloodthirsty, as this attack demonstrated.

While all of this was happening in Europe, conflict was simultaneously brewing between Japan and China. The Second Sino-Japanese War officially began on July 7, 1937, after decades of “incidents” between the two Asian counties. Japan wanted to dominate China so that they could control a number of resources; the rising notions of Chinese nationalism and self-determination aided in the fierce resistance against these invasions. These battles were not considered a part of the timeline for World War II until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, which brought Japan and the United States – and their resulting allies – to war with one another.

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Catch Your Husband Cheating? How Do You Move On?

It is very frustrating and hurting to find out that your husband has been cheating on you. It is a devastating experience for anyone to go through. It can change the way you regard your love to your husband and your marriage. You will have negative thoughts. You will lose trust in your husband and wonder what went wrong and is it your fault. There will be many negative thoughts and the reflections of the truth in the marriage. The truth that caused your husband to cheat.

Yes he cheated. Accept the fact. But before making decisions that you might regret later, it is good for you and your husband to think about salvaging the marriage. The path to marriage was a decision both of you made together before and it is a prerogative to do all you can to make it work.

My personal five tips to fix a broken marriage

You and your husband must do a personal reflection of the past to trace what caused the marriage to fall apart. Identify your shortcomings and your faults so that you can change. You have to try to bring back the love, romance, intimacy and respect that both of you once had.

Make things happen instead of wishing and hoping for the best. You will realize that if both of you take the action to restore the broken marriage, you will realize that it is less tiring and exhausting then living in a troubled marriage.

Admit your mistakes and shortcomings. Apologize honestly and tell your husband you want to create a new loving relationship together again. By doing this you may increase your chance of reconciliation and work things out together.

Understand and value each other’s needs. These ways both of you are able to balance out all differences hence reducing the chance of any misunderstandings and hot arguments.

The most important tip is both you and your spouse MUST have a mutual feeling to keep the marriage together. Both must be willing to face all challenges and survive all the struggles in the marriage.

If both of you can make it through this crisis, a strong bond is formed. A successful and healthy marriage full of love, security and understanding will emerge.

Just because he cheated once does not mean you cannot achieve a successful marriage. will help you see your marriage in a different perspective. You need to see your marriage beyond all material things. You need to understand the true meaning of a loving relationship so that you can live a happy married life and Get Your Ex Back . Never gives up because you can fix your broken marriage and keep the love alive again.

World War 2 – The Build Up to War Part II

Once secured as the supreme ruler of Germany Hitler gained support of the German people by convincing them he was their savior from the economic depression, the Treaty of Versailles, Communism, Jews and other undesired minorities. Over the coming years Hitler was to oversee the expansion of Germany’s industrial production and civil improvements to a scale which the German people had never before witnessed. Hitler encouraged women to stay at home to bring up their children and keep house. In a speech in 1934 Hitler stated the German woman’s world was her husband, her family, her children and her home.

Germany’s unemployment was reduced to a point where the country was nearing full employment, mainly due to arms production and sending women home so men could take their role in the workplace, Hitler’s reconstruction and re-armament came from currency manipulations by the Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht which included the Mefo bills which were credit notes issued by the Nazi Government mainly to armament manufacturers which could be converted to Reich mark’s on demand. The Mefo bills were fundamental in not only strengthening the economy but also concealing military spending which was forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler would also oversee a huge improvement to Germany’s infrastructure with the construction of Dams, Autobahn’s, Railroads and many other civil works, however all the reconstruction would come at an expense as the overall cost of living would increase by 25%, although the traditional NSDAP voters would see an increase in their standard of living. With the majority of citizens content with life, Hitler’s campaign to purge Germany of undesirables would reach fever pitch.

After Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 he appointed long time Ally Hermann Goring the Minister of the Interior for the State of Prussia which consisted of two thirds of Germany including the capital Berlin. Goring’s new title gave him complete control over the Police force, which he used to the advantage of the Nazi’s to prevent the Police from interfering with the Nazi SA brownshirt troops on the street, which they revelled in by looting shops intimidating and attacking Jews or anyone else who defied or stood in their way. Next Goring would purge and remove from the Berlin Police force anyone which he felt to be unreliable to the cause and had sworn in 50 000 SA Stormtroopers as Police Auxiliary officers with the power to arrest which they used to their gain. Soon prisons were overcrowded with people in custody which resulted in the dawn of outside prisons known as Concentration Camps.

