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Eft On Ptsd (war Veterans)

This shows the amazing results with a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with a Vietnam Vet.

(PLEASE BE WARNED that this is long and there are graphic details in this story).

I met George (not his real name) by chance one day. On the second day I knew him, we were visiting and George started to cry uncontrollably and tell me how horrible the war was and that he has not slept more than 2 to 3 hours a night in 39 years because of flashbacks and they occurred randomly during the day too. I could see it was very deep and he was in great despair, so I mentioned that I worked the PTSD. George responded that he had been to all the therapies and he was as good as he was going to get, and, he managed it. So, I let it go. The next morning while visiting he mentioned it again and I felt I had earned his trust the day before, so I just said Wanna play? (meaning with my technique). He agreed, saying it couldnt hurt.

I described EFT and tapped on George to show him where to tap and the pressure we would be using. First, I had him tell me the flashback story from the beginning to the end. And, when he was unable to speak I tapped on him until he could continue. He was clearly at a 10+++. To give you some background, they were getting bombed and a radio cable needed repair when another man (Ill call Henry) came to help George. George was going to run one end of a cable to another location and Henry told George that he should stay there and start repairing things and he would run the cable to the other location. They switch positions on this thick huge cable and were only apx. 5 apart. As soon as they changed positions, right then, in front of Georges eyes, Henry got hit, but just not hit, he exploded like a human cantaloupe, and Henry was gone.

Theres obviously a lot of things coming into play here . . . tremendous grief, survivors guilt along with unworthiness, traumatic event, incomprehension that this could happen, it should have been me, etc.

After the we got through the first round of the story, I had him start and stop whenever his intensity rose.

He started his story and the intensity came fairly quickly. In the below sequence, you should know that there were long pauses between each because of the intensity of truth of each sentence, and I tapped the points on him when he was unable to and couldnt through the tears. (Note: I think one of the greatest powers of EFT is its goal to addressing the conscious and better yet, the unconscious personal and universal truth of a situation.)

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