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How North Korea And Iran Are Seeking Threats Of Oblivion For Alms

Remember nuclear blackmail? Apparently, North Korea and Iran have refined the practice into outright panhandling. Let’s indulge, with a not entirely charitable examination, this new and nettlesome version of “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”

Standing on the most conspicuous street corners the two beggarly brats can manage in our minds, they proffer their illicit cups in quest of alms, while they wiggle their nascent nuclear capabilities at our noses.

North Korea plays What The Heck’s Bad Boy and launches seven missiles obviously calculated to fly in the face of the civilized world’s most anxious hand-wringing, and Iran continues to enrich uranium while European negotiators heap ever more incentives into its cynically proffered tin.

How deserving are these increasingly irksome beggars?

North Korea has the thorny problem of watching its Asian neighbors ascend ever more successfully in the world’s economic stratosphere while its own economy rumbles along in a decrepit cart composed of dusty economic lumber that has long since proven to be inherently impoverishing. So it finds itself in desperate and really quite incriminating need of mere sustenance.

Meanwhile, Iran’s economy skids along via the oil beneath its sacred sand, with a little bit of help from the remnants of its Caspian caviar trade, but the mullahdom is hardly a candidate to join the ranks of the world’s most industrialized nations. The theocracy does, in fact, have an irritating unemployment problem, particularly among its perhaps not eternally submissive young people.

Apparently, modernity at the enterprising level does not inspirit the ever-turbaned fundamentalist as it might a more enlightened and lax attendee at the local mosque. So, despite the bountiful blessings that might be expected by placing themselves under the rule of its most pious adherents of Mohammed, the citizenry finds itself less than abundantly heaped with earthbound rewards. All the better for its wily leaders to distract them with flattering flights of unfounded egomania, especially since the distraction can elicit a plentitude of salving alms for oblivion.

Obviously, their nuclear capabilities pose a very unlikely threat. Unleashing even the worst they could ever manage would only invite the world’s more capably arrayed nuclear powers to incinerate an unacceptable proportion of their citizenry and infrastructure.

Given that their weapon wagging is ultimately a farcical pretense, will dropping a heartfelt gift in their cups get them off the street or encourage them to return again?

We think the latter. Then what else might we do as a substitute for giving into their clamorous demands for a spare dime.

Since institutionalization is more applicable to mentally defective individuals and arrest to overly intrusive ones, are there doable equivalents to rein in international panhanders?

As a ready substitute for institutionalization, we suggest letting the pretenders stew in their own waywardness by ignoring them. There is nothing they can do but brandish their weapons until they grow weary of the tactic and turn to more responsible means of support.

And, as the equivalent of arrest, we can lock them away with sanctions that fit the crimes until they realize that their new form of connivance just doesn’t pay but, in fact, results in making their unfortunate lots even more discouraging to them and their disciples.

So, while civilized nations tend to mix tenderheartedness with wariness, we really just need to steel ourselves and walk on by this duplicitous duo of irresponsible funraisers.

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Revolutionary War Political Cartoons

Revolutionary War political cartoons are the very first American cartoons. These appeared in both mainstream and subversive newspapers that were circulated as the tension between England and what would be America built up. They were made by statesmen as famous as Benjamin Franklin as well as by anonymous authors. Usually made from woodblock prints, these pieces of artwork usually fall into one of a handful of themes.

A Need for Unity

Many of these cartoons focused on the need for the colonies to unite together to fight a common evil: the oppressive government of Great Britain. Most famous in this category is the well known “Join or Die” picture which shows a snake divided into pieces, each named for one of the American colonies. While many people supported the Revolutionary War, just as many people were reluctant because of the danger to their lives and property. Papers and political cartoons helped round up support for this necessary revolution.

Criticism of Britain

Many Revolutionary war political cartoons also poked fun at Great Britain, which was perceived as a bloated and overbearing entity feeding off colonies around the world. These cartoons helped to rally the colonists behind a common cause and encouraged them to be more open in their disdain toward England. Because Britain at the time was truly not much better than its critics made it out to be, it was easy to find jokes and cartoons at the country’s expense.

Criticism of the New Government Structure

There was a lot of jostling for power and bickering over the new government’s structure even before the new government had won its independence. Some people thought that the concept of government by the people was too populist to be successful, while others doubted the ability of farflung and very different states to agree and work together on causes for the common good. Revolutionary War political cartoons reflected these different opinions and showed the diverse opinions of colonists at that time.

