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Is It Ok To Cheat For Revenge On A Cheater?

You might have revenge fantasies of cheating on your cheater but is this the way to go when trying to work things out? While there might be some desire to make your not so significant (at the moment) other feel some of your pain; two wrongs don’t make a right. They rarely even provide a momentary reprieve from the pain you’re going through. It certainly will not have you looking yourself in the mirror and resting easy the morning after.

If revenge cheating isn’t the answer, what should you do to deal with your cheating partner?

Love ’em or Leave ’em

Doesn’t sound like much of a choice does it? Unfortunately this is what it boils down to. The odds are good that you do love your cheating spouse. There’s no mythical magical remote control that allows you to adjust your heart the way you would a television or stereo system. You can’t just tell your heart to stop loving someone and have it happen in a flash.

The real burden lies in deciding whether this is a big enough betrayal that you believe you can walk away and convince yourself in time that it was the right decision or you need to stay and try to work things out. If you aren’t able to work things out in the end at least you have the knowledge that you did try.

Go all In

When you place your bet on the side of staying and trying to work things out you need to go all in. This is not the time for half-hearted measures and poorly planned attempts at making things right. You need to go in with the plan of succeeding or you need to do both of you a favor and get out before things getter bitter between the two of you. There’s no point in ruining the good memories you have together by learning to hate one another.

When you go all in you are putting every ounce of energy you have into making your relationship work. This means that you are going to work together to work things out and you are going to put the past behind you. More importantly, you are going to leave the past in the past and focus on the future. Keep your eyes on the path in front of you to avoid those ruts and pitfalls. If you are unable to do this your relationship is going to have a rough and rocky road ahead.

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Watney Won Sawgrass Game

Nick Watney, the American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour, grabbed the earlier benefit at The Players Championship on Thursday, aiming a eight-under-par 64 for a one-shot lead in golf’s wealthiest event at TPC Sawgrass.

The 30-year-old American golfer, currently a champion this year, created 8 birdies with callaway x-22 irons and an eagle in his initial round 64, and however for a double bogey on the par-four 14th, might have loved an even larger lead.

Watney’s come back to Florida, the very first time since receiving the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral in March, appeared to do the technique for the American, as he returned back from a overlooked cut last week at Quail Hollow.

“I had been certainly let down (by his neglected cut last week), however I decided there have been 2 methods to respond, you either sulk about it or come here,” he stated.

“Flew here on Saturday, and performed some work on Sunday, which I’d have loved to have been actively playing with mizuno mx 700 driver, clearly. However, simply thought I might move on with it and work with it as determination.”

Watney brings last week’s champion of the Wells Fargo Championship, Lucas Glover, by one golf shot, and a couple of more Americans, Mark O’Meara and David Toms, by two.

A number of global golfers are usually three strokes back after rounds of 67, such as Germany’s Martin Kaymer, South African Rory Sabbatini, Sweden’s Fredrik Jacobson and Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell, exactly who discovered a pleasant callaway razr x hybrid.

Previously in the day, the event had been rocked by the earlier starting of Tiger Woods, who withdrew hurt on his 9th hole. Woods had been presently 6 over par at that stage.


Gossip: Nick Watney’s Girlfriend. Does Nick Watney have a girlfriend? Is he dating someone? Is he married? Would you date him? Did you date him?

here comes an anonymous sound:All you haters and people who talk down about amber and there marriage are compoets idiots! I know the family very well and they are the farthest from trailer trash the are respectable praline in there community and very gracious and humble people who would give there shirt off there back to anybody who needed it. The whole family is a bunch of great people and for somebody to say that th marriage will fail is out of there kind caus I stay intouch with family regularly and things couldnt be better so all you people need to get your fact straight, and who ever said that Kelli, ambers younger sister said there doing bad is a lie cause I just finished talking to the family and kelli and her brother Anthony. They said that nick and amber couldnt be any better so all you people bashing amber are either idiots, miss informed, jealous, or have nothing better to do with your life and need to find something better to do than bash great, humble, wholesome people!

anothersound:This is ridiculous, I have known Nick for a long time, he is a very smart guy, and not the kind to go after a girl for anything besides who she is. I have met her a few times, and she is wonderful. His family loves her, and I am close enough to some of them to where they would tell me if they didn’t. She is a great person, and I am happy for both of them. To think that Nick would have married Amber for any reason other than that he knows she is the right girl for him is a joke. Nick is the last person in the world to care about what other people think. If he wanted a bimbo he definitely wouldn’t have gone for her. Why are there so many haters out there?


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Like A Game

Life has always been compared to a race or to a game. The winner takes it all and the loser ends up with practically nothing but tears and regrets of either doing his best but still failing or not doing his best resulting to his present failure. 

Like a Game
We were all considered winners since we were born because of the fact that we had reached the “goal” of being the one to be fertilized over all the other sperm cells in our mother’s womb. When we came out, the race began. It has always been a challenging life even from the start, from the time when we were kids; we always wanted to be the first one to get the bigger lollipop or the strawberry-flavored one. We always wanted to be the one who gets all the attention and the one who will get the best compliment from teachers and our parents. We always aim for the star ever since and when we grew up; we aimed for better grades, for the most beautiful girl to be our girlfriend or to get the attention of the most handsome guy to be our man. This kind of game changed when we started working. We have different goals and the race became faster. We planned for higher things and there came a time when we were even willing to do the unimaginable just to get to the top.

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Lennie Joyce