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What and When make you feel proudest in WoW game?

What achievement or event is your proudest WoW moment? World of Wacraft has a lot of major milestones, many of which are punctuated by achievements, cool titles or flashy mounts. I think there should be memorys are deeply kept in your mind. Will you shared with us? Let’s listen to others first.

Darren Brown: When I first started thinking of this subject, I assumed reaching level 80 would be my proudest WoW moment, considering it was the first time I reached max level. I started playing WoW during The Burning Crusade and leveled very slowly, spending way too much time in PvP, which didn’t reward experience at the time. I took a couple of breaks and didn’t hit max level until the early months of Wrath of the Lich King. But in retrospect, I recalled my thought when I reached 80: “Okay, now the real game begins.” My next thought was that the moments that my guild first cleared Naxx-25 or Yogg Saron or the Lich King might be the pinnacle of pride for me in WoW.

Then I realized the truth. The moment when I probably felt the best about my WoW self was when I finally matched (and eventually beat) the gear of my best friend who plays and could beat him in duels. I’d watched this rogue friend, from BC to Wrath, stealth around and slay countless foes in battlegrounds, arena, and world PvP. I’d seen him win 2 of 3 duels against the very best-geared rogue on our server, and I could beat him. That was awesome. Plus, a bit of friend vs. friend gloating didn’t hurt the ego.

Trefpoid: I’ve been helping a new guy in our guild to learn about the game, ’cause the person that invited him with RAF only wanted the free month and mount and didn’t tell him anything. So me and my girlfriend have been teaching him about everything. I gave him 250g to get his flying mount too and he has been playing for a month or so? and he is growing to be an awesome player. He learned about professions at level 60 and went running to level mining and blacksmith, he is now reading guides abour everything, looking at specs and learning about everything. I feel really proud when I look at him, ’cause he a really nice guy who wants to learn and become good. He told me the other day he was really thankful for our help all the time and he said he would buy me a month of game time just for my kindness. I felt great, realizing just how much he thanks us for helping him. It’s great to help new people get into the game.

CrossEyed: Early Cata, one of my first times through Vortex Pinnacle in a PUG. We got to one of the Young Storm Dragons that drops an AoE heal at the start of the fight. Well our tank went down in like 2 seconds, before ever getting the Dragon off the AoE. I was next on his list so he came at me, a rogue… I kept Recuperate ticking and popped several of my defensive cooldowns and successfully tanked the dragon from basically full health. Saved my party from a wipe and had both my healer and tanks respect for the rest of the run.

So what about your proudest time in wow game? Share with us in MMocarts.com.

Source: What and When make you feel proudest in wow game?

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