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The Catering Game


The last time you went out to dinner or had food catered to a party, you probably didn’t put much consideration into just how much goes into getting, preparing, and serving your food. There is an entire ecosystem within the service and hospitality industry; a world unto itself that involves more people that you probably realised at first.

For example, the servers and chefs are easy enough to notice and recognise as part of this system, but what about bartenders? Manufacturers? Managers? All of these people are part of this world, because “catering” covers everything from the local coffee shops to swanky hotel restaurants. It even encompasses school lunchrooms, and there are organisations that hold yearly awards ceremonies (the Cost Sector Catering awards, to name one) with categories like the “Health Award,” the “Social Care Award” and the “Corporate Responsibility Award.”

A quick Google search for “UK Catering” will turn up a directory of thousands of establishments, with names like “Ham and Pickle,” “Moon Spice Catering,” and “The Golden Whisk” just to name a few. As of October 2011, according to the British Hospitality Organisation, there were eighty-six thousand, four hundred people in Westminster alone employed in some aspect of the catering industry. That accounts for roughly seventeen percent of direct employment for that area. Just about two out of every ten employees in both Chelsea and Kensington are employed by hospitality companies. In 2009, there were over one billion meals served by the over sixteen thousand companies in the contract catering industry.

So, now that you’ve an idea of the vastness of the industry, what if you’d like to get started in it? You will definitely need to know where to find things like glassware, bar equipment, professional catering equipment like chafing dishes and serving dishes, and other implements of professional cookware. Do you want to go with a brushed or polished stainless steel for your sinks and silverware? One will cost you more than the other. Are the rods used to weld your stainless steel kitchen sinks the same grade as the rest of the sink? If not, the welds may be weak and cause problems in the future. Which would be a more costly place to get your ceramic from, Schonwald or Revol? There are a thousand details to attend to.

All said and done, it takes a business savvy mind as well as people skills and determination to make it in the catering game, so you’d better be prepared.


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Unique Ways to Tie Scarves

When we talk about fashion, many people still remains quiet when anyone wants some clues to tie a scarf. Normally, there is not any hard and fast rule to tie or wrap a shawl. The best thing about this is you can tie it according to your wish and also you are free to style it according to our outfit and mood. If you think you are looking good, then be sure that you have tied it in right way. The important thing is that you should like what you are seeing. Here are some ways which will help you to know different and unique styles to wrap a scarf.

Belt Style – A small scarf to tie around your neck in belt style is the best way which we usually use. It provides an awesome finish to our outfit, no matter whether you have wore a loose jeans or skirt, especially when the colors of our dress and scarf complement to each other. To tie the scarf in a belt style you need to fold the stole and insert it into each loop and make sure that no loop should left blank. Also don’t forget to tie both the ends together either in sides or in front and let the remaining length for fashion.

Sarong Style – The unique way to tie the scarf is Sarong style. You can wrap your scarf on your waist in a skirt style which is also known as modern sarong skirt. To tie sarong style scarf you need to fold your scarf diagonally and then wrap it around your waist and tie the triangular end at one side and leave the length along with your legs which will give you fashionable look.

Shoulder Wrap Style – For the different and stunning look you can also wrap your shawl in shoulder wrap style. This style very much suits on sleeveless and low cut top dresses. To tie this style you need to fold the scarf in triangular shape and after folding keep the ends on the shoulders and tie them on front with the help of scarf pin or broach.

Halter Blouse Style – Wrapping a scarf inside your coat or jacket gives you corporate attire also reveals your feminine attitude. The scarf looks good and suits you if it will be in silk stuff.

Adding fashion scarves to your outfit will give you and your personality a stunning, elegant and adorable look.

So, follow these unique and simple steps of wrapping scarves and be well on your way and look smart by adding these accessories i.e. fashion scarves to your personality.