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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Offers Dual Camera

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has dual camera with a rear facing 5 megapixel and a front facing VGA respectively, all in addition to its incredible gaming features. The handset also has the latest and most up to date Android operating system (Gingerbread).

The handset has incredible graphics with clear colours and 3D support through its large 4 inch capacitive multitouch display through which you can browse the Web, view your emails and watch videos. You can also use the handset for the ultimate mobile gaming device as it is the first PlayStation Certified smart phone to hit the market, integrating PlayStation gaming into its software and its design with a full slide out console controller, designed by the same people behind the PS3 console controllers respectively. The controls include the shoulder controls, 4-symbol and directional keys and an analogue touch joystick, while superior sound is also offered.

The Xperia Play also has incredible multitasking functionality die to its Gingerbread operating system and has an internal memory of 400 megabytes, with a microSD card slot offering up to a further 32 gigabytes of storage memory for multimedia and more also. The 5 megapixel camera is capable of capturing all of your photos and video clips along with the support of out focus and a flash or video light. The Send to Web feature also makes it easy to share them with a personal blog or website, while you can instantly upload videos to YouTube also. There is also automatic Geotagging of location with both media, through the aGPS antenna which also offers other location based services such as directions and more through the preinstalled Google Maps respectively.

The handset as with others from Sony Ericsson, including the Xperia Neo comes with a fully integrated music player also, which includes the support of album artwork, a simple user interface and allows you to sort and shuffle songs. There is also stereo audio for listening out loud as well as both Bluetooth A2DP for wireless listening or 3.5mm jack connection for standard headphones. Other connectivity includes DLNA certification along with USB for syncing and file sharing through its standard microUSB connector.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is well designed touch handset which also uniquely offers a complete gaming experience in addition to its powerful Android smart phone features. The phone also offers two cameras which are capable of capturing greta photos and videos, and the front facing perfect for video chat.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

Star Power On The Catwalk

Hardly anyone in the Canadian fashion world could have failed to hear about the controversial dressing down given to Toronto Fashion Week by celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch.
The man known most famously for dressing Halle Berry in her brown Elie Saab Oscar gown was invited to town by the Fashion Design Council of Canada, the organizers of the event. But they also got more than they bargained for. The mouthy Hollywood stylist pulled no punches in critiquing the presentations and offering advice. He took his role as imported fashion critic seriously, showing up at scores of shows and granting interviews everywhere he went. He has even vowed to come back next Latex Stockingsseason and see if his advice has been heeded.
“I feel like the Beyonc of Toronto Fashion Week,” he told a seminar of designers who had come to hear him speak.
There were harsh words that suggested Toronto Fashion Week is still undergoing growing pains “This runway is dirty,” he said, pointing to the floor beneath him. He beseeched designers to scrape egregious price tags off the bottom of shoes in their shows. “It’s all in the details.” And he sounded a plea to add the right kind of glamour to the week. Why not all-expenses-paid appearances by Canadian superstars like model Linda Evangelista or actor Kim Cattrall?
But even Bloch acknowledged that quite a number of things were being done right.
He heaped praise on many designers, including Ashish, Joeffer Caoc, Rosa Constanzo, Hilary Radley, Mackage, Lida Baday and Arthur Mendona, whom he said line up with the best. What are they doing right? They’re editing themselves, and they’re in tune with what women want to wear, he said.
Ashish Gupta’s presentation at Toronto boutique I-cii, with mannequins costumed in Ashish’s quirky, but beautifully detailed beaded coats, crocheted granny-square skirts and tutu-like dresses, was one of the creative highlights of the week.
Gupta divides his time among Toronto, London and New Delhi. And it is his decidedly cosmopolitan take on fashion that is refreshing. Like the best of what the fashion world has to offer, his clothes shun a nationality They just work.
A focused collection, with all the details attended to, is the holy grail of Fashion Week. Just look at Arthur Mendona. After just four seasons, his ready-to-wear is assuming a sharp, -like sexiness. For example, take his jet-black Tibetan-lamb jacket, which was cinched at the waist with a corset-like leather belt and worn with a pegged skirt.
Said Bloch “You have to step out of your ego, out of your mind, and ask, ‘Are people going to look at this dress and think it’s amazing?’ A fashion show is not an ego boost. It’s about business. You can all learn from Arthur Mendona. He can compete because he’s focused.”
Other glamorous details like the Swarovski crystal zentai suit at Farley Chatto’s men’s wear show, the ruched sleeves of David Dixon’s Tiffany blue satin jacket, and the decadent collar linings at Pink Tartan were lessons in why a designer should sweat the small stuff.
Chatto’s decision to unveil his fall collection at the Carlu, the city’s art deco landmark, was a perfect one given his debonair Rubber Clothingclothes. He dressed his bronzed and buffed gentlemen in elegant lounge pants and nude short shorts splashed with sparkle. For more formal affairs, there were the designer’s form-fitting velvet tuxedos.
One could easily envision Joeffer’s Caoc’s muse of the moment, a woman, part Tallulah Bankhead, part Gwen Stefani, on the arm of one of Chado’s ladies’ men. Stellar details at Caoc’s Misura show included a wicked skirt suit with seams carved out in zippers, full fluid pinstriped trousers that featured sexy diagonals instead of ho-hum verticals, and a deliciously skinny gold dress that was sliced down the front with a dramatic V and leather insets.
After building a reputation as Canada’s “Queen of Coats” over the past two decades, Montreal-based Hilary Radley ramped up her offerings to include a full-fledged ready-to-wear line. Her fort, however, remained with sportswear that looked most outerwear-like a sumptuous fur vest over cropped tweed trousers, or an espresso-hued sweater coat over matching day dress.
Given the rich history of handicraft in this country’s aboriginal culture, it’s no wonder that some of the details in the FashionNation show were also standouts. Obi-sashed ponchos by Tammy Beauvais sported beautiful hand-appliqud patterns. (One could easily imagine a Hollywood ingnue sporting one with her Earl jeans and Jimmy Choos.) Pam Baker’s midnight-blue coat flew down the runway, a mass of feathers. Then there were the beaded spring flowers that danced across Angela DeMontigny’s sporty doeskin shirt.
Bloch didn’t want to miss Paul Hardy’s show Wednesday, having just fawned over fellow Calgarian Haithem Elkadiki’s men’s wear collection. (He had also given him numbers for several Los Angeles boutiques.) Mid-event, he nudged his neighbour as he spotted tweed trumpet skirts, an abbreviated grey puffy coat over a tie-dye-esque evening gown, and a cool faux-broadtail white dress.
“It’s not over-styled. It’s beautiful. This is what I expect to see,” he said.
But it was a deep red silk gown that sent Bloch into paroxysms of joy. “That’s the first thing I’ve seen all week that could go to the Oscars!” he said, clapping madly.

