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Hybrid Clones Can Lift Your Game And Also, Saves You Lotsa Dollars

A normal golfer normally spends a good deal of money on a good set of clubs, with no guarantee that it will improve his or her game. Competition with branded golf manufacturers is fierce and if there is a new design or feature that has tractions, nearly everyone will jump on it.

For beginner golfers, clone golf clubs are a smart investment. It is also a worthwhile option for an skilled player who desires to try out a new design in a club. Golf club clones can be some of the best performing golf equipment you will ever play with. Just because a set of golf clubs are high priced doesn’t mean that they are better.

It’s strange how various golfers brag about their brand name clubs. Unless the club is custom fitted to the player, that top brand club will do practically nothing for your game. Clones are made from the same exact material as the top brand names, but because clone manufactures do not advertise, you save buying factory direct. The grips, head and shafts are bought from the same or similar factory sources as the brand named companies buy from and therefore are engineered almost identically to the top brand names.

The quality of the golf clone is equal or better than brand name clubs. They provide excellent value and the quality and use precisely the same design principles, materials shafts and grips as the top brand names and they perform as well if not better. The only caveat is to buy your club from a proven leader in the field, one who has been successful and around for a number of years. Remember, by buying clone irons or other clone clubs you get the same pro-quality type gear at a discount that can’t be beat.

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The Best Way To Break 80 Made To Enhance Your Golf Game

Numerous pro golfers say that putting is the major part of your golf game. How you practice can also affect your game. Getting golf putting instruction goes a long way to improve your game. Here are some tips for beginners or even pros. Good putting contributes about 50% to your all round score, so, let’s give attention to putting.

Putting Classes

First practice putting exercises by incorporating putting drills in order to boost your golfing skills. Putting drills will help you aim you on routines that become second nature and ingrained as a skill set.

‘Drive for show putt for dough’ as the popular adage implies. The prime focus when you have your line figured out and to keep your head still when you putt. When standing over your putt with your eye on the ball and form the mental image of the path to the hole. Visualize – think distance not speed.

Some pros even educate putting with your eyes closed to get a consistency feeling to your stroke. A simple drill of hitting a number of 10-foot putts with your eyes closed. This will help focus on the feel and off the mechanics of the stroke.

Don’t lift your head to see where it wants to go and what line it’s on. Concentrate on the spot where the ball was after impact rather than following the ball with your eyes. When you’re not looking and pulling your body up you’ll make more putts. When you hear the ball rattle in the cup you can lift your head.

Practice Your Aproach Address

A minor yet important part of golfing instruction is your stance. Invest a little time during your practice session making sure you have a good, well-balanced putting stance. Take time to position yourself before your start putting.

The simplest putting method is maintaining a straight back when your hands hang and swing directly under your shoulders.

If your hands are outside your shoulders (that is, farther from your body), it will take on a different stance resulting in an inside-square-inside stroke. Your stance should normally be the narrowest of any shot that you play usually no wider than your hips.

Get A Grip

At all times check your grip. It’s important that the consistency of your shot depend on the same grip each and every time. Like the address position, this is an important part of putting that often gets neglected and cause irratic delivery.

Your club works just like a pendulum motion. Your grip should not be too tight, and your arms should be relaxed. Your stroke should be a one-piece smooth action. When you move your arms backwards, the triangle created by your shoulders and the club work like a pendulum keeping your wrists stiff. Dropping your left shoulder gets the motion started.

Make sure your closing fingers of your grip don’t change the angle of the club face. Try using a very light version of your normal grip.

Go With The Short Putts

How to break 80. Since your score is affected most by your putting skills, take time to master the short putt. Master the short putts and apply those control skills to the long putts.

Carpet Putting

Sam Snead said, “I figure practice puts brains in your muscles,” and so by practicing your putting gives you a reliable consistent putting stroke. – a world record of 82 PGA tournaments was won by Sam Snead and about 70 others around the globe.

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