On the 26th April 1933 a decree was passed allowing the formation of the Secret Police force also known as the Gestapo. Goring began to use the Gestapo to silence Hitler’s opponents in Berlin and other areas at the same time enhancing his power, However very soon Goring would face stiff competition for the leadership of the Gestapo in the shape of another ambitious Nazi Heinrich Himmler and a fierce battle would develop between the two power hungry men, which eventually Himmler would triumph, and on the 22nd April 1934 Himmler was appointed head of the Gestapo with Reinhard Heydrich as his second in command.

Reinhard Heydrich would set up a national intelligence system which would keep tabs on everyone within the Third Reich no matter how high in the hierarchy they were, big brother was indeed watching. In 1936 the Reichstag passed the Gestapo Law, which would mean the Gestapo was above the law and no legal appeal could hold them responsible for any acts they performed, having the authority to arrest and charge imprison or execute any prisoner without any legal procedure to prevent them, a tactic they would use without mercy for years to come.

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Football Streaks — The Vital Portion Of Football Video Game You Are Unable To Overlook

We all may perhaps ordinarily discover there are many streaks connected with teleplays, videos if they were confirmed, we can find out more about a large number of simple reviews and also fantastic occasions occurred through teleplay connected with movie’s making procedure. Therefore you can also get streaks connected with football video game, for many prominent football occasions.

On the globe connected with nowadays, one of the big tactics whereby persons may be current about a variety of tendencies on the football discipline will be via the use of football streaks. Players often wear wholesale soccer jerseys in the training. The truth is, this sort of streaks is generally very important specifically relating to a large number of television shows featuring the action from the daytime.

There are many various kinds of mass media television system gas stops that will make full use of a large number of football videos into their exhibits to be able to recapture a large number of distinct point in time from the video game. This sort of football streaks are not just simply restrained to be able to television shows, yet can even be observed on the net similar to the a large number of design advancements, customers is now able to discover what there’re searching for on the press of a mouse button.

Nowadays video tutorial streaks are employed by simply as a rule television system gas stops as a technique connected with offering persons the option connected with discovering replays connected with baits, goals and also other video game earning occasions. Even though end-users get to observe simply a very important portion of the online games, many mindful considering must proceed with going into choosing the proper clips along with arranging these people so that men reviewing will be easily capable to understanding what exactly is developing even though they might dont you have observed the experience.

Football streaks will be alternative tool for advertising and marketing. They sometimes are used as a technique intended for entrepreneurs and also other gives to be able to publicize their particular brand photo. Players often wear authentic nfl jerseys in the game. For example, in the course of crucial football occasions like the Globe Tumbler and also the Winners Little league, most video tutorial streaks that will occur through place match up seminar can be sponsored by simply many marketer. No matter whether the football streaks present the top part scorer from the video game, one of the best point in time from the video game and even one of the best preserve that this goalkeeper managed to be able to pull off; almost always there is a marketer prepared to spend big money intended for this sort of

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Espionage during the War – Civil War Spies

“History is written in blood.
There is no future without pain.
Freedom is gained through war, and war is freedom.”

Truer words were never said, and innumerable Nations who have gained their freedom through wars and battles will accept this. War is pain, be it with anyone. However when there is internal strife within a nation, when brother turns on brother, then that is the worst kind of conflict- Civil War.

Now, in these wars, more important than the actual warfare was Intelligence. Intelligence about the opposition- their plans, secret encampments, hideouts, stratagems, et al.  This is where the Spies came in.  Wars were won on tactics and knowledge, rather than on brute force. The spies used to infiltrate the opposition and gather the information to the best of their ability, for their respective factions.

The American Civil War constitutes one of the grisliest and most horrific parts of American history, with tremendous losses, before peace ensued. Both, the Confederate and the Union factions had their spies infiltrate each other’s troops and obtain as much information as possible, as even the slightest advantage was worth many lives.

The Confederate Spies were mainly involved in intercepting communications such as letters, important messages, etc, but they also ran an espionage and counter espionage operation, focused mainly in the north, Washington being the place of prime importance.

