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Marriage After Cheating ? A Whole New Leap Of Faith

Giving your marriage a second chance after you’ve been cheated on is a leap of faith that is commendable. It’s not an easy decision to make. It’s not an easy path to follow.

This is a leap of faith unlike any other. You are taking the leap knowing that the other person is only human and not the god or goddess among men or women you might have believed your spouse to be before.

Whether you’ve been married for one year or twenty it isn’t easy to discover that the person you’ve agreed to share your life with has betrayed your love and trust in such a deeply personal way. It’s hard to move past the hurt, anger, and insecurity this one act causes. It’s difficult; but it is possible.

There are a few things you can do that will help make the process easier for you. Keep these things in mind as you begin working towards a better future this time around.

Make plans together. Not just long-term plans (which are great for giving you something to look forward to in the future) but short-term plans so that you know where your spouse is going to be and who your spouse will be with. It helps you keep an eye on your spouse instead of sitting at home wondering and doubting. It’s a sanity saver that you may not need in time.
Consider counseling alone and as a couple. This isn’t an easy thing to work through and there is plenty of self-doubt to go around in a situation like this. You need to learn to trust your spouse and yourself all over again. Counseling can help a lot when it comes to taking small steps in the right direction. A good counselor can also help you build your marriage stronger than it ever was in the past if you both commit to doing this together and really working on your marriage.
Dive right in. Don’t hesitate or hold back. Go in with your whole heart. Otherwise you risk missing out on some of the more amazing aspects of your second chance romance. Don’t convince yourself that you need to hold something back (for punishing your spouse or for the sake of protecting your heart). If you aren’t ready, it’s one thing but don’t hold back because you think you should or someone (other than a counselor) tells you it’s the right thing to do. You’ll only be robbing yourself and your partner of something special.

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Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for You and Your Friends to Enjoy Music

The Device for you and your Friends to Enjoy Music

You enjoy listening to music with your friends but not all the time are you in a room where you can put on the system and enjoy your favorite music. You have to move around, maybe go to school, go to work or just go out to run a number of errands. You have to keep on sharing headphones and taking turns which is not very convenient. Not to worry the Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod is here to solve all your problems. With this device you can listen to music from your iPod or MP3 with your friends all at the same time with each of you having your own headphones. In the event that you are looking for a device that will give you a chance to comfortably enjoy your music with all your friends anywhere and anytime, then without a doubt the Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod Headphone Splitter is just the product for you, according to Lisa Zhou, PR manager of Ankaka.com.

This has to be the greatest music device yet invented. This beautiful device comes with a variety of great features. With the Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod Headphone Splitter you get to enjoy the same music with your friends without having to share headphones. It comes with a total of five audio jacks to which you can connect your headphones. It is even possible to connect two iPods to the splitter all at once and thus get a mixing sound effect and further enjoy your music. It also has fade-ins and mixing that are regulated by each iPod or MP3 player. Another great feature of the Headphone Splitter Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod is the fact that it supports all types of handheld DVD players that have 3.5mm jacks and also every type of MP3.

The other features that the Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod has include its white color and its audio cable adapter. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and its connector details are 5X mini-phone female stereo and 1X mini-phone male stereo. The Belkin RockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod is ideal for personal or company use, an internet storefront and also for the resale market.

Without a doubt, there has not been a greater invention in the world of music devices than the Belkin RockStar for MP3/iPod Headphone Splitter. It completely eliminates the need to keep on sharing headphones with your friends and possibly missing the favorite part of a song or even worse the whole song. To add to its benefits, it is very affordable. The BelkinRockStar Headphone Splitter for MP3/iPod will give you a chance to enjoy your favorite music with your friends anywhere and at any time without any disturbances. Get yourself one today and avoid the hassles of sharing one set of headphones between many people. It is a great device and guaranteed to not disappoint you at all!

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I Love My Cheating Husband ? What Should I Do?

The fact that your husband cheated doesn’t necessarily change the love you feel for him. It shouldn’t. You cannot turn your love for someone on and off like you would a lamp or oven. It is something that grows over time and it takes time to fade. Unless there have been long-term problems in the relationship the odds are good that you still love your husband very much. So, how do you handle the knowledge that he’s cheating on you? What should your next move be?

You have a few choices available to you.

Choice one – you can leave.

This is not the first choice for many women in this situation no matter what they tell their girlfriends over apple martinis and cosmos. You can kick him to the curb and walk away with your head held high. Is this the right choice for you? That depends. Do you still love him? Can you imagine living your life without him? How high to you regard the betrayal of his cheating.

Cheating is something that some women just can’t get over. No woman appreciates it but some women can’t move beyond it. Can you do that? If you can’t; it might be kinder to both of you to end the relationship now instead of investing time, energy, and heart towards trying to make up and work things out.

Choice two – you could stay with reservations.

The other choice you might want to consider is sticking around but placing serious qualifications on your relationship. Is this effective? For the short term – it’s possible. Eventually there will have to be some reckoning. You’ll have to decide if you’re going to open your heart back to your husband completely or if you need to walk away for the sake of both your hearts. Sanity is another deciding factor in this decision. You can’t continue on in limbo forever but it can buy you some precious time to make your final decision.

Choice three – you can put your whole heart into making it work.

This is the path that promises the greatest amount of hope. It is also the one that requires the most work. You can’t just snap your fingers and make your marriage right. You love your husband but he’s done something very wrong. The problem is that the deed is a symptom of deeper problems and not the actual problem. You’re going to have to figure out what’s going on, what the problem is, and what you both need to do to work things out.

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