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Why People Cheat and How You Can Still Survive Following Infidelity

Only half of all marriages survive in this country and there are many different reasons that result in these breakups. One of the most frequent things that happens to marriages is the act of infidelity. The statistics are extremely as high as close to 80% of men cheat as over 50% of women cheat. This often leads to divorce but this article will discuss why infidelity occurs and how your marriage can recover from it using Scottsdale marriage counseling and getting your kids help through Scottsdale children’s therapy to deal with this sad event in many marriages.

What leads someone to cheat on their spouse and to go outside their marriage into the arms of someone else? There are several reasons to this behavior but the main point to them all is it is about the person who does the cheating not about the person they are cheating on. Many people find themselves in an extramarital affair when in fact they never thought they would be the ones to do such a thing. How do you go from being someone who loves your husband or wife and pledges to be faithful to them to being someone who is lying to them and sneaking around behind their back?

One big reason someone cheats is that they are under an enormous amount of stress or have gone through something that was emotionally difficult. For example, losing a job or having financial difficulties can be especially hard on the husband who values himself on being able to take care of his family. When this is taken away from him he may find solace in a distraction which often times is another woman. Usually he does not have any intention of staying with the woman but he likes the distraction she provides and how she makes him feel when he is with her.

Another reason someone cheats on their spouse is due to a lack of confidence. Many women feel that they lose their sex appeal once they get married and have children and many put on some unwanted weight or let themselves go a bit while they are taking care of everyone else. This creates a self esteem issue and sometimes it is also pointed out by their husbands which makes them feel even worse. Then a man enters their life, often through work, and makes them feel beautiful and sexy and they like the way that makes them feel. This helps their self esteem issues and that is why they become unfaithful.

Some people have a zero tolerance in regards to infidelity and once they find out their spouse cheated on them, they file for divorce. Having a spouse be unfaithful is a devastating blow but it is not your fault and something that can be worked on through marriage counseling if both parties want to try to heal the marriage. Finding a good counselor is imperative and once you do, the therapist can guide you individually as well as a couple to recognizing how their marriage landed them in their office in the first place.

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