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Proper Tips For Protecting Your Child In The Football Game

Being the most popular sport in America, football has definitely captured the hearts of millions of American. It is an exciting sport for kids and is a great way of teaching them sportsmanship and the importance of teamwork. However, when they are have a physical training or playing football game, they may suffer some injuries. So parents such as you can help reduce potential injuries by learning some of the simple facts about football gears and on-field plays. Due to this reality, it is important to use some proper tips to keep your child safe.
It is important to make sure that the football equipments your child wear is practical and suitable. Football equipment is sometimes sponsored by leagues and schools but it is still important for mothers to ensure that these gears are appropriate for your child. If you plan to purchase used equipment, make sure that it is fitted for the right size for your child. First, you must choose a proper football helmet. It should fit snugly on the head and is still comfortable enough for the player. Second, it is vital you pick a shoulder pad that is not too big for your child. Do not choose bigger shoulder pads just for the sake of appearance. Third, it is also important to choose
authentic jerseys china that are well-fitting to your child. Moreover, you can choose some other gears as protective pads, cleats, gloves, mouth guards, padded shirts and other necessary football equipment.
Meanwhile, a good warm-up exercise is essential. It prepares the muscles for the physical stress it will endure during the game. The advantages of warm ups is that it increases metabolic rate, raises the body temperature and increases the heart and respiratory rate. This is usually done through stretching, running and performing drills. Before having a football game, you must let them wear all the necessary equipment such as mandatory gears that are meant to protect certain body parts that are more vulnerable to injury. Tell them to keep the chinstrap snug and fully buckled as it is an integral part in keeping his helmet positioned. An unfastened chinstrap can result in a loss of a helmet which can increase the chance of head injury. Make sure your child wear
authentic nfl jerseys china and other protecting equipments to protect themselves in the game. Caring about their body condition all the time when they are in a football game.
Although you can never really protect your child during a football game, but as parents, it is also vital for you to be knowledgeable on the game rules. It is your job to always keep your children safe especially if your child is an athlete. Following some of these practical tips such as purchasing the appropriate youth NFL helmets or authentic jerseys china for your child might just be ideal way to decrease the possibility of injury.

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War Games In The Indian Bay

Thirty-four ships and submarines from five nations- India, USA, Japan, Australia and Singapore had joined the six-day exercise, about 100 nautical miles off the Andaman archipelago even after vehement opposition from the Indian Communists. Some analysts say the war games are an attempt by these countries to contain China’s growing power in the Asia-Pacific world. The participants deny this, but Beijing has already expressed its concerns. This is the 13th Malabar Naval exercise involving India and the United States of America .The earlier 12th ones have taken place on the western coast of India in the Arabian Sea .This is the first time that five nations are involved in the eastern coast of India in the Bay of Bengal .What is important is the participation of Japan and Australia both of which are natural allies of the United states for decades now. This has caused concerns within the Chinese political circles for quite sometime now. Earlier too Beijing had issued demarche to India, USA, Australia and Japan when all of them had met on the sidelines of the ASEAN forum meeting at manila recently.

Concerns of China is not without any reasons if one looks into the nature of the naval exercise which is taking place this time and the kind of vassals which are taking part in this naval drill. The exercise includes 26 warships, including aircraft carriers, missile frigates and destroyer. The war games in the international waters between Vishakhapatnam and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands will involve two aircraft carriers from the US and one from India, hundreds of military aircraft, destroyers, frigates and submarines. “This will perhaps be the biggest ever peace-time joint naval exercise in Asia. The ships and submarines would take part in anti-piracy man oeuvres, reconnaissance and rescue missions and improve ways of working together” said the Indian Navy spokesman Captain Vinay Garg.

Supersonic carriers from the USA, USS Nimitz and USS Kitty Hawk of the Pacific fleet including a US nuclear submarine USS Chicago are a part of the naval drill. India’s aircraft carrier INS Viraat besides maritime Jaguar and Sea Harrier fighters, Tu-142 surveillance planes, Delhi and Kashin Class destroyers, Godavari and Brahmaputra Class guided missile frigates and a German origin submarine were also a part of the exercise.

