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Cheating Spouse Catcher’s 5 Tips Guide!

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, it is probably because you have heard some rumors or that your partner has been behaving suspiciously lately. However, you have to be very sure before you take any actions against your spouse. So how do you find out for sure especially if you do not want to alert your lover or to confront him/her without any evidence? You have come to the right place if you want to know how to go about catching your cheating spouse red-handed as below are 5 tips which you can make use of.

1. Trail them
Following a spouse is probably the easiest and also a cheaper way of finding out about your spouse’s activities. However, you need to choose your time wisely. Know when is the best time to track their activities, for instance, you can follow your spouse if they call back to say that they will be late as they are going out with friends. Sometimes they might even call to say they are working late but when you call their company, you cannot get hold of them! That is when you know that you probably have a cheating spouse in hand so the next time they use the same trick, follow them. However, be careful when you intend to trail your spouse. Do not put yourself into any form of dangers and if you get caught, make sure you have an excuse ready!

2. Get professional help
If you can afford it, you might want to consider hiring a private investigator to follow your spouse. This is definitely easiest and safer for you but it will be very costly. All you have to do if you are engaging a private investigator is to provide them with all the necessary information, such as your spouse’s photographs, daily schedule, working place, etc. With this information, your private investigator will be able to get the proof that you need. You will need such evidence should you decide to file for divorce later on.

3. Checks on cell phones and credit cards bills
A common practice among cheaters is to use their cell phone instead of the home phone when they are talking to their secret lovers. This is so as not to get caught by their partners at home. However, it might be a benefit to you as you can find an opportunity to check on the numbers received and dialed, text messages received and sent, as well as pictures received on the cell phone records. You might be able to see something suspicious and take action on it.

Besides checking on the cell phone records, you should also look at the credit card bills. Are there any suspicious items listed, for example, a vacation or hotel stay which you are not aware of or a meal at a restaurant on a day or at a time when you know your spouse should be at work?

4. Internet as a research tool
Do you know that the internet can be a very useful tool for you if you are trying to catch a cheating spouse red-handed? For one, you can use the internet to learn ways in which a spouse could be cheating as well as to look for a private investigator. For another, you can check the internet to see what the sites that your spouse has been visiting are. In case you are not aware, cyber romance is also a form of cheating. Has your spouse been surfing dating or pornographic sites? Are there any suspicious or marshy emails received by your partner lately and has the history to your computer been cleared recently? In fact, there are also software that you can use to keep track of the sites that your spouse has been visiting.

5. Paying attention to what is said around you
There are many cheaters who are actually not secretive about their affairs and will in fact flaunt their affairs in front of others. If so, you might hear your friends, your spouse’s colleagues or even relatives talking about them so keep your ears open. That said, you might even catch your spouse with the secret lover behaving intimately openly in public!

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British Evacuees of World War II

When the Second World War broke out in September 1939, the British government had already given considerable thought to evacuating civilians from the big cities. The lessons from the Spanish civil war were there for all to see, and the authorities had a detailed evacuation plan already in place.

In fact, the first evacuations began in June 1939, although the first official movement of civilians did not start until September 1st 1939, just two days before the declaration of war.

From London and the other main cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow and Birmingham, priority class persons (children, pregnant women, mothers with infants, and the disabled), boarded trains and were duly transported to rural towns and villages throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

My mother was an evacuee. She was fourteen at the time and was moved from the Liverpool suburbs out to Anglesey, a remote (it certainly was then) island off the coast of North Wales. The family she stayed with spoke Welsh as their first language, and indeed only ever spoke Welsh unless they were speaking to the evacuees, and though they treated my mother well, she always said it was a very lonely time for her.

Evacuees were gathered into groups at the main railway stations and were often put on the first available trains, almost regardless of destination, which must have made the housing of them at the other end immensely difficult. Some went by sea too, paddle steamers took many children from the London area to East Anglia.

In all, 3.7 million people were moved, and it has been estimated that one in three of the entire British population was directly affected in some way by the evacuations. In the first three days of the official evacuation a staggering one and a half million people were transported from their homes to the countryside, the biggest mass migration of British people ever in such a short period of time.

Of these, approximately 800,000 were children of school age, 500,000 were mothers with young children, plus 12,000 pregnant women and 7,000 disabled persons. To help look after them, over 100,000 teachers and other helpers were also required to relocate.

Beyond that, a further two million people, mainly the more well to do, arranged a private evacuation of their families, settling in rural and remote hotels for the duration of the war, while several thousand took themselves further away from any possible bombing raids by moving to the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

Some, such as the unfortunate passengers on the S.S. City of Benares did not reach their destination. (Keep an eye out for my article: The Children of The City of Benares), and the merits of sending children overseas during wartime has been debated ever since.

Today there is a flourishing Association for the Evacuees, and in recent years they have taken to marching in the remembrance parades, and who could deny them the right so to do?

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