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4 Reasons To Fight For Your Marriage After Cheating

You can probably think of a thousand different reasons for leaving after discovering that your spouse has cheated. There are all kinds of reasons to walk away and call it quits. But, there are four reasons to fight for your marriage after cheating that might trump them all. Only you can decide whether or not your marriage is really worth saving and you need to think long and hard before going to the effort. Keep these things in mind while you mull over your decision to stay or go.

1) Love. Love alone might not be enough if it’s one-sided but if you both really love each other then this marriage is definitely worth fighting for. You might have to take a little time and learn how to be good for and to one another but love is just enough to take a long hard look at the relationship before you decide you’re so willing to walk away.

2) Children. Your children are your world and there isn’t a lot you wouldn’t do for them. Staying in a bad marriage is not good for your children no matter who is trying to convince you of that. It is good though for your children to watch two parents who love each other work through a few bad patches along the way. You don’t want to teach your children that it is OK to cheat but they do not need to know what the problems in the marriage are. What they need to know is that you are working together (as a family) to get through these hard times.

3) Trust. While cheating is a huge betrayal of trust there are factors to be considered. Did your spouse come clean to you or did he or she try to cover things up? Is this the first time cheating has happened? Was it an ongoing relationship or a one time thing? Does your spouse even know why he or she cheated? Do you believe it will not happen again? This is a big deal. If you believe it will never happen again then you will be much better able to deal with the hurt and move forward in the relationship. If you’re constantly concerned it will happen again or feel that you can never trust your spouse again there is little hope of working things out.

4) Spouse agrees to work with you. No matter how much you want to do things on your own and work through this difficult time without the help of the one who has hurt you; it can’t be done. You are going to have to work through things together. You’re both going to have to make changes and work together to make sure that this never happens again. It won’t be easy. But if you are both willing to do your part it won’t be nearly as difficult as you’d think either.

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Boasts Gaming As Much As A Mobile Phone

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is a gaming station as much as a mobile phone with its impressive PlayStation certification and the inclusion of an entire console controller which slides from beneath its large display. The handset also offers all of the regular smart phone features through its Android operating system.

The phone has already become a hit with gaming bloggers Worldwide as they call it the PlayStation phone due to its full integration of a PS3 like controller which slides out to reveal all of the controls including the 4-symbol keys and 4 directional keys. The top edges of the sliding controller also include the L/R shoulder keys, and the large 4 inch display combined with superb stereo sound quality enable any gamer to have a fantastic time. The PlayStation Certified Android handset is also released with 7 games preloaded to allow you to get acquainted with your gaming, and many more are available from Android Market including PlayStation games.

The Xperia Play runs Gingerbread (Android 3.0) which is also the latest and fastest of the operating system so far, taking the multitasking, WiFi connectivity and other synonymous features that many have become accustomed to, to an new level, including a fresh new user interface. As well as downloading games it is of course possible to also download from over 150 thousand other applications also available at Android Market, which is preinstalled. The handset has incredible graphics not just for gaming, but also for all of the photos and videos you may wish to enjoy on the large 4 inch multitouch display. You can also create photos and videos using the 5 megapixel rear facing camera, which is in addition to a front facing VGA camera ready for video chat and self portrait photos.

The handset comes complete with a vast array of Google services including the incorporation of GMail and Google Talk as well as Google Maps to help you easily find your way around, using the internal aGPS antenna. You are also able to use the Google Voice Search facility to speak what you want to search the Web for, and YouTube is only tap away when you want to upload one of your videos to share.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is a compact and lightweight handset which comprises of both all of the impressive features and functionality of a fast and fully up to date Android smart phone in addition to a full on gaming experience.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

The Sea Stars Hotel

Haiphong is a long-aged history sea-port city and the main gateway to the sea for the Northern provinces. This beautiful city boasts the charm of the French colonial architecture of nearly hundred years old. Visiting to Haiphong is taking good opportunities to learn more about the typical culture of the Red River Delta, about the influences of European lifestyle assimilation, unique festivals and folklore. Being in Haiphong is about to visiting a paradise of marine eco-tourism, taking the cool breeze of the Unesco recognized Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve and the Natural World Heritage Ha Long Bay.

The Sea Stars Hotel is located on an area of 1800m2 in the very central part of the urban area of Haiphong City, on the main avenue. From the hotel, it takes only walking distances to all major administration and shopping addresses. It is elegantly designed to be the landmark of the new town with extensive services, aim at catering to both high class business travelers and tourists alike

The Sea Stars Hotel comprises of 80 rooms and suites of international 4 star standards. All bathrooms are equipped with full amenities and modern facilities included: stand shower and bathtub, bath robe, hair dryer… Bedrooms with writing desk, Cable TV, IDD telephone, ADSL internet port, well-stocked mini-bar, safety deposit box, tea & coffee making facilities.

The Sea Stars Hotel also provides serviced apartment on the tow top floors where you can find your home away from home. Beautifully designed and finished with finest fitting-out and facilities, the Apartment is perfect elegance to relax after a hard day. Full and dedicated service will please any of your family members.

The Sea Stars Hotel offers the most comprehensive dining options in town with 2 superb restaurants, featuring the best of the region’s culinary arts. Along with 6 Bars station, includes The Lobby Lounge and the City View Rooftop outdoor Lounge. Start your day with a giant buffet breakfast. Enjoy a full lunch with international famous dishes or simply take a fresh-made sandwiches or quick snacks in any of our lounges. Dine a delicious dinner with the freshest seafood or finest aged steaks cooked by the experienced chef. Please do remember to order with your meal some drinks in our extensive collection of wines or wide range of tropical drinks.

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