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The Strange Cheating Fiasco at McLaren Mercedes

McLaren has put its foot in it again with the shenanigans at the Australian Grand Prix. There has been endless commentary on the right and wrong of the situation, but few have pointed out the bigger picture issue. Simply put, what was McLaren possible thinking it was gaining?

Let’s take a look at what happened on the offhand chance you are not aware. The Australian Grand Prix was the first race of the season. McLaren Mercedes has already determined its new car was not competitive to the extent that Norbert Haug had suggested the car would not make it out of the first qualifying session. It did, but just barely and there was no longer any doubt McLaren had got the design wrong and probably blown the 2009 season. Then the race happened.

The Australian Grand Prix is nearly as much about survival as it is performance. As the first race of the season, reliability issues and overaggressive drivers usually trim the field down to the point that anyone just finishing earns championship points. That’s exactly what happened for McLaren. Lewis Hamilton drove from the back of the grid up to sixth place. With three laps left, Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel through away podium positions by crashing into each other. Suddenly, Hamilton was fourth.

Now it gets strange. The safety car came out because of all the debris on the track. Jarno Trulli was in third place in his surprisingly competitive Toyota. Being Jarno, he somehow managed to drive off course and Hamilton stayed on track and passed him. Trulli then came back on track. Hamilton then asked if he should let Trulli by and the McLaren pit boss didn’t know the rules. While McLaren thrashed around in the pits, Hamilton let Trulli by and they finished third and fourth.

Trulli was penalized after the race for passing Hamilton while the safety car was out. Trulli balked and said Hamilton slowed and let him past. McLaren was called to the stewards. Sporting Director Dave Ryan and Lewis Hamilton went to the meeting. When asked if they had discussed letting Trulli by or decided to do it, Ryan and Hamilton said no. The only problem was they were lying and the radio transcript proved as much. Hamilton was booted from the results. McLaren has been called in front of the FIA and Ryan has been fired.

There is no doubt McLaren and Hamilton lied to the stewards. Hamilton has admitted as much and apologized to the stewards, Charlie Whiting and fans. The biggest question is what the punishment should be. Critics want McLaren banned. Supporters want nothing to happen. Both miss the bigger point.

Why did McLaren even do this? It was the first race of the year. The point difference between third and fourth is a single point. McLaren had no expectation of any points coming into the race and should have been pleased with fourth place. Some have argued that a single point can decide the championship, but does anyone really think McLaren has a chance this year? A bad car is a bad car. No team in modern Formula One history has ever been able to turn around a bad design. The McLaren MP-18 was a dog and never saw the track. Remember the year Ferrari missed the design and Schumacher drove around in the back? A bad car design just cannot be turned into a good one. It doesn’t happen!

McLaren clearly got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. The team should be punished as much for its stupidity as its devious conduct.

Lemmy Gibson writes about Formula One for PullingGsRacing.com.

Fed Up With Crank Calls Or Worried About A Cheating Partner?

How many times have you received calls from numbers we didn’t recognize. Sometimes, you get rung by the same number so many times and when you answer it there’s no-one there. Sometimes you may want to figure out how to make sure they never call you again.

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So, why should you choose ReversePhoneDetective over other sites? Good question.

You really should consider using ReversePhoneDetective because they have directories that include both landlines and cell numbers. Cell numbers aren’t available on normal directories sites, and the reason for this is because Cell directories have to be assembled manually – this proves to be both an expensive and time consuming process.

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Secondly, cell phone users constantly upgrade or cancel their subscription, which means that of the millions of cell phone users out there, it would be impossible to keep up with all the changes.

Once you’ve decided to use ReversePhoneDetective, you’ll find the registration process very straight forward and quick to complete.

After registration, the next step is to insert the number of the cell or land-line that has contacted you, and once you press ‘Search’ the program will scroll through the millions of telephone numbers that it has in it’s database to find the perfect match. Immediately, you will have the name and the address details of the caller at your finger tips.

So, if you really want to know if your partner is cheating OR your fed up of that crank caller ringing you OR you’ve just missed a call and want to know who it was then the ReversePhoneDetective should be your first port of call. With the correct service for you all your questions will be answered!

Further information can be found here http://www.cpb-enterprises.com

Mosquito Repellents – People Ask to Be Cheated

Every year, new so-called mosquito-repellent solutions appear on the market. All have similarities and differences, the similarity being that all of them are being purchased in huge amounts by consumers. The difference is that some work and some don’t.

The fact is that there is little regulation, and manufacturers seem to get away with claiming whatever they fancy, at least as long as nobody’s filing complaints. It’s not that hard, of course – everybody hates mosquito bites so much that most people are willing to give it a try and spend another $ 15 on yet another magical repellent solution that just might do the job. If you imagine a new device and can craft a nice story that explains why it should repel mosquitoes, you’re apparently on the fast lane to wealth – people will just start buying your product. It’s a bit like alternative healing methods – most people don’t really believe that they work, but when you’re really ill and other methods don’t help, why not give it a try? The potential benefit is just so much bigger than the cost. But in the end, most people don’t get cured, and most new mosquito repellent devices end up at the back of a drawer.

What have we seen in the past? Chemical lotions (DEET does work, for sure), ultrasonic devices (don’t work), amber lights to “scare them away” (don’t work – mosquitoes don’t see yellow), ultraviolet bug zappers (attract flies but not mosquitoes), vaporizers or mosquito coils (do work, indoors, but they’re not very healthy), citronella candles, and so on. Thirty years after the appearance of those useless ultrasonic devices, new variants are still being launched on the market – and bought by consumers, otherwise nobody would keep launching them, right?

Do we need regulation and formal testing, certification and comparisons for each new mosquito-repellent method appearing on the market? Probably not – but it would be good if consumers started collecting more structured feedback on their effectiveness. At least I’d be happy to collect and organize any feedback you provide. And if you’re planning on buying that new promising mosquito-repellent device, don’t believe just any claim – ask for proof and money-back guarantees.

Anne Jacobs writes for for Clever & Easy and is always on the lookout for the new, useful product or tip that stands out from the many gadgets and that can help you get things done and save time doing it. Visit Clever & Easy for more details on this and other Travel products and tips.