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Your Girl Caught You Cheating – What Should You Do?

If your girl caught you cheating, what is the best thing for you to do? Deny it?

Or, perhaps you should just run! Nah, just kidding on that one… unless your name is Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, or Nick Symmonds.

Again, suppose your girl catches you cheating. Do you run away and not even talk about it, refusing any explanation whatsoever?

In such a case, and shockingly so, there are countless numbers of guys who think that it is okay to just admit it, but explain it away, and then justify the behavior. Although this may constitute a “truthful” admission, it still might fail to become a “productive” one for you and your spouse, lady, or girlfriend.

Here is the next option. If your girl caught you cheating, of course you could admit it, but this time also apologize, PLUS tell her your true feelings about EVERYTHING, including the reasons why you would NEVER ever allow this to happen again.

Now, do you want another “gentlemanly” option? Combined with this previously helpful and inclusive suggestion, you could also show your girl that you are willing to analyze your motivation and your reasoning plus take appropriate steps to prevent such repeat behavior.

If your girl catches you cheating, it can very well comprise a chance for you to finally comprehend the reasons why men cheat, plus resolve the issue once and for all. Do consider this.

Regardless of when your girl caught you cheating, for her, this occurrence STILL represents a stunning event that kills the trust your lady automatically has for you before any transgression occurs. And make no mistake…

Her allegiance and dedication to you will drop immediately, even if she does not state it in verbal terms, and you will need to take active steps towards reparation with her. In other words, a mere apology just will not suffice.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a truly loving, understanding, even non jealous wife, lady, or girlfriend. In fact, she may be so great in character, ethics, morals, decency, patience, and fortitude… that when your girl caught you cheating or performing inappropriately with another female, she might not even tell you about it until much further down the road — as she gives you the benefit of the doubt, plus makes every attempt on her own to understand or justify your behavior.

Do you think you can rise to the challenge and do the same?

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