The current naval exercise is taking place after hectic parleys and dialogue which has been going on between all these countries for quite sometime. Lately there has been talk for the formation of a four-cornered axis between India, Japan, Australia and the USA in relation to strategic and economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific for balancing the power equation in this part of the world. Though vehemently denied by India the effort to form the quadrilateral axis is also to contain the rise of China in relation to East Asia and the ASEAN. The ASEAN grouping has also given an indirect go ahead to it by welcoming such a formation, as they also fear the Chinese domination in the ASEAN sphere of influence.

If the Bush administration has spoken of an expanded APEC, which should include India, Japan has advocated the idea of the above axis. India has jumped into the whole proposal by welcoming both the ideas wholeheartedly. The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proposed for a new four-way framework for strategic dialogue between Japan, India, Australia and the United States which he calls “Wider Asia”. The Australian Premier John Howard has advocated of greater cooperation between India, Japan and Australia in future to keep a balance in this part of the world.

Ties between the five nations have been very robust in the last couple of years and has been expanding rapidly. Presently, Japan is the fifth major trading partner of India having a share of 3.1% in India’s total exports and imports in 2003-04. Two-way trade between India and Australia in goods totaled $ 7.3 billion in 2004-05, with India becoming Australia’s 12th largest merchandise trading partner. Merchandise exports from India to USA grew by +21.4% in 2002 compared to 2001, rising from $ 9.74 billion to $ 11.82 billion. This rose to further to $ 20.01 billion in 2005-06 .India has emerged as the 19th largest merchandise exporter to USA in 2002.

During the recent visit of the Japanese premier to New Delhi recently he once again advocated about the quadrilateral formation in very strong terms. India also hasn’t denied the whole idea though it has tried to be diplomatic because of Chinese concerns. The naval war games need to be seen in the context of the quadrilateral formation. In the last couple of days Asia has seen two huge international military exercises. Few weeks back the Shanghai cooperation went in for the world’s largest military and air force war games in the deserts of Gobi in central Asia with China, Russia, and Tajikistan and Kazakhstan being a part of it. Now the Bay of Bengal is seeing perhaps the largest naval exercise of the world.

What emerge from such exercises are the emerging contours of two power blocs in the post cold war era one led by Russia and China under the garb of Shanghai cooperation and the other one led by United States of America and India under the shadows of the Malabar waters. What needs to be seen is how the wavelength of such axis unfolds in future. With the stability of the UPA government already in doldrums due to pressure from the Indian Left because of the India-USA civilian nuclear deal one needs to see how well this axis unfolds in future. Whatever the nature of the government in Delhi in future, whether the UPA government completes its term or not India has to do a lot of tight rope in future under this emerging axis. India needs to keep in mind that she can’t go in for such an axis at the cost of her time tested friend Russia .At the same time she can’t afford to have hostile china like the way china cannot afford to have a hostile India. However what emerges from both the defense exercises if Gobi was the Chinese Green Tea Malabar is the strong India Coffee.

Dr Suvrokamal Dutta

(The writer is renowned Foreign Affairs and Economic Expert, Chairman Global Council for Peace and Convenor Debating India)

Money management: discipline is the name of the investment game

The key to effective money management is discipline. That may sound overly simplistic, but in all walks of life where the aim of the game is to increase capital, the need to reduce unnecessary financial waste will no doubt be a pivotal part of the process. And this requires a great deal of discipline.

For those accustomed to living the expensive high life, it can be very difficult curbing expenditure and adapting to a new, simpler lifestyle. Similarly, those who like to gamble on football or the horses have to adopt a very disciplined approach to their hobby or they could face financial ruin.

Furthermore, games such as poker – which has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity since the advent of the internet era with many millions of people now betting for pennies, pounds or hundreds of pounds on the countless online casinos – can be highly addictive and hence very costly for those with little discipline.

Poker is much maligned as a game of pure luck, but the top poker players succeed on strategy, using carefully calculated odds and a disciplined betting approach: a player that thinks going ‘all in’ is a clever move is unlikely to succeed for long in poker, even if they enjoy some early success.

The same applies to the world of investment too, where those who enjoy the most success on the stock exchange are those who are guided by pre-established rules which form the basis of all trades. Whilst gut instinct can come in handy, emotions or arbitrary whims have no part to play in investments.

For example, contracts for difference (CFDs) have enjoyed a surge in popularity in the private trading fraternity, due in part to the flexibility it offers traders – and the leverage. CFDs are particularly good for short-term, speculative trades whereby exposure is increased within a trade but the actual investment is minimised.