Some of the notable confederate spies were Aaron Van Camp, William Norris, Antonia Ford, John Beall, among others. These spies led double lives, crossed borders at great personal risk, just for the sake of their leaders (Though some were motivated my greed and the romance and adventure).

The Union too had their fair share of spies, which were quiet successful, and also led to the formation of the American Secret Service as we know it today. The foundation of this huge organization was laid in that time itself. However, unlike the Confederates, the Union Spy Network was decentralized, with different spies reporting to different heads of organizations. Examples being- William Lloyd spying for Abraham Lincoln in the south, Lieutenant General Winfield Scott’s security and intelligence was handled by the capable Lafayette Baker, Hattie Lawton-who discovered the Baltimore assassination plot, and more. These names have been immortalized in history simply for the sheer scope of their bravado, courage and cunning. The effective manner in which they crossed enemy lines and gleaned details of importance is unparalleled.

Another name worth of note here is Sharpe. George Sharpe. He used unconventional means (such as papers, POW’s, local residents) to get all kinds of information, and was successful at it, making him somewhat of a hero among the Union.

Slaves and smugglers provided some of the most vital bits of information to the Union, hoping for a better future. Information obtained through such sources was termed as ‘Black Dispatches’, such was the atmosphere during those times.

Even female spies played an influential role in the war, gathering useful information, as men were susceptible to a woman’s words, and wouldn’t be that suspicious of them, as the concept was relatively new. Among them Pauline Cushman and Elizabeth Lew are well known.

Whoever they be, the majority of these are some of histories nameless figures, forever shrouded in mystery, playing the game on both the sides of the board. They are Spies.

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Jie Mi Internet Tv Jurisprudence To The Interests Behind The Events Game – Internet Television,

5 5 on the morning news

Internet TV

Popular in the industry has been concerned about the exposure TV CCTV manufacturers recently self-built content platform Jurisprudence, relevant departments will be issued by the content management practices, it is this heatwave burn the content from the television terminal building. But many

Home Appliances

Company bosses said the standard of its contents during the course of the interests behind the game.

Hundred network access fees equal to 3% of gross profit

“Jurisprudence is the Internet television events in the development of an episode, the final point is the standardization of the content.” Qinghua Wang Xiangdong deputy general manager of digital TV technology connection yesterday acceptable Sina said, “but this that is not so simple. color TV manufacturers Internet TV content and standardized process, in fact, the process is a game of interest. “

Tongfang was the first to respond to supervision, and obtain relevant content licenses Internet TV network of television stations in China (CNTV) to establish cooperation in the TV business. “We are also in accordance with the rules of the game CNTV playing, CNTV want to charge for each TV, we are just this cooperation model.” Wang Xiangdong no denying CNTV a strong position, “each television network well over 100. To be honest, this standard is not consistent with the level of TV company’s profit margins. TV industry average gross margin is not high, about 2% to 3%, while the 100 is equivalent to the gross margin of 3 points. “

Cooperation with CNTV Also on


Not long ago, the two sides announced the establishment of the Joint Institute, but TCL television content in the cooperation of the Internet has no choice CNTV, but the number of Hangzhou, China. “Our factory is very little room on the choice of cooperation, only to find cost-effective high content home business cooperation.” TCL, a top executive said yesterday on the SAN, the number of modes of cooperation with China is charged according to each television network fee, the price is relatively low, but the specific amounts were not disclosed.

“Normal channels” self-built platforms, the cost is 50 times

Not made in the relevant departments “ban” notice and content of the license before the TV companies have established their own content platform, Skyworth a cool open


A music education, TCL has MiTV. Without exception, these platforms had been exposed CCTV 11 Jurisprudence and involving pirated content. Color TV manufacturers in the shouting injustice, but also feels helpless.

“Our content is filtered, and download and demand are copyrighted.” The TCL executives said.

“We are a healthy self-built content platform content, and the cost is very low, in a reasonable range.” Skyworth Group Brand Director, said Shen Jian on the SAN, “Skyworth cool to open a separate company in operation registered capital of 500 million, royalties are not a lot of late. Skyworth TV sales last year, about 700 million units, with 70% to 80% have Internet capabilities calculating the ratio, each television network fees of more than only 1 yuan . “

And CNTV the network access fees compared to the cost of self content platform is only 1 / 50. Industry experts said that as the patterns are different, the price can not be simply compared to the actual gap may be not so great but the cost of self-built well below the content platform with only a few “legal” content providers to cooperate, which is determined no doubt.

