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Mind and Body at War

Mind and Body at War

When mind and body are at war with each other, they can’t work together. Sanity is when the mind, the body, and the spirit are all in harmony, a condition that is not possible as long as a person is in the throes of food addiction.

For years you may have been acknowledging a power greater than your own—your relationship with food. In this program you are asked to consider the possibility of the existence of another power greater than yourself that, unlike the demonic force of your addiction, does not exist to enslave you but to set you free. Step Two is about finding God in other people. It means acknowledging the power of the group is more powerful than we are, and that we can’t do the job of restoring ourselves to sanity alone.

Personality change begins with Step Two, after taking the action of making a lifestyle change—that is, recognizing we need rituals for contact. In the process of that change, our values, attitudes, and beliefs will be held up to scrutiny and they will also change. The first to change will be what we value in life. The answer will now be obvious—other people. Those who had valued their isolation because it allowed them to indulge unchecked in their addictive behavior will no longer value it because minus the addiction, isolation is a painful state. There is no joy in it. Suddenly the value of other people, of a supportive group, will increase immeasurably. The attitude of “I can do it myself” will change to “1 need other people.”

Resisting help from others is resisting help from a higher power, for God works through other people. Faith in a higher power parallels how you trust people in your life. Control means you still don’t have trust. As you begin to relinquish that control, you leave room for the power of the group to begin working in you.

Boundaries will also change. Energy will flow in both directions, between you and the fellowship. The power of love is one food addict helping another, and that power will help restore balance in other relationships—between family and friends, and in the workplace. Once the isolation is broken, the new intimacy you will have with the Real You will cause energy to flow in every direction, in every area of your life.


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The restoration to sanity is a process. In it, first we come. Our feet bring us, and our unbelieving minds go along for the ride. Then we come to. We wake up. We start feeling. We came, we came to, and we came to believe, hardly an instantaneous event. It takes years for some, much less for others, depending on where they are when their feet first bring them to the process.

Coming to believe in a Power greater than ourselves is not necessarily a comforting thought. Any number of horror movies feature powers greater than ourselves. The miracle of the process is that this is a power greater than ourselves that will restore us to sanity. What a marvelous thought! The relief of being restored to sanity is greater than any gift a food addict could ask for.

The energy of intimacy, sharing of the Real Me, is the essence of the Second Step. In the sharing of the Real Me with others, a knowledge of God’s energy within your own will protect you. You’ll feel empowered, God protected, nurtured by intimacy. You won’t feel alone.

The insanity addictive people feel has a lot to do with the abnormal stress patterns they experience. Normal stress looks like a wavy line—a steady flow of ups and downs. Addictive stress, on the other hand, looks like an erratic heart rate on a cardiologist’s screen—constant ups


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Is She Cheating on You? Here’s How to Find Out For Sure

They say you should always listen to your gut instincts, and this is especially true if you suspect unfaithfulness in your marriage or relationship. If your partner has been acting distant or strange, there’s a very good chance they’re cheating on you.

Of course, it could all be in your head, but you’ll never know if you don’t try to find out. Read on to learn how to uncover infidelity in your relationship.

Get to know their phone.

Scan their phone’s call history, and see if there are any numbers you don’t recognize. Jot down these numbers, and run a search on them. If the numbers are listed in the phone book, the person’s name should show up. On a similar note, if their history is erased, that’s a huge red flag. You can get around this by scanning through their phone bill when it comes in.

Check out their charges.

Credit card charges, that is. If it seems they’re spending a lot of money on some place or think peculiar, you might have cause for concern. Restaurants, hotels, or lingerie stores are especially suspicious, as they indicate your spouse is entertaining someone other than you.

Go online.

There’s spy software that you can install, and it will keep track of every activity done on your computer. Every Web site, chat, and email message will be monitored, and if anything looks strange, you’ll know. In addition, check out your Web browser’s history, and see if any unusual sites have been visited. If you have access to your spouse’s email login, check out their ‘sent’ messages for any people you don’t know.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to uncover infidelity in your relationship is beneficial, but don’t use it as a first resort. Have a heart-to-heart with your partner first, and see if they open up to you. Only use the means in this article as a last (and desperate) resort.

Now listen carefully –

Wrestling Games

Were you aware of the fact that wrestling games can now be enjoyed on the Internet? Let’s take a step back in time and examine where wrestling games online first originated. For most people, wrestling first originated on the Commodore 64 system. There were a variety of games that allowed players to wrestle with each other and against a computer powered opponent. The reason why this is so noteworthy sends in large part from the fact that many of the modern-day games in this niche that can be played on the Internet borrow heavily from many of the same concepts and architectures that helped power some of the original games that became popular.

To the extent you have an interest in playing wrestling on the Internet, you will be very pleased to hear that you can now play these games without actually having to pay any money. While that might initially sound troublesome were somehow imply that you will be doing something wrong or inappropriate, nothing could be further from the truth. The simple fact of the matter is that the reason why many of these beat em up games online are now available on the Internet is because the websites where they are located generate revenue from advertising in a variety of other monetization methods. It is a lot like watching a program on television. You don’t necessarily have to pay to watch the program — but you will have to see some commercials.

In conclusion, if you are somebody who enjoys wrestling games, then you should seriously consider playing this type of game on the Internet. Not only will you find it to be a lot of fun, but you will more than likely discover a variety of other similar games that you will enjoy playing. Also remember in order to enjoy wrestling games online you will be required to have flash player installed on your favorite browser.

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Play Spiderman Games

Have you ever wanted to play Spiderman games? If so, you’re not alone. The reason why is because these particular games have become incredibly popular over the past several years. The overwhelming majority of people who enjoy Spiderman games will tell you that the reason why is because they are infatuated with Spiderman as a superhero. Not only that, the overwhelming majority of games that are within this genre are both incredibly exciting and quite challenging to play.

When you enjoy a good Spiderman games you are not only challenging your mind, but you are also challenging your dexterity. This is what a lot of people fail to understand. So many assume that any time you are playing Spiderman you are basically just try to kill time. While it’s true that playing this type of game can provide you with a great deal of entertainment and make time go by, it is also true that you can actually help develop your motor skills as a result of playing. Nobody really likes hearing that given the fact that games are typically associated with having fun — not improving your brain function in developing better hand eye coordination. However, those are two things that truly do get exercised whenever you play Spiderman.

Here’s the bottom line: virtually anybody who chooses to play Spiderman games will tell you that they not only had a lot of fun playing, but also feel better too. Very few people realize that when you play this type of game you actually help your body relax and you distract your mind from the troubles and anxieties of the day. Nothing to feel better in gaining some time away from the things that bother us on a day-to-day basis. When you play this amazing game, you’re giving yourself that opportunity and so much more.

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