Diet Like the Stars

Except some of the cases, most of the people are born with a bulky body that bulges around their waist. Hollywood stars are not an exception to this. They give very serious attention to their diet to keep themselves in good shape. If you think that there is some secret in it, then get that idea out of your mind, because you too can achieve that goal, if you follow the same diet pattern.

Most of the times, what the stars eat depends on what suits their lifestyle, body chemistry, and preferences. For example, Demi Moore prefers protein rich food while Nia Peeples keeps away from proteins. These stars diet what suits them the best. To find the perfect diet plan which will work for them, they have to try many diet plans.

Thinking that the same diet plan can suit you just because it has given the best results to someone else is wrong. If you are working on the same diet plan as your favorite star and it is not giving the desired results, then surely there is some problem. Either you are not following it faithfully or it is just not working for you. Just like the stars, along with your food intake, your exercise regime also should match with their workouts. They regularly go to the gym and try their best not to miss their daily exercise. Remember, most diets produce results if they are effective, safe, and combined with regular exercise.

To follow a star’s diet does not mean to skip your meat totally and become a vegetarian. It can be possible in some cases but most of all are not vegetarians. So, skipping these things all together like stars can be hazardous to health. So if you want to follow those steps, first prepare yourself to pull out all that stuff from your plate.

Some stars diet in an easy way. They divide their diet into small portions from six to eight times a day and along with this, do strenuous exercises. Study has shown that eating in small portions but frequently boosts the metabolism in the body and also helps to burn the fat. It has worked well for Jennifer Lopez, J Lo. And you can also follow this routine and begin with losing your weight.

Eating like stars in small portions will help you only if you stick to your exercise routine to get the desired results. Stars do eat burgers, cheese, butter, but do not let themselves fail on the exercise front to keep them fit and fine. You can also be lenient sometimes with your diet. It would not affect you as long as you are strict with exercising.

Here are some more added tips which may help you in reducing weight. Don’t let the wrong food enter your plate such as bad carbs and fried things. Don’t sneak into any fast food outlet late in the night for snacks. Avoid eating at wrong times during the day. All these temptations start creeping slowly and you don’t even come to know when your hard work has been washed away, so you have to be extremely careful. If you want to diet like the stars and also want to have a figure like them, then avoid empty calories and exercise regularly. Now the secret of stars’ health is open and the choice is yours!

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