Triple Play should not create new


“Currently, we are self made content platforms do not have to stop.” Shen Jian is regrettable that, although the contents of which have alleged copyright, and have cost advantages do not comply with the relevant departments of the management practices .

Early as last August,


Issued a notice requirement, through the Internet to connect a TV or set-top boxes and other electronic products, audio-visual programs to the TV end-users


Should be made to television to receive audio and video programs integrated terminal operating services for audio and video programs permit dissemination of information networks. This was widely interpreted as the Internet television industry’s only a “ban.”

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How to Catch Cheating Men – Signs of Infidelity

Unfortunately in many relationships there comes a time of doubt.

Is he faithful to you or does he stray? How to catch cheating men? You think that your boyfriend or husband is cheating, but you are not sure and don’t know how to catch cheating men. Quite obviously you can’t ask them, as they most probably won’t admit. To find out observe your partner’s behavior for sudden changes – if he is displaying any of the warning signals described below you might be a victim of cheating men.

How to catch cheating men – what behavior patterns give them away?

Cheating men tend to criticize things about their spouse that they once thought of as attractive and appealing.

They often more than easily become offended by quite harmless comments that their partner makes.

They stop paying attention to their spouse, their children and the home-life in general.

The end to the Bathroom-Door Rule also indicates cheating men: In long-term relationships people usually leave the bathroom door unlocked while attending their businesses. Guilty men however often will start to close the bathroom doors, distancing themselves psychologically and physically from their partners.

It’s a common behavior for cheating boyfriends or husbands to start accusing their partner of cheating, with no evidence.

Unfaithful men start to be acting emotionally distant. When asked about it, they refuse to talk or act unnaturally protective of their privacy. They easily become offended by normal inquiries and demand to know why the partner is checking on them.

Sudden changes in interests or tastes also give away men who have an affair. When exposed to new people, we often develop some of their tastes or habbits. If your partner has an affair, he may start displaying new behavior patterns that he adapted from his new girlfriend.

If your partner exhibits any of these signs of cheating men, it may mean he is indeed unfaithful to you. If you discover your boyfriend or husband is cheating, the first thing you want to do is seeking support from friends or family. It may also be therapeutically very helpful to write down your feelings and disappointment in the form of a letter or journal.

Eventually you will have to confront him about your suspicion or even evidence. The circumstances of his cheating will allow you to decide if you want to try to save the relationship or to end it.  

Are you convinced something is up but cannot find any concrete proof? Sick of the gnawing suspicions every time you look at him? Your uncertainty could end today – IF and ONLY if you are ready to find out the truth! If you want a foolproof way to investigate and prove guilt or innocence then click below to find out more.

President Obama War Powers Act

President Obama War Powers Act Sedition

By Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU

Obama is committing sedition by not following the rules of the U.S. Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 – the War Powers Act and Resolution.  Within 60 days (or extension to 90 days if requested), the President is required to tell Congress the legal reasoning for committing troops to war.  Then by the 90-day mark the president is required to obtain congressional approval. Obama promised the war in Libya would only last days – not the three months it has lapsed into. The 90 days is up Monday – June 20, 2011.  Obama wrote a letter to congressional leaders suggesting the U.S. role along with NATO sanctioned by the United Nations in Libya is now so “limited” he does not need Congress’ approval.  America funds the majority of NATO expenses.

We are spending billions of dollars in Libya wiping out all budget cuts enacted so far.  Since when does spending billions of dollars firing rockets from jets, bombing missions and deadly drone attacks with hellfire missiles for 90 days not qualify as “hostilities” Rumors are we will have “boots on the ground” in Libya by October if Gadaffi is not taken out before then.

Sedition, by the way, is going against ones country’s rules, regulations and laws. Sedition can carry a 20 year jail sentence plus fine. This makes the 6th sedition by President Obama . More about that at my website…

Back in 2007 it was Barack Hussein Obama saying the Bush administration had violated the War Powers Act and Congress should show some backbone over the legality of the Iraq War.  Now, we get outright sedition from Obama.

