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Jie Mi Internet Tv Jurisprudence To The Interests Behind The Events Game – Internet Television,

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Internet TV

Popular in the industry has been concerned about the exposure TV CCTV manufacturers recently self-built content platform Jurisprudence, relevant departments will be issued by the content management practices, it is this heatwave burn the content from the television terminal building. But many

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Company bosses said the standard of its contents during the course of the interests behind the game.

Hundred network access fees equal to 3% of gross profit

“Jurisprudence is the Internet television events in the development of an episode, the final point is the standardization of the content.” Qinghua Wang Xiangdong deputy general manager of digital TV technology connection yesterday acceptable Sina said, “but this that is not so simple. color TV manufacturers Internet TV content and standardized process, in fact, the process is a game of interest. “

Tongfang was the first to respond to supervision, and obtain relevant content licenses Internet TV network of television stations in China (CNTV) to establish cooperation in the TV business. “We are also in accordance with the rules of the game CNTV playing, CNTV want to charge for each TV, we are just this cooperation model.” Wang Xiangdong no denying CNTV a strong position, “each television network well over 100. To be honest, this standard is not consistent with the level of TV company’s profit margins. TV industry average gross margin is not high, about 2% to 3%, while the 100 is equivalent to the gross margin of 3 points. “

Cooperation with CNTV Also on


Not long ago, the two sides announced the establishment of the Joint Institute, but TCL television content in the cooperation of the Internet has no choice CNTV, but the number of Hangzhou, China. “Our factory is very little room on the choice of cooperation, only to find cost-effective high content home business cooperation.” TCL, a top executive said yesterday on the SAN, the number of modes of cooperation with China is charged according to each television network fee, the price is relatively low, but the specific amounts were not disclosed.

“Normal channels” self-built platforms, the cost is 50 times

Not made in the relevant departments “ban” notice and content of the license before the TV companies have established their own content platform, Skyworth a cool open


A music education, TCL has MiTV. Without exception, these platforms had been exposed CCTV 11 Jurisprudence and involving pirated content. Color TV manufacturers in the shouting injustice, but also feels helpless.

“Our content is filtered, and download and demand are copyrighted.” The TCL executives said.

“We are a healthy self-built content platform content, and the cost is very low, in a reasonable range.” Skyworth Group Brand Director, said Shen Jian on the SAN, “Skyworth cool to open a separate company in operation registered capital of 500 million, royalties are not a lot of late. Skyworth TV sales last year, about 700 million units, with 70% to 80% have Internet capabilities calculating the ratio, each television network fees of more than only 1 yuan . “

And CNTV the network access fees compared to the cost of self content platform is only 1 / 50. Industry experts said that as the patterns are different, the price can not be simply compared to the actual gap may be not so great but the cost of self-built well below the content platform with only a few “legal” content providers to cooperate, which is determined no doubt.

Triple Play should not create new


“Currently, we are self made content platforms do not have to stop.” Shen Jian is regrettable that, although the contents of which have alleged copyright, and have cost advantages do not comply with the relevant departments of the management practices .

Early as last August,


Issued a notice requirement, through the Internet to connect a TV or set-top boxes and other electronic products, audio-visual programs to the TV end-users


Should be made to television to receive audio and video programs integrated terminal operating services for audio and video programs permit dissemination of information networks. This was widely interpreted as the Internet television industry’s only a “ban.”

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How to Catch Cheating Men – Signs of Infidelity

Unfortunately in many relationships there comes a time of doubt.

Is he faithful to you or does he stray? How to catch cheating men? You think that your boyfriend or husband is cheating, but you are not sure and don’t know how to catch cheating men. Quite obviously you can’t ask them, as they most probably won’t admit. To find out observe your partner’s behavior for sudden changes – if he is displaying any of the warning signals described below you might be a victim of cheating men.

How to catch cheating men – what behavior patterns give them away?

Cheating men tend to criticize things about their spouse that they once thought of as attractive and appealing.

They often more than easily become offended by quite harmless comments that their partner makes.

They stop paying attention to their spouse, their children and the home-life in general.

The end to the Bathroom-Door Rule also indicates cheating men: In long-term relationships people usually leave the bathroom door unlocked while attending their businesses. Guilty men however often will start to close the bathroom doors, distancing themselves psychologically and physically from their partners.

It’s a common behavior for cheating boyfriends or husbands to start accusing their partner of cheating, with no evidence.

Unfaithful men start to be acting emotionally distant. When asked about it, they refuse to talk or act unnaturally protective of their privacy. They easily become offended by normal inquiries and demand to know why the partner is checking on them.

Sudden changes in interests or tastes also give away men who have an affair. When exposed to new people, we often develop some of their tastes or habbits. If your partner has an affair, he may start displaying new behavior patterns that he adapted from his new girlfriend.

If your partner exhibits any of these signs of cheating men, it may mean he is indeed unfaithful to you. If you discover your boyfriend or husband is cheating, the first thing you want to do is seeking support from friends or family. It may also be therapeutically very helpful to write down your feelings and disappointment in the form of a letter or journal.

Eventually you will have to confront him about your suspicion or even evidence. The circumstances of his cheating will allow you to decide if you want to try to save the relationship or to end it.  

Are you convinced something is up but cannot find any concrete proof? Sick of the gnawing suspicions every time you look at him? Your uncertainty could end today – IF and ONLY if you are ready to find out the truth! If you want a foolproof way to investigate and prove guilt or innocence then click below to find out more.