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Game on with Nintendo

A company that defines gaming with Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was an instant hit on its first launch back in 1983. Nintendo Co Ltd. launched its North American version which had super Mario bros. in 1985, the bestselling video games of all time. Everybody was very excited to bring it to their home. It was later superseded by Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube and Wii in that order, mean while the company developed a series of handheld devices which made their way to school backpacks all over the world and were marketed with the name of Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Advanced, Game Boy Advanced SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. With all these devices, the industry evolved to handle better performing games with features of storing profiles and storing Game Save which led to the development of various storage devices came to be known as DS card or DSi Card. These were actually the memory cards, commonly known as Micro SD cards which were designed specifically for Nintendo gaming devices.

These cards for DSi used for storing the game profile are available in many variants and storage capacity. The First generation of cards included the GBA flash cartridges, GBAMP CF, SuperCard, and M3. The Second generation of cards includes R4 revolution, CycloDS, G6 Real and DS-X. These are either a flash memory or contain a slot for MicroSD card which makes it have more capacity than flash memory type devices. Though Flash Memory is usually measured in Megabits (Mb), Memory card is generally measured in Megabytes (MB). Different storage devices differ in their brand and support for DS and GameBoy advanced ROMs, special features such as cost, physical size and playing media files. These cards were usually encrypted and it was necessary to use them with flashed firmware but when encryption on DS card was broken, many plug and play devices which can be read from slot 1 proliferated in the market. Then came the Third Generation of cards which marked its beginning with the introduction of Supercard DS TWO, revealed in November 2009. The official list of features include Multiple Save files, Real time functions (saving and cheats), multiple languages, a file management system, four levels of slow motion, Micro SDHC support and iReader, etc. Then there were EXi4 flashcard, iSmart Premium, iSmart MM, CylcoDS iEvolution.

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Exposure of Xbox Video Cables

Well, we all know that xbox video cables are used to connect your console to a TV and an audio system. You’re going to miss out on a lot if you only play your Xbox 360 on a normal television set. Microsoft mandated that all games on the Xbox 360 be designed with 720p as the reference resolution. In fact, the Xbox 360 renders everything internally at 720p, regardless of what kind of video resolution you use. However, the system will scale the video to the necessary video format.  Xbox Component video cable uses three wires to pass the video signal into the television display, and allows for higher resolutions like 480p, 720p, and 1080i. You can actually use old RCA cables in place of real component cables in a pinch, but keep the cable as short as possible to minimise the image degradation caused by an impedance mismatch. The full Xbox 360 system includes a complete set of component and composite video cables.

If you want to get high definition resolutions but can’t afford an HDTV (since you just dropped 400 bones on an Xbox 360), consider getting a set of VGA cables for your 360. The console can output high resolution video directly to a computer monitor if you have the right cables. . By PC standards, 1280×720 (720p) is a walk in the park. Any decently made CRT monitor has the ability to display resolutions of 1600×1200 and upwards. Display size constraints are the only real downside to using a monitor as a gaming display since there’s a world of difference between gaming on a 50-inch widescreen HDTV and a 21-inch CRT monitor.

We’re not going to compare VGA image quality with the rest of the cables because 21-inch monitor is far smaller than our HDTV screen, but I can show you the differences between the monitor resolutions. The image quality differences between the two resolutions seem to be minimal. We’d like to attribute that to the versatility of computer monitors. Their ability to display numerous different kinds of resolutions and refresh rates gives them a leg up on TVs.

The Take Home
In our basic tests, we’ve seen that different cable types can greatly affect image quality. If you’re currently using RF, we suggest that you make the switch to a better xbox video cable from China manufacturer. The Xbox 360 doesn’t have an RF cable option, and it’s not worth buying an adapter to create your own. Going from RF to composite video or S-Video produces significant improvements in image detail and colour quality. The next major step comes when you move to component video, but the biggest benefits are the increased resolution options and progressive scan output. If you don’t have an HDTV, you can buy a set of Xbox 360 VGA cables to turn a computer monitor into a high resolution Xbox 360 display

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Carson Kressley: Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Contestant

Celebrity stylist and “Carson Nation” star Carson Kressley who is paired with Anna Trebunskaya will join 11 other cable TV stars, athletes and even a war vet to dance all sorts of dances at Dancing with the Stars – Season 13. He felt competitive with the former prosecutor, Nancy Grace and shared: “I’m really pickin’ a fight with Nancy Grace… she is gonna mess up my hair!” and added: “I’m a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars and super excited to be a contestant in lucky season 13! I’m looking forward to training hard and dancing my butt off! I just hope the judges don’t confuse me with Nancy Grace!”


Carson Kressley is the former fashion expert on the American television program Queer Eye in which he was one of the show’s “Fab Five” members. In 2005, the 41-year-old fashion designer acted as a judge for the Miss Universe pageant, which aired live from Bangkok, Thailand and returned to the Miss Universe pageant, but as commentator, and was also commentator for the 2006 Miss USA pageant. Moreover, he has also pursued various acting opportunities with the film debut “The Perfect Man” starring Heather Locklear and playing the elf costumier in “The Year Without a Santa Claus”. Like Chaz Bono, Carson Kressley, a female-to-male transgender man is a gay contestant to help ABC send a strong message about the diversity within the LGBT community and reflect the growing acceptance of gay and transgender people in America today.

Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Contestant: Carson Kressley

Carson Kressley’s partner: Anna Trebunskaya

The gay fashion expert will compete with Nancy Grace in this upcoming season

Carson Kressley is perhaps still best known for Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Kim Kardashian and former Queer Eye fashion guru Carson Kressley were posed together for giving their fashion tips

Kressley stepped out at various Myer functions around the country with his Australian boyfriend George Maloukis

Carson Kressley met Maloukis, a Sydney IT guy in November 2007 when the style guru was in Australia for the Melbourne Cup

Although they are living on opposite sides of the world, the relationship is going strong and Kressley seems smitten

Carson Kressley dons a pair of pink speedos on the beach with his boyfriend in Sydney, Australia


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