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The Correct Golf Grip is the Foundation on Which to Improve and Keep Improving Your Game

Once we realise that the grip is the only connection between the player and the golf club – we will also realise why it is so crucial to get this part of our game right. Essentially, we need to achieve the correct golf grip.

Placing your hands correctly on the club will give you the best possible control of the club face at impact with the ball. For the perfect grip, the club should be held in the fingers more than in the palm of the hand.

Beginning with your left hand (right handed golfers), lay the grip across your fingers` joints – running at an angle from the base joint of your little finger to the first joint of your index finger. Wrap your fingers around the grip and place your thumb to the right side of the shaft (left side for left-handers). When you look down at the back of your hand, you should see two knuckles – those of your index and middle fingers.

Place your right hand below your left hand on the shaft, (reverse for left-handers), using either the overlap or interlocking grip. Initially, as with any change you make to your swing, set-up, grip, etc. it will feel rather strange, but after some time and practice it will soon become second nature.

Another important element which, helps with the correct golf grip, is the wearing of a glove. The reason for wearing a glove is to enable us to grip the club as lightly as possible while still having control of it. The lighter we are able to grip the club, the faster we are able to swing – which in turn generates more club head speed, which equals greater distance.

We can also use the glove as an indicator of an incorrect grip – if you notice excessive wear in the heel or palm of your glove, then your grip may need some adjustment or fine-tuning.

Jim P Martin is a golfer of more than 30 years experience. In all that time he only ever had one golf lesson – he got to the driving range and the teaching pro asked him to hit some balls so he could observe any faults. After just 3 or 4 shots the pro stopped him and said, “I can see what your problem is, you’re standing too close to the ball”. Jim was shuffling his feet back a couple of inches to stand further from the ball when the pro said “No, no, you misunderstand me, you’re standing too close to the ball – after you’ve hit it!