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War Between Women and the Luxury

It is said that women are nature adorers of three things: they are jewelry, perfume and high-heel shoes. The Highest Gift of hot swimwear Are Launched, Get one Piece! Oh, if there is anything more, count handbags in. Actually these things have always been the darlings in the world of fashion. When lacking one of them is tolerable, lacking all of them is miserable. I’m really sorry for that. LV bags, Chanel No.5, Tiffany jewelry, you just name it. While not all the women can afford them, all the women want them and dream to possess them, at least one of them. So it seems to be justified to draw the conclusion that women have the luxury complex. No, no, no. You don’t need to be ashamed of it. It’s just natural and the fact of luxury admiration doesn’t necessarily mean you are a material girl. Although Madonna claimed in her second album Like a virgin, that money can’t buy happiness (she may have a point here); having enough green bucks on your bank account is no harm. Anyway, Madonna herself doesn’t have to bother about where her next meal would be. What she concerns is which brand bracelet she should wear, GUCCI or Tiffany? Then she just chose Tiffany. For the rest of us, we just stand by with green eyes. Also, no shame to admit it. And many girls secretly wish their husbands-to –be will present them a dazzling Tiffany ring on that big day. How to Reinstate sexy adult costumes

Women adore luxuries. Yet sometimes, it’s a feeling swaying between hatred and love. Yes, women are prone to be victims of luxuries. They sometimes can blind your eyes and cajole you into the pit of vanity. A case in point is the heroine in Maupassant’s classic novel, The Necklace. And recently when I saw the movie, Devil Wears Prada, again I was convinced that while the luxury might give women a sense of superiority and privilege, didn’t let them block in the way to your pursuit of true satisfaction. Surprise!! Hairdressers all Show Affection to sexy lingerie underwear

Maybe there is no fault in the luxury itself; we women just keep a sober mind when facing them. While a diamond ring can add luster to your marriage, remember your love is what really matters.

Proper Tips For Protecting Your Child In The Football Game

Being the most popular sport in America, football has definitely captured the hearts of millions of American. It is an exciting sport for kids and is a great way of teaching them sportsmanship and the importance of teamwork. However, when they are have a physical training or playing football game, they may suffer some injuries. So parents such as you can help reduce potential injuries by learning some of the simple facts about football gears and on-field plays. Due to this reality, it is important to use some proper tips to keep your child safe.
It is important to make sure that the football equipments your child wear is practical and suitable. Football equipment is sometimes sponsored by leagues and schools but it is still important for mothers to ensure that these gears are appropriate for your child. If you plan to purchase used equipment, make sure that it is fitted for the right size for your child. First, you must choose a proper football helmet. It should fit snugly on the head and is still comfortable enough for the player. Second, it is vital you pick a shoulder pad that is not too big for your child. Do not choose bigger shoulder pads just for the sake of appearance. Third, it is also important to choose
authentic jerseys china that are well-fitting to your child. Moreover, you can choose some other gears as protective pads, cleats, gloves, mouth guards, padded shirts and other necessary football equipment.
Meanwhile, a good warm-up exercise is essential. It prepares the muscles for the physical stress it will endure during the game. The advantages of warm ups is that it increases metabolic rate, raises the body temperature and increases the heart and respiratory rate. This is usually done through stretching, running and performing drills. Before having a football game, you must let them wear all the necessary equipment such as mandatory gears that are meant to protect certain body parts that are more vulnerable to injury. Tell them to keep the chinstrap snug and fully buckled as it is an integral part in keeping his helmet positioned. An unfastened chinstrap can result in a loss of a helmet which can increase the chance of head injury. Make sure your child wear
authentic nfl jerseys china and other protecting equipments to protect themselves in the game. Caring about their body condition all the time when they are in a football game.
Although you can never really protect your child during a football game, but as parents, it is also vital for you to be knowledgeable on the game rules. It is your job to always keep your children safe especially if your child is an athlete. Following some of these practical tips such as purchasing the appropriate youth NFL helmets or authentic jerseys china for your child might just be ideal way to decrease the possibility of injury.

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War Games In The Indian Bay

Thirty-four ships and submarines from five nations- India, USA, Japan, Australia and Singapore had joined the six-day exercise, about 100 nautical miles off the Andaman archipelago even after vehement opposition from the Indian Communists. Some analysts say the war games are an attempt by these countries to contain China’s growing power in the Asia-Pacific world. The participants deny this, but Beijing has already expressed its concerns. This is the 13th Malabar Naval exercise involving India and the United States of America .The earlier 12th ones have taken place on the western coast of India in the Arabian Sea .This is the first time that five nations are involved in the eastern coast of India in the Bay of Bengal .What is important is the participation of Japan and Australia both of which are natural allies of the United states for decades now. This has caused concerns within the Chinese political circles for quite sometime now. Earlier too Beijing had issued demarche to India, USA, Australia and Japan when all of them had met on the sidelines of the ASEAN forum meeting at manila recently.

