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If My Husband is Lying, Does That Mean He’s Cheating Too?

The other day, I received an email from a wife who said she had either caught her husband in, or suspected him of, “several little white lies.”  Examples were that he told her that he was at work, but when she called, the receptionist said he wasn’t there.  He told her that he was with a friend and coworker, but when she mentioned this outing to the co worker’s wife, she only got a blank stare. There were other things that didn’t add up, as well as omissions and slip ups that just didn’t make any sense.  She had the suspicion that these lies were pointing to something else – namely, cheating. She wanted to know if a man’s lying is an indication that he was also cheating, or is a lie sometimes just a lie? I’ll address this in the following article.

The Rare Occasions When Lying Is Innocent: There are some rare occasions when your partner will lie to you for what they think is your own good. An example is if they are saying they are at work and are planning a surprise for you.  Or, they say that are at work because they don’t want you to know that they’ve lost their job. However, these things will become apparent soon enough and they often are not paired with lies that stretch on for a certain period of time or other odd behaviors. And often, the feeling that you get from this type of “little white lie” is quite different than the alarm bells that are going off in your head when something truly is wrong.

When He’s Making A Habit Out Of Lying: Repetitive lying doesn’t necessarily always mean cheating, but it is laying a foundation that never leads to good and healthy things.  A man who makes a habit out of lying or who becomes so good at it that this behavior becomes second nature to him is someone that you should keep an eye on.  Sure, it may be totally innocent, but you have to look at it as, at best, as a way that he is distancing himself from and deceiving you (even if that is not his conscious intention.)  Neither of these things are behaviors that you want in your marriage.  I’m often asked if you should confront him about this.  My answer is often that you shouldn’t until you have more information.  First off, you don’t want to be wrong.  And second, you don’t want to go in unprepared.

When Lies, Actions, And Feelings Point To Cheating: Often, it’s not only his lies that are giving you a bad vibe.  You’ll also notice a distance between you.  He may start to be critical or negative. He may not give you as much of his attention and time.  In short, he is simply somewhere else.  So, it’s often not just the lies that worry you.  It’s the lies mixed in with the totality of the situation.  It just feels off.  This is often when most people tune into the fact that something is potentially quite wrong.  And it’s at this point that you will have to make a decision as to whether you want to pursue this until you find out the truth or if you want to hope for the best and just pray that you are wrong.

Because often, your husband is not going to come out and admit what has been going on.  He’s been able to lie all along so it is highly unlikely that he is going to suddenly come out with the truth. He’ll often try to turn things around on you or to tell you that you’re being overly paranoid or too emotional.

How To Find Out If His Lying Means He’s Also Cheating: The easiest way to follow up is to simply go down the road that his lies take you.  If you catch him saying he’s working late but isn’t, then your goal should be to find out where he really is and why he is lying about it.  There are many ways to start to achieve this.  Often you will find your first clues and his cell phone or computer.  This is an easy way to check up without him knowing that you are doing so and without appearing to be the one who is over reaching.

You can see everything that has been happening on his computer with relatively inexpensive and hard to track software. You can run a reverse look up on his phone so that you will know exactly who he has been talking to and texting and you can easily follow up and dig this down.  This way, you will have the information yourself without having to depend on him to give it to you, since he’s been lying to you all along anyway.  Sometimes, it turns out that he’s not cheating and sometimes he is, but at least you will have the luxury of knowing without dealing with the torment of having to guess if you’re being cheated on as well as lied to. 

I was in this same situation a short time ago. I tried to confront my husband too soon, before I had proof, and of course he denied everything. I tried to believe him, but the doubts remained. I decided that I really wanted to know the truth, no matter what that truth was. I learned how to get concrete information and proof that my husband thought that he had hid and erased. Once I presented this to him, he had no choice but to come clean. You can read my very personal story at http://catch-the-cheating.com/.

Importance Of Star Sign Compatibility While Dating

Dating always calls for some efforts and sacrifice from both men and women for it to flourish and blossom. But it might so happen that regardless of the attempts we make the relationship is fated to be doomed. No matter how much we desire or crave to be with someone, it just doesn’t happen even if things are perfect.