Being involved in the making and distribution of any criticism of the establishment was risky business at the time. Great Britain had no qualms about hunting down subversive elements and making an example of them. However, this did not stop the tenacious American colonists. They used these cartoons to gather support for their cause and eventually were able to overthrow the British government.

Political cartoons from the Revolutionary War era are treasured pieces of history. They allow modern American citizens to see the mindset of the people who had a huge role in the forming of our nation. Thanks to these preserved cartoons, we will always have a record of the sentiments that our Founding Fathers felt in the early days of the United States of America.

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How Hiring A Good Article Ghost Writer Gets You Web Traffic And Gets Your Product To The People

Article marketing is a sure-fire way to get traffic to your site and build a good customer base, and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out.  It’s tough to write your own articles, and this is why most webmasters choose to hire an article ghost writer.  Outsourcing your content needs to an article ghost writer has several key advantages:


– They’re good at writing high quality articles that are informative and intriguing.  This is the kind of material you need to promote your website.

– A good article ghost writer knows how keywords, SEO and sales copy work, so they’re able to help you achieve your goals with the article submissions.

– It takes the work of writing off of your hands, and this can be a major time saver.  While it might take you days to write 10 articles in your niche, they can do it in an afternoon.


In other words, if you find a good article ghost writer, they’ll be your “go-to guy” (or “go-to gal!”) for all of your content needs.  And we all know that content is the king; it’s the raw material that you need to get your information product to the masses.  So, once you’ve decided to outsource, the next step is finding an article ghost writer that’s reliable and good at what they do.


Finding An Article Ghost Writer


There are a number of outsourcing websites that you can use to find coders, web designers, writers and other professionals, or you can check out freelance writing service websites and deal with them directly.  The disadvantage of using an outsourcing website is that both you and the writer have to pay fees to use their services.  This cuts into your profits on both sides.  Dealing directly means that you don’t have to pay these charges.


Choosing The Right Article Ghost Writer


Once you’ve found a few leads, it’s time to pick the best one.  Look at their samples first, and make sure they do quality work.  There should be no mistakes and the articles should read well.  You can also look at their testimonials to see what other folks have said about them. 


Finally, contact them.  A really big factor in how well you and your article ghost writer are going to work together is how well you can communicate with them.  If they reply to you and write in a friendly tone, you can tell they’re going to be easy to work with.  You’ll be needing this good communication in order to tell them what you’d like done with the work.

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EFT on PTSD (War Veterans)

This shows the amazing results with a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with a Vietnam Vet.

(PLEASE BE WARNED that this is long and there are graphic details in this story).

I met George (not his real name) by chance one day. On the second day I knew him, we were visiting and George started to cry uncontrollably and tell me how horrible the war was and that he has not slept more than 2 to 3 hours a night in 39 years because of flashbacks and they occurred randomly during the day too. I could see it was very deep and he was in great despair, so I mentioned that I worked the PTSD. George responded that he had been to all the therapies and he was as good as he was going to get, and, he managed it. So, I let it go. The next morning while visiting he mentioned it again and I felt I had earned his trust the day before, so I just said ‘Wanna play?’ (meaning with my technique). He agreed, saying it couldn’t hurt.

I described EFT and tapped on George to show him where to tap and the pressure we would be using. First, I had him tell me the flashback story from the beginning to the end. And, when he was unable to speak I tapped on him until he could continue. He was clearly at a 10+++. To give you some background, they were getting bombed and a radio cable needed repair when another man (I’ll call Henry) came to help George. George was going to run one end of a cable to another location and Henry told George that he should stay there and start repairing things and he would run the cable to the other location. They switch positions on this thick huge cable and were only apx. 5′ apart. As soon as they changed positions, right then, in front of Georges’ eyes, Henry got hit, but just not hit, he exploded like a human cantaloupe, and Henry was gone.

There’s obviously a lot of things coming into play here . . . tremendous grief, survivors guilt along with unworthiness, traumatic event, incomprehension that this could happen, it should have been me, etc.

After the we got through the first round of the story, I had him start and stop whenever his intensity rose.

He started his story and the intensity came fairly quickly. In the below sequence, you should know that there were long pauses between each because of the intensity of truth of each sentence, and I tapped the points on him when he was unable to and couldn’t through the tears. (Note: I think one of the greatest powers of EFT is its’ goal to addressing the conscious and better yet, the unconscious personal and universal truth of a situation.)

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Spreading the word about etf, meridan tapping and other great mehtods of healing