However, whilst there is always an element of risk in any trade, don’t think for a second that Contracts for Difference trading is blind guesswork. Any speculation should be based on sound insight from analysts and economists.

Similar to poker or other games of risk, discipline and money management should underpin any CFD trade.

The first rule of thumb is this: don’t get greedy and lose all your money in one foolish trade. The lure of cash can cause investors to see nothing but pound, dollar or euro signs, meaning rationality goes out the window, so the very least you should do is make sure you survive to trade on another day with a clear head.

Furthermore, you should only ever invest a sum of money you are prepared to lose in any one trade. This can vary from person to person, but a guideline figure is around 2% of your total account balance in any one investment. You’ll also need to learn how to determine the size of particular trade; otherwise the upper limit of what you’re willing to risk is meaningless.

So, you can see there are rules to follow with money-making opportunities involving an element of risk. The rules won’t eliminate the risk completely, but they will ensure your chances of succeeding are maximised.

The Silent War Between Israel And Syria

So what happened on the morning of September 6, 2007 ? Israel has instituted a news blackout beyond saying that Israeli soldiers demonstrated unusual courage in acting against Syria. Syria indicates that Israel violated its airspace and fired missals on ground targets. Iran has been absolutely quiet, very unusual for them. There has been no comment across the Middle East. Europe is quiet on the issue. Here is the dismissive reaction of U.S. President George Bush when asked the question in his general press conference on September 20, 2007: ” I’m not going to comment on the matter.”

If all these countries are quiet, if politicians won’t comment, if there are news restrictions on what should be a highly publicized current event, then there must be a pretty big worldwide story here. It also must be diplomatically sensitive. Here is what can be determined about the raid by Israel on Syria on the morning of September 6, 2007.

In late spring, Israeli intelligence (Mossad) received information that Syria was trying to buy a nuclear device from North Korea. Israel had a building in Syria under surveillance from a satellite sent into orbit last June. The building (about 50 miles from the Iraq border) was believed to be storing nuclear equipment. On September 3, 2007, a ship arrived from North Korea with a cargo that was marked as cement. The cargo was subsequently transferred to the building that Israel had under surveillance. This triggered a strike on September 6, 2007 by five Israeli warplanes on the building and possibly other targets in Syria.

The timing of this incident could not be worse for North Korea. The country is beginning the second phase of six-party talks on disabling their current nuclear program. After years of talks, a deal was brokered in February 2007 under which Pyongyang (capital city of North Korea) agreed to shut down its main nuclear reactor in return for fuel and aid. North Korea admitted International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, who verified the shutdown of the Yongbyon reactor in July. In the second phase, scheduled to start next week, North Korea needs to declare all of its nuclear programs and disable its nuclear facilities. North Korea is at the bargaining table because up to two million of its people have died since the mid-1990s due to acute food shortages caused by natural disasters and the economic mismanagement of the Head Of State, Kim Jong- il. The country relies on foreign aid to feed millions of its people.

The timing could not have been better for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who has gained ten points in his favorability ratings in Israel’s latest public opinion polls. He is gaining popularity for showing strong, decisive action on the Syrian nuclear threat. He is also gaining popularity in Israel for his ongoing meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ahead of the U.S. sponsored Middle East peace conference in November.

Iran may be involved in this incident as well. Consider a report from the Nazareth-based Israeli Arab newspaper, The Assennara, which cited anonymous Israeli sources as saying that Israeli jets “bombed a Syrian-Iranian missile base in northern Syria that was financed by Iran… It appears that the base was completely destroyed.”

In recent days, Syria has begun to increase its rhetoric on Israel’s reported violation of Syrian airspace. It has warned the United Nations that the international community’s silence over the incident could have “tragic consequences.” In a letter sent to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Syria warns Israel that its “outrageous aggression” will have serious consequences. Also, consider this statement from Syrian International Atomic Energy Agency ambassador Ibrahim Othman, ” The fact that UN and IAEA decisions regarding Israel’s nuclear capability are not implemented increases the frustration of the Arab states and threatens to expand the arms race that could threaten the peace and security of the region and entire world.”

We know that Israel bombed targets in Syria on September 6, 2007. The targets appear to be military locations in Syria sponsored by North Korea and Iran. The fact that these three countries are working together, possibly on nuclear weapons, is indeed disturbing. The Syrian Head Of State, Bashar al-Assad, is now in the process of contemplating Syria’s response to the Israeli air strikes. Unfortunately, the world has not heard the last of the silent war of September 6, 2007 between Israel and Syria.