As usual, Obama (lately morphing into a fascist) does not abide – Laws, Congress, Constitution, courts, countries, people’s civil rights are being ignored by this administration.  Fascism is when one person runs roughshod over business, the military, the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive branch. Just like President Obama Nazi is doing.  Think Hitler!

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) announced they had filed a lawsuit over Obama War Powers Act violation to protect themselves and to protect the country.  The court brief cited: (1) President Obama has not followed the timing required by the War Powers Resolution. (2) There has been no declaration of war.  (3)  There has been no authorization by Congress. (4) There is a possible violation of the North Atlantic Treaty agreement with NATO. (5)  Funds paying for the war are unauthorized.

Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, sponsored terrorism such as the killing of 270 innocent people on PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, the bombing of La Belle Discothèque in West Berlin, the murder of another 171 passengers on UTA flight 772 over Niger, and other murderous antics lately against his own people are examples why the world would be better off with him out of power.

By the way, President Obama  usurping power and committing sedition by not following the rules constitutes treason.  “Big Brother” Obama should have his Nobel Peace Prize and the one million dollars that came with it revoked over his illegal policies toward the War Powers Act. This rogue renegade President Obama is ruining our economy, making deflation worse and his socialism like ObamaCare (euthanasia) is shaking the very foundations of America. Do not elect President Barack Hussein Obama socialist, Marxist, communist and fascist ever again or we will lose what remains of our freedom and liberty.  He is not even a “Natural Born” citizen as required by the Constitution.  There is a big President Obama sedition and treason for you. He is actually either a British or an Indonesian citizen.

Copyright – 2011 by Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU
Use of this article allowed with attribution back to:

Delwyn Lounsbury – THE DEFLATION GURU. He is an Eagle Scout and has been an award-winning real estate agent in California since 1968. Get Free 90 page “Deflation Guidebook” at:  http:/

Why You Should Consider The Sager Np8850 Gaming Laptop

Although some people play a video computer game as a hobby in their own house, there are a great number of people who take playing computer games very seriously and want the ability to play these computer games at anytime wherever they are. Enter the Sager NP8850 gaming laptop. This gaming laptop is not only portable but it can also be depended on to provide world class performance because it is supported by the newest technology

This machine features the fastest Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) ever put in a laptop which is the GeForce GTX 480M made by NVIDA and the newest Core i7 CPU that is manufactured by Intel. This gaming laptop resides in a onyx case that has a futuristic design and is trimmed in silver. It also has all the newest connectivity ports.

The NP8850 can handle the 1333 Mega Hertz dual channel DDR3 memory and uses a PM55 chipset that is made by Intel with the new Calpella Platform. It can offer extreme performance for the most modern games. This machine also features multiple hard drives that are RAID capable, a fingerprint reader for easy log in and security, a 20. Mega pixel high resolution video camera, a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, and an amazing 17.3 inch full High definition Led display in addition to the cutting edge graphic and CPU technology, which will provide beautiful visuals that will only serve to enhance your gaming experience.

The specifications for the Sager NP8850 Gaming Laptop computer include:

A 17.3 1080p glossy panel with a LED that is backlit.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
A Core i7-940XM Extreme Edition quad core CPU (2.13 Giga Hertz/3.33 Giga Hertz in Turbo Mode with , 8 Megabyte L3 cache, (QPI,55W TDP/ 2.5GT/s) made by Intel.
A PM55 chipset made by Intel.
An NVIDA GeForce GTX 480M with 2 Gigabyte GDDR5 video memory.
8 Gigabyte DDR3-1333 dual-channel RAM (2 X 4Gigabyte).
80 Gigabyte G2 solid state drive made by Intel.
A Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN wireless made by Intel.
Bluetooth v2.1+EDR, built in.
A DVD burner.
One year parts and a three year labor warranty with lifetime technical support.
Li Polymer battery (11.1V/3800mAh/42.18Wh).
It weighs about 8.35 pounds
Its dimensions are 1.69~2.25 inch height X 16.25 X 11 inch length.

The best technology in the world costs approximately $ 3.639 for this gaming laptop.

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