Astrology plays a vital role where relationships are concerned. Not only is it a said thing but it has been proved by many researchers. Planetary alignments are definitely responsible to quite a limit where our personal traits, characteristics and compatibility are concerned.

These personality traits strongly affect the way we behave or present ourselves in front of other people. Question yourself on topics like- What kind of a person are you where relationships are concerned? What is strong trait in a successful relationship? Which of your negative traits can come between you and your companion and spoil the relation? What does it take to have a flourishing bond with your partner?

Knowing the basic traits of your star sign as well as other star signs will help you know how much compatible you are with your date or the people whom you won’t get along well. Here are the basic traits for each star sign-

Aries [March 21-April 20]: Passionate and temperamental are the key words for this star sign. They are strong as well as energetic.

Taurus [April 21- May 22]: These star sign people are tenacious and can act really stubborn at times since their symbol is the bull.

Gemini [May 22- June 23]: Split personality is what Gemini’s are known for. it can be reasons like balancing or opposing sides to their personality.

Cancer [June 23- July 23]: They are of the protective and possessive nature. But this can sometimes overwhelm others and make them feel suffocated.

Leo [July 23- August 23]: Leo’s love to be the center of attention. So take them that way and see miracles happening.

Virgo [August 23- September 23]: A perfectionist by nature, Virgo’s are also easygoing as well as practical. They can very well handle the everyday affairs.

Libra [September 23- October 23]: They are a strong believer of beauty, fairness and harmony. Librans are also known for their balanced nature.

Scorpio [October 24- November 22]: They are passionate and they can be both possessive and detached in a relationship. Scorpions know how to balance their relations.

Sagittarius [November 23- December 21]: This group of people belongs to the fire symbol. They are restless but at the same time optimism is their strongest quality.

Capricorn [December 22- January 20]: They are dependable where relationships are concerned. Goal orientation is another of their strong traits.

Aquarius [January 20- February 19]: Water is the symbol for this star sign. They are inventive and original in nature.

Pisces [February 20- March 21]: Compassionate and emotional marks Pisceans, but they are impractical at the same time.

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Golf Backswing – What You Are Doing Wrong and Why It’s Hurting Your Game

No matter if you are a recreational golfer or a pro, everyone is interested in improving his or her game. One of the problem areas that many people run into is the golf backswing. Unfortunately, flaws can slip into a players swing and actually hurt their game. There are basics that are learned in the game of golf. However, it is hard to always remember these basics but it is what will make or break their game.

The first of these basics is that you must pivot, and then the club will be pulled back from the ball inside the intended line of flight. The third basic is that your wrists should break late and upward.

Now putting them into practice goes something like this. You should twist your body as you start the golf backswing. This should bring the club back to the inside line and opens up the face of the club also. At the top of the swing, your club face should be open. Now you have to concentrate on delaying breaking the wrists for as long as you can and then have the wrists break. But usually what happens is you hit the ball with an open face and from the outside in and the result is a slice.

If the face is closed on the downswing, you may get a pull or a hook. If the club is far enough outside the line you may get a shank. Now you get confused because you think you were doing what you were told for a good golf backswing. There may be a few reasons that this happened. Possibly your movements early on put you into a position at the top of the golf backswing that you couldn’t do anything else. Maybe your early pivot didn’t let you properly transfer your weight to the right leg and most of the weigh remained on the left leg. By doing this, you probably turned your shoulders and hips too sharply and that put the club on the outside – in line that you were trying to stay away from. This made you come down across the ball.

There are other possible causes that are too numerous to mention but you will want to meet with a golf instructor and have him examine your golf backswing to give you advice as to what to do to correct the problems you are having. The backswing should be level and fluid movements. It should accelerate to a point that the fastest part of the swing should be when you impact the ball with the face of the club. Your body needs to be in a stable stance and weight transfer is a must.

With practice you will be able to put all of the moves together and get the fluid swing that you always wanted and the results you are seeking.