James William Smith has worked in Senior management positions for some of the largest Financial Services firms in the United States for the last twenty five years. He has also provided business consulting support for insurance organizations and start up businesses. He has always been interested in writing and listening to different viewpoints on interesting topics.

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r4DS Cards – A New Game

Gaming is no child’s play these days. Everybody, from the ages for 4 to 40 are involved in gaming. There are online game contests that are held worldwide on international scales. These games are serious businesses. There is money involved, and huge prizes. Thus, for all serious gamers, it is highly imperative that they own the best possible gaming equipment that there is. r4DS – The latest technology R4DS is one such innovation. It is truly a gamer’s delight. The problem with most games is that they require a lot of memory, which an ordinary computer may not be able to support. It is also important to be able to save the information about the game somewhere, in a live format. Such capabilities are supported in a very unique and problem free way by r4DS data cards. r4DS rightly stands for revolution for DS. It is the latest in the line of storage devices and it supports all Nintendo games. r4DS data cards are Micro SD data cards, and their capabilities extend much beyond ordinary memory card capabilities. These are powerful storage devices that can support up to 16GB worth of memory. Depending on why you need the data card, you can pick the capacity that suits you the best. For example, if you are a software developer who is working on a large project. It will be necessary for you to have a storage device that will have capabilities much beyond that provided by the computer. Categorising the memory usage by using r4DS lite data cards adds to your system’s efficiency. You can save all your gaming, coding and other memory gobbling programmes on this card, thus keeping it separate from the system’s memory. This will help you in minimising errors that occur frequently due to updates, and anti-virus scans. Gaming with r4DS and much more The r4 revolution has sparked off a new class of gaming. For gamers, an r4 DS lite data card or an r4i data card with 2GB storage capacity is more than sufficient. It will provide you with smooth usage capabilities, without causing too many glitches in system performance. These data cards add to your own gaming capabilities. Most games tend to respond slowly if run using the system’s built in memory. The applications respond slowly to your clicks, thus hampering your performance. The r4DS technology helps you overcome these problems. It provides you with smooth functioning. This enables you to focus more on your gaming strategy. These data cards can also be used for storing video and audio files. The files never get corrupt, and the cards help improve their quality. These cards have a drag and drop capability that enables you smoothly transition between memory usages. For instance, when you are working on a software development project, instead for going through tedious procedures of saving and then transferring, you can smoothly drag and drop the data. Get one of these data cards today, and revolutionise your world.

The Vietnam War, Part Four

However, in May 1970, the US began ground incursions into Cambodia; this action sparked nationwide protests on the home front culminating in the tragedy at Kent State University when four students were shot and killed by soldiers of the Ohio National Guard. The public were outraged, but the Nixon administration appeared indifferent, launching ARVN incursions into neutral Laos in early 1971 with the intention of cutting the Ho Chi Minh supply line. These incursions proved disastrous with the ARVN forces who were easily routed, retreating pell-mell, abandoning vehicles and equipment and requiring a bail-out by American airpower; the chaos clearly emphasised the failure of the policy of Vietnamization. Morale amongst US troops was at its lowest ebb – Australia and New Zealand pulled out their troops, many soldiers developed drug habits, there were problems with race relations and insubordination and cases of courts-martial soared. Vietnamization was again tested by the Easter Offensive of 1972, the VPA and NLF overran the northern provinces and other forces attacked from Cambodia, threatening to cut the country in half but US airpower again came to the rescue.

It was now clear that South Vietnam could not survive without the support of American airpower, though the remaining American ground troops were withdrawn in August. After peace negotiations had broken down, Nixon ordered a massive bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong to pressurize North Vietnam back to the negotiating table. It worked, at huge cost, although the Paris Peace Accords were signed in January 1973, the offensive had destroyed much of the remaining industrial and economic capacity of North Vietnam. The Peace Accords enforced a cease-fire, it was stated that US POW’s would be released, national elections would be called for in the North and the South and a sixty day period was instigated for the complete withdrawal of American forces. However, the fighting in South Vietnam continued, the POW issue runs to this day and elections were never held. Many South Vietnamese fled to the United States in one of the largest war refugees migrations in history.

