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Asian Games 2010

The Asian Games 2010 (XVI Asiad) are scheduled to be held from November 12 to November 27 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Athletes are scheduled to come from about 45 countries all over Asia to compete in the Asian sports Olympics. They will compete in standard sports like track and field, gymnastics and soccer (football) and in Asian sports like several styles of Asian martial arts. All together, athletes will compete in about 42 different sports. Besides seeing Asian athletes in action, spectators can see the opening and closing ceremonies and see one of China’s relatively prosperous megacity regions.

Popular sports in China and East Asia include table tennis, soccer, badminton and martial arts. Along with these sports, there will be weightlifting, softball and rugby competitions. Basketball has become very popular among China’s children and young people due to watching American NBA games and Yao Ming.

The competitions will actually be held in four cities of the Guangzhou metropolitan region. These are Guangzhou itself, Foshan, Dongguan and Shanwei. Dongguan is a large and somewhat polluted industrial city that is one of China’s largest exporting areas. It is on the CHR bullet train between the Louhu border in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, so travel there is convenient and quick and takes only about 40 minutes.

As part of the games, there will be opening and closing festivities that can be watched at Haixinsha Island in the Pearl River. People expect a light show, a mysterious lightning show, and the usual choreographed marching and dancing, etc. The opening ceremonies are directed and organized by Chen Weiya who was the assistant director of the 2008 Summer Olympics. He said that the ceremony will “surprise the world.” The show will begin about 8pm and the”mysterious lightning” will be unveiled at 9:42.

This is the second time that China has hosted the games. The first time was in 1990 when Beijing hosted the 11th Asian Games. The Asian Games are the world’s second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games and are held every four years. Hosting the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou gives southern China a chance to showcase its new economic power and prosperity. Guangzhou is part of one of China’s major megacities. It is in Guangdong Province, which is a major electronics manufacturing area of the world. Tickets are already on sale.

Mascot and Emblem

Visitors to Guangzhou will see strange horned goats: a big goat and four small goats. They will be all over the city: on TV, on the buses, on clothes, on signs and all over the place. Cartoons of these goats will be played over and over on the flat-screen displays on the public buses and the metro system. For some reason, they are Guangzhou’s official mascot caricature, and so they will be the 2010 Asian Games mascots. These goats even have names. A Xiang “阿祥” (pronounced Ah Sshyang), A He “阿和” (Ah Her), A Ru “阿如” (Ah Roo), A Yi “阿意” (Ah Ee), and Le Yang Yang “乐羊羊” (Ler Yang-yang). There is a complex historical myth and story associated with these names. But all together, these names actually form a catch phrase with a kaleidoscope of meanings and connotations including “joy” and “foreign.”

The emblem of the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 was announced in 2006 (see picture below). In this emblem, there is the Asiad sun symbol that is the emblem of the Asiads, four tracks and the Olympic flame. There is an unofficial emblem (see right of page title banner) with the biggest goat at the top and the four little goats representing the four tracks.

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Cheating Signs – Things to Look Out For

Everyone hates to look for them but at some point in your life you may have had too. Cheating signs, ways that you may see that your spouse is no longer interested in your. A way that you may eventually catch them in the act of cheating even. Some of these cheating signs may seem pretty dumb, but they do happen. At times a cheater isn’t the smartest person in the bunch, they may let those emotions of lust control their brains.

Some of these cheating signs may not apply to everyone; this is a general list that can be used to help you figure out if your loved one may be cheating. But don’t ever jump to a conclusion, because maybe you’re wrong.

One of the more obvious mistakes that a cheating spouse may make is that of using the wrong soap. You know you have Irish Spring at home, and when the spouse takes a shower in the morning they will smell like that. But if they smell all fresh and clean when they come home, but have Dove or some other soap smell on them, it might be a cheating sign. Noticing discrepancies in your bank account is another way you may find out that your spouse may be cheating. Sudden drops in the amounts that are deposited even though the checks are the same.

Cheating signs are varied and will cover a lot of area. You may seem to fight even more than you ever have. Yes some marriages will experience the problems of fights without cheating. But what about when all of the sudden it seems that you fight about those little things. Your spouse gets mad about the toothpaste lid being off, and leaves. That could be a very good cheating sign.

Computers are a haven for cheaters. Email accounts being added, a separate one that you may not even know about. Or even closing down the computer suddenly when you walk into the room. Shutting a window quickly when they feel you are entering the room can mean they were sending their lover a note.

Heading out to a store that should only be a short trip, but takes hours. Cheating signs like that are almost funny. Not that it’s funny to be cheated on, but it’s almost an obvious thing that one should be so aware of that you can call your spouse on it. If you feel strongly enough by seeing enough Cheating signs ask your spouse if they are seeing someone else.

Seeing less communication between you and your spouse, or lack of sex they are other cheating signs. Though if these were a previous problem you may not want to rely on it as much as other cheating signs that you see.

Finally, there are many more cheating signs that you can look for. But remember if you have never had a very good relationship it may have been something that was bound to happen eventually.

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What Are the Signs of an Unfaithful Cheating Wife?

We all like to think that our wives are faithful, but if you start seeing more than a few of these signs you may be faced with the reality that your wife is cheating on you.

If your wife has been unfaithful you will likely notice a change in her attitude towards you.

You may find that she seems to be emotionally distant, grumpy and always trying to pick fights. If she’s critical of everything you do or say she may be comparing you to her new romantic interest. Because she’s feeling guilty or just trying too hard to hide her actions, you find just the opposite. She may become talkative and attentive than she normally is. If she’s encouraging you to go drinking with the boys, or take the weekend to go fishing without her, she may be trying to get you out of the way so that she can meet up with her new fling.

Her attitude about herself will change if your wife is cheating.

Have you seen her being excited and happy while she’s talking to her friends only to have her mood change as soon as she notices that you have arrived? Having a new lover is exciting and it will make her feel desirable and attractive. Your presence will only serves to remind her that she’s cheating on you and bring on feelings of guilt. If you notice that your wife is suddenly taking extra effort to look her best, especially when she leaves the house she may be having an affair. She will take extra time to put on makeup, and change to sexier clothes. She might have gotten herself a new hairstyle, all in the effort to look her best for her new lover.

If you see changes in her interests and daily routines you may have an unfaithful wife on you hands.

These are a few changes you might notice:

Her taste in music has changed.
She starts taking an interest in playing pool, dancing or any other number of activities that she wasn’t interested in before.
She spends hours grocery shopping.
She is always going for coffee with her friends.

OK, maybe you are seeing enough unfaithful cheating wife signs to convince you that she may be having an affair, but she may be innocent. Before you do or say anything you can’t undo you should check out the facts and make sure she is guilty.

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