Concerns of China is not without any reasons if one looks into the nature of the naval exercise which is taking place this time and the kind of vassals which are taking part in this naval drill. The exercise includes 26 warships, including aircraft carriers, missile frigates and destroyer. The war games in the international waters between Vishakhapatnam and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands will involve two aircraft carriers from the US and one from India, hundreds of military aircraft, destroyers, frigates and submarines. “This will perhaps be the biggest ever peace-time joint naval exercise in Asia. The ships and submarines would take part in anti-piracy man oeuvres, reconnaissance and rescue missions and improve ways of working together” said the Indian Navy spokesman Captain Vinay Garg.

Supersonic carriers from the USA, USS Nimitz and USS Kitty Hawk of the Pacific fleet including a US nuclear submarine USS Chicago are a part of the naval drill. India’s aircraft carrier INS Viraat besides maritime Jaguar and Sea Harrier fighters, Tu-142 surveillance planes, Delhi and Kashin Class destroyers, Godavari and Brahmaputra Class guided missile frigates and a German origin submarine were also a part of the exercise.

The current naval exercise is taking place after hectic parleys and dialogue which has been going on between all these countries for quite sometime. Lately there has been talk for the formation of a four-cornered axis between India, Japan, Australia and the USA in relation to strategic and economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific for balancing the power equation in this part of the world. Though vehemently denied by India the effort to form the quadrilateral axis is also to contain the rise of China in relation to East Asia and the ASEAN. The ASEAN grouping has also given an indirect go ahead to it by welcoming such a formation, as they also fear the Chinese domination in the ASEAN sphere of influence.

If the Bush administration has spoken of an expanded APEC, which should include India, Japan has advocated the idea of the above axis. India has jumped into the whole proposal by welcoming both the ideas wholeheartedly. The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proposed for a new four-way framework for strategic dialogue between Japan, India, Australia and the United States which he calls “Wider Asia”. The Australian Premier John Howard has advocated of greater cooperation between India, Japan and Australia in future to keep a balance in this part of the world.

Ties between the five nations have been very robust in the last couple of years and has been expanding rapidly. Presently, Japan is the fifth major trading partner of India having a share of 3.1% in India’s total exports and imports in 2003-04. Two-way trade between India and Australia in goods totaled $ 7.3 billion in 2004-05, with India becoming Australia’s 12th largest merchandise trading partner. Merchandise exports from India to USA grew by +21.4% in 2002 compared to 2001, rising from $ 9.74 billion to $ 11.82 billion. This rose to further to $ 20.01 billion in 2005-06 .India has emerged as the 19th largest merchandise exporter to USA in 2002.

During the recent visit of the Japanese premier to New Delhi recently he once again advocated about the quadrilateral formation in very strong terms. India also hasn’t denied the whole idea though it has tried to be diplomatic because of Chinese concerns. The naval war games need to be seen in the context of the quadrilateral formation. In the last couple of days Asia has seen two huge international military exercises. Few weeks back the Shanghai cooperation went in for the world’s largest military and air force war games in the deserts of Gobi in central Asia with China, Russia, and Tajikistan and Kazakhstan being a part of it. Now the Bay of Bengal is seeing perhaps the largest naval exercise of the world.

What emerge from such exercises are the emerging contours of two power blocs in the post cold war era one led by Russia and China under the garb of Shanghai cooperation and the other one led by United States of America and India under the shadows of the Malabar waters. What needs to be seen is how the wavelength of such axis unfolds in future. With the stability of the UPA government already in doldrums due to pressure from the Indian Left because of the India-USA civilian nuclear deal one needs to see how well this axis unfolds in future. Whatever the nature of the government in Delhi in future, whether the UPA government completes its term or not India has to do a lot of tight rope in future under this emerging axis. India needs to keep in mind that she can’t go in for such an axis at the cost of her time tested friend Russia .At the same time she can’t afford to have hostile china like the way china cannot afford to have a hostile India. However what emerges from both the defense exercises if Gobi was the Chinese Green Tea Malabar is the strong India Coffee.

Dr Suvrokamal Dutta

(The writer is renowned Foreign Affairs and Economic Expert, Chairman Global Council for Peace and Convenor Debating India)