There was no peace movement to protest the renewed bloodshed nor was there much media coverage. Early in 1975, the North Vietnamese launched their final offensive, South Vietnam rapidly collapsed. North Vietnamese troops entered Saigon, only hours after the US completed an emergency airlift of embassy personnel and thousands of South Vietnamese who feared for their lives under the communists. Hanoi gained control of South Vietnam, and its allies won in Cambodia, where the government surrendered to insurgent forces on 17 April 1975, and Laos, where the Communists gradually assumed control.

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Golf Swing Drills – How to Master Every Aspect of Your Game

Golf swing drills are designed to help you improve aspects of your game that you need help with. Many of these drills are helpful if you practice them the correct way and practice them faithfully. It does no good to practice a drill once or twice and hope that you now have the fundamentals that you need. It won’t happen that way as you have to give your muscles a chance to adjust to the new way and also your brain needs to adjust so the movement becomes naturally to you.

One of the golf swing drills is to improve the speed of your club head. Take a club from your bag and turn it upside down. Grab the club as if it were right side up just below the club head. Now swing the club as if the ball is sitting on top of the tee and you were going to hit it off. When the club gets to the bottom of the swing, about where the ball is sitting, you will hear a whooshing sound off the club. The louder the whoosh, the faster the club is moving. You will want to start out slowly and increase the speed a little at a time and at the same time you will hear the whoosh getting louder each time. Do this until it is loud and you are still able to keep the balance of your stance.

You should hear the loudest sound when the handle reaches the area of impact on the ball during these golf swing drills. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with some golfers. They will hear the loudest sound before it reaches the impact zone and this means that they are slowing down the club before it reaches the ball and the result is a loss of power. So it goes without saying, if you increase the speed of your club, you will drive your ball farther during flight.

This is just one of the golf swing drills that you can do to improve your game. There are many drills you can find online, in books or that the instructors will give to you. Some will improve your swing and others could improve your putting. Whichever you decide to practice, keep in mind that you will never master this aspect of the game without doing the drills over and over again until your body becomes accustomed to the new way as well as your brain remembering them and it will become natural to you.

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Hollywood?s Notorious Cheating Scandals of 2011

The stories of Ashton Kutcher allegedly sleeping with 22-year-old blond Sara Leal, Arnold Schwarzenegger secretly fathering a son with the family’s house keeper, Justin Timberlake’s rampant flings with other women and Marc Anthony’s fling with a flight attendant are the most notorious Hollywood’s cheating scandal of the year 2011.

Although Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attempted to save their six-year marriage, the “Ghost” actress finally ended her marriage to Kutcher in November 2011, claiming that he cheated on her. Ashton Kutcher was spotted partying and then allegedly slept with 22-year-old blond Sara Leal one day before the superstar couple’s sixth wedding anniversary.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

The actor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced to separate Maria Shriver after the 25-year marriage and four kids. The reason is that the actor has cheated on his wife to secretly father a 13-year-old son with Mildred Baena – the family’s housekeeper for more than 20 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Anthony Weiner, the former US representative, resigned from Congress in June this year after he was caught hot pictures of him and a strange woman. Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin were expecting their first child as of December 2011.


Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony seemed to find true love since their wedding seven years ago, but the couple ended it in July 2011 after the actress found Anthony’s fling with a flight attendant.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been dating for four years before their announcement to split up. The cause is rumors of Timberlake’s rampant flings with other women.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

In December, the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan sued his ex-wife for defamation after claiming that he had cheated on her to have an affair with a male wrestler named Brutus Beefcake during their marriage. However, the actor denied this rumor.

Hulk Hogan and Linda Bollea


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Catch A Cheating Spouse – 7 Slip-Ups That Can Catch Them Red-Handed

It might be easier to catch a cheating spouse than you realize. While they sneak around and think they are clever, most of the time they expose their cheating ways for all to see. In day to day life we likely miss these signs because we are not paying attention or choose to write it off as nothing important. How sure are you that your spouse is not leading a double life? You better be very sure, one day soon you might be faced with the horrifying news and wishing you had known earlier. Now is your chance to catch a cheating spouse by focusing in on the characteristics of a cheater.

1) Lack of emotional intimacy

This relates to how much they are telling you about their thoughts and feelings. When a cheater gets involved, there is a transference of the focus. What they shared with you now gets shared with their new love interest. Those long chats once a part of your relationship are gone.

