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Shenyang Staged Milk Price War

“National milk began to poor sales, including a number of departments including the Ministry of Agriculture are urgently seeking the cause Dairy Inventory, to find a solution. “Yesterday, in the domestic authority of the news media upload the same time, Shenyang milk market to explode, set off two years the most severe price wars, domestic and imported milk powder milk trial of strength between the two camps escalated again.

Domestic milk powder “tour” fight back

Children today that drink milk? Be the most difficult question to answer in 2009. Li Yuan from the milk shelves at one end, walk the other side, is still undecided. From ” Sanlu milk powder Events “to” stone gate “controversy of milk consumers into an unprecedented” mass confusion. “Face of consumer confusion, the formula manufacturers finally sit still. From the beginning of this year, a variety of promotional gift filled to capacity Chen Cheng after another appearance in the milk shelves.

This week to Dumex Represented by foreign milk powder, just hit an unprecedented “buy back 50 of 300 vouchers,” flying crane, Mengniu Wei-Chuan, the cradle of the four domestic brands will begin to “buy a barrel of a barrel of gifts,” such as milk powder market, to respond to unprecedented concessions, thus, has struggled in the domestic and foreign milk powder was finally declared war.

“Now is the milk made the best time to fight for market share.” Shenyang Music Friends of the head of maternal and infant supplies store, “said Sanlu milk powder incident”, the Western milk market expanded rapidly, should not have accounted for advantage of domestic milk powder to the point where almost the shelves. Dumex caught in the “stone gate”, consumers began to look to re-transferred to the supervision of up to further strengthen the China-made milk powder.

Inventory pressure forced domestic milk powder

“This is not a domestic milk powder in the provocation, but were forced to.” Milk powder made in Shenyang Proxy Business bluntly. It is reported that “Sanlu milk powder incident” occurred, the international dairy industry competitors will take advantage of, and to 16,000 yuan / ton of cheap milk powder to the Chinese market, dumping, and domestic milk production costs 25,000 yuan / ton , made a huge difference, and many domestic dairy processing enterprises Food Enterprises have a large number of imports of cheap milk powder, only the fourth quarter of last year, it imported 7 million tons of milk powder, leading to a substantial decline in domestic milk sales, a large processing enterprises Package A serious backlog of milk. As of last November, China Dairy Industry Association research shows that the country has reached 300 thousand tons milk powder stocks. “Recently unsalable milk began to rise.” A domestic milk manufacturers said that if this situation continues indefinitely, not only directly threaten the survival of the domestic milk company, but also spread to the entire Chinese dairy industry has led to local milk surplus, milk purchase prices decline further. At that time, Cow will be hit hard.

Milk into a difficult period in Liaoning

“Despite the price war is now the first formula, but if things go on, the liquid milk market will sooner or later be affected.” Liaoning Province Luge Chuan Dairy Association, the Secretary-General said that the current dairy market share in Liaoning recovery to insure that only about . Today, the hand is pressing harder and harder for the international competition, one side is the market shrinking consumption, the dairy industry has entered the most difficult period. If the domestic dairy industry does not pull up the entire dairy industry will enter the deadlock.

It is reported that China has Dairy products About 200 companies, half of which are SMEs. Although domestic brands accounted for 65%? 70% of the market sales, but foreign brands making up about 60% of market sales. In recent years, some foreign brands have been cutting prices to fighting the enemy in mid-market, last year’s outbreak of “melamine” event is to accelerate this trend. Insiders said that although many of the recent controversy over the quality of foreign brands deep, but they have been doing public relations crisis, and taking even two or three companies into a crisis that will not jeopardize the entire foreign brand dominance in high-end, so , this year’s competition and foreign brands of milk will focus on mid-market, and now the price war, but foreign-made milk and milk product market competition to re-adjust the prelude.