2) Lack of physical intimacy

A pretty obvious sign something is up is when your spouse pulls away from you physically. Sudden changes to your sex life need to be investigated. It probably is obvious, but if they are involved physically somewhere else, there is a good chance you will be missing out. And to add a twist to their whole secret love affair, if they show any form of attraction and intimacy toward you, your spouse will then consider this cheating on their secret lover!

3) Dramatic appearance changes

Getting a new haircut, or changing the style of clothing they wear could be signs your spouse is cheating. This is especially true when the changes they make are dramatic. The influences of a new love interest take over the minds of your spouse and in their desire to impress, how they look starts to change. Also look for the scent of a new cologne or perfume, different interests and opinions, and even the desire to get into shape or diet. All could indicate they are up to no good.

4) Increased levels of anxiety

Have you noticed that your spouse is increasingly anxious lately? If they are cheating on you, then they are going to be understandably more on edge. Getting caught cheating is the last thing they want to happen. To guard against this, they are going to be on high alert, even as far as more paranoid and jumpy. In your efforts to catch a cheating spouse, watch as they interact in their daily routine – are they jumpy when the phone rings? do they seem to be looking for someone when out in public?

5) Lack of focus

Well, this is going to appear as a lack of focus, when in fact they are very focused on something else, or someone else. As they daydream their day away, lost in thought about this new love interest, they will appear out of focus to you. Along with this, they will be less willing to do much of anything around the house or get involved in activities with you.

6) Less time around you and home

Have you noticed that your spouse spends more time at work lately? Or do they take longer to get home? You probably hear excuses about how work is keeping them longer, or that traffic was really bad. These might be legitimate reasons, or are they? Getting to know more about your spouse’s work will help clear up any of the confusion. Making surprise visits to their work or calling them out of the blue are good ways to keep them in line. If they start offering to run errands for you or tell you they are going shopping, you better be on your toes.

7) Picking unnecessary fights

If your spouse is cheating on you, they have to find ways to justify the infidelity. One form this takes is in distance. A way to create distance is to instigate fights. When they are getting argumentative unnecessarily and seem to be picking fights just to fight, there are reasons behind it all. If they can be mad at you and visa-versa, then cheating seems less like a bad thing.

There are many more signs that catch a cheater, and if you really want to catch a cheating spouse, you better know what they are. Too often, the red flags get missed and the infidelity continues.

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Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death Troubleshooting – Restore Your Xbox 360 to Normal Condition

Videogame consoles are becoming technologically very advance and their motherboard are getting complicated day by day and hence their problems. The problems in the console are also becoming complicated to solve by the users themselves. Similar situation has been reported with the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console which was introduced to the market recently. The console is reported with some kind of hardware problem called as the red light errors.


The Xbox 360 console is designed to show some kind of errors when there is a problem within the console. They are represented by means of red lights in the power ring. The lights are emitted by means of a LED lights that are arranged in a circular fashion around the power button. These lights glow in green color when the console operates under normal condition. But, when there is some problem within the console, these lights will turn to red color. The number of red lights that are glowing in the power ring depends upon the type of the error. Recently many consoles were affected by “Three red light error”. The three red light error is otherwise called as the “Red Rings of Death” or simply as RRoD.


The RRoD occurs when the temperature inside the console rises above the normal level. The temperature rise is due to long hours playing of the console and the poor design. Generally, consoles are designed to have a long hour playing capacity but in case of the Xbox 360 the console is unable to withstand it and shows the error message E 74 on the screen. The cause is found to be because of the poor cooling structure of the console i.e. the intercooler fan of the console fails to cool the hot air developed and it also stated that the intercooler fan consumes large amount of power from the motherboard main supply through the motherboard components causing the electronic components to get over heated by the over current flowing through it.


RRoD can be solved by removing the X clamps that hold the heat sinks. Actually the heat sinks are placed over the two main processors. The grills of the heat sinks used to cool the air that passes through them by means of intercooler fan. Since the temperature has gone up, it is required to have additional cooling system to reduce the temperature. Though there are many methods suggested, the best way of doing is to remove the X clamps only as it provides air flow from the external environment from downward direction.

The repairing can be done in a simple way. The users themselves can repair the console with the help of video tutorials which are available in the internet. You can repair your console and start playing your games in just one hour from now. It is very easy to do the repair work and the repair work can be done with the help of simple tools like screwdrivers. This is the best way to repair modded consoles too.

Xbox 360 Repair Video Tutorials