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Golf Slice Tips That’ll Help You Enhance Your Game

As always, when it comes to sports, you need to have the necessary skills in order make the points and become a master of the game. Many of those who are not experts of this game think that all there is needed to have is the right golf club in order to hit the ball. To those who know a thing or more about the game, they can really say that golf is not just about the clubs. It’s more about the right swings.

If you have been on the quest to perfecting your golf swings, here are a few golf slice tips that you can use to improve your skill.

Tip #1: Presence of mind

Before you start making any golf swings, you need to set your mind on the game. Leave all of your worries and other non-golf thoughts behind. These will only distract you from the game. Remember that in any sports, you don’t just need to be there physically but mentally as well.

Tip #2: Know the Swing Description

When you take a good look at how the masters of golf play, what do you notice? You’ll see that their swings are easy and smooth. When you do your golf swings, put in mind that these should be smooth and natural. The reason for this is not to make it look easy to do but to make sure that it will be easy for you to do again and again. Remember that in golf, your performance greatly depends on your swings. The more awkward it feels to make the swings, the harder it becomes for you to hit the holes.

Tip #3: Master your Grip

Many golf slice tips will tell you that grips are necessary to make the slices. With this, you have three options: the interlock, 10 finger, and overlap. If you are a beginner, try the overlap or interlock grip first as they are easy and they can give you control of the club, swing, and the ball. Always remember that you should keep your hands together. They should move as one and not separately.

Whichever grip you end up using, make sure that it feels natural to you. A grip that feels uncomfortable will lead to a swing that’s not only awkward but crooked, unproductive, and tiring as well. So when you hold your club, let your hands fall where they should naturally fall. Don’t force yourself to hold them too high or too low.

Tip #4: Make the Right Stance

Aside from the grip, you also need to take the right stance. Make a solid and strong stance by leveling the outsides of your feet with the outsides of your shoulders. You can toe your left foot a little but make sure that you keep your right foot pointed straight forward.

To make the right stance, also bend your knees a little, and never your back. Align your shoulders to the target. Always make sure that your arms and the club make a triangle and maintain this even when you swing. This is what makes a great golf driver swing and can greatly help you control the ball flight, too.

In order to master golf, you don’t just need golf slice tips such as these. You also need constant practice. With lessons, tips, and practice, mastering the game will be within your reach.

Susan is a golfing enthusiast. For more great tips and advice on golf grip tips, visit GolfSwingPhysics.

Will There Be a Need For Games Console As We Know it in the Future?

Games consoles have literally been around for years. Thinking back to when I was younger, which was not that long ago, I remember getting the first Sega master system console with the game Alex the kid built in. Now a game like that blew me away simply because of the sheer amount of enjoyment I could get from it and in that year they were absolutely amazing graphics.

As the years passed by, games broke more and more barriers, but the turning point that I could remember was playing the original PlayStation when it initially came out, if I remember correctly it was competing with the Sega Saturn and N64. The Sega Saturn was one of Sega’s first attempts at creating a console that had the ability to run off of CD’s. The system failed to pick up momentum due to the competition from Sony and Nintendo, but it was also to difficult to program games for. The PlayStation literally changed the gaming environment and new breed of games were born.

Since then there has been numerous consoles released and Microsoft have also joined the battle with their X Box brand. But in this current day and age where do we really see computer games and games consoles heading?

Personally I believe the use of CD based games will not exist in the next few years, technology is developing at an immense speed and the internet is expanding so fast. In around a decade’s time all games will be web based in my opinion and you will literally be playing them on the internet, where all of your data will literally be stored in your online profile. So no matter whose games console you actually play on it will just load up your own profile so you can continue where you started.

The developers literally will create games that people can then purchase online or subscribe to online, which will then pay them. I definitely feel that this will be a much better route to take as it will stop people from losing or breaking discs, it will also help protect against saved data that can sometimes become corrupted.

The gaming and online industry are both moving forwards at quite a fast paste and it will be exciting to see what comes out of it all and how the industry progresses in the future. Will the internet become the place to do everything?

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