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The War on Terror Returning to Afghanistan – Where’s the End?

When we were attacked on 9/11, a very sleeping giant woke from its slumber and went on a rampage, wanting to wreck havoc on the same people that had the audacity to fly planes into our buildings. We wanted revenge and we wanted to rid the world of terrorists once and for all. We were going to declare a War on Terror and be led by our valiant President, George W. Bush. Something went wrong, though. Our eyes got caught on another big prize before we had finished our initial task.

Enter the War in Iraq. The war went on to become a disaster and cost a ridiculous amount of money. Granted, things have gotten much better in Iraq, but for a time, we lost a lot of soldiers. While we were fighting the war in Iraq, our focus left Afghanistan. The war was still going on, but the number of supplies they needed to successfully wage their war was limited and when push came to shove, they were unable to push back and destroy the Taliban completely.

President Obama has made it clear, though, since he won that he plans on making Afghanistan the front. He has already ordered thirty thousand soldiers there and this could make a nice addition to the soldiers already there. People are skeptical, though, and curious about whether they can make a difference. Looking at everything, some ask a very simple question: Can this war even be won?

It will be, but it will take a lot of time. More importantly, in my eyes, is what will happen when it is over. Will we be able to go back to a peaceful time when we were not trying to police the world? Will the United States, as much as we are powerful, focus on our own people and not on the world. That’s what the United Nations was created for.

War is a necessary thing, sometimes, but the way wars have been waged in the past decade has been ridiculous. We need to stop trying to place the police of the world and instead, focus our energy on correcting the problems in our own country. By fixing our own self and not being so imperialistic, we can finally become the prosperous country that so many people still claim that we are. However, that will not happen so long as the United States spends billions a month in unwanted wars.

Jacob is a writer with a passion in science, history, politics, and music. He is the co-founder of Political Commentary. One topic he is most passionate about is the War on Terror.

How Do People Normally Cheat? Here Is What Will Help You Catch A Cheating Spouse Extremely Fast

The best way to catch a cheater to simply know how they cheat.  Cheaters often think that they can easily get away with their deeds without their spouses knowing what they are up to.  Most of them have the same strategies in cheating.  Below are some ways how cheaters cheat in relationships.

They are honest or partly to the people they cheat with. The partners of cheaters were given idea that who they go out with is not really one hundred percent available.  Sometimes cheaters hide some truth by saying they are in a relationship that is about to fall down or they are attached to a person they are no longer attracted to.

Cheaters are strict with schedules. Cheaters keep a schedule to make sure all the needs of both real partner and second partner are really met.  They also plan ahead of time because they do not want to avoid conflict of schedules.  At the beginning of the month, cheaters have already set their activities for the month.

They love to travel. Out-of-town business meetings and conventions are the usual reason of their travelling schedules.  Most of the time cheaters are really on their way on a business meeting or a business trips, however, they do not go there alone.  They bring their playmates with them.  In doing so, cheaters are free to go out to places with their new lovers since nobody in the place really knows him or her.

Cheaters are cautious not to leave mobile tracks. Cheaters always know that their real mates will be checking on their cellular phone so most of the time they do not register the name of their new lover.  This will allow them to give an excuse that the number is used purely for business purposes and there is nothing about it that the real mate should worry.

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Is My Partner Cheating On Me? Very Effective Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse Really Fast

Everyone around you saying the same thing, your partner is cheating on you.  You do not want to believe them, but that many people cannot be wrong at the same time, now could they?  Here are four ways to know if your partner is cheating on you.

Attempt to cancel their trip without you –  If they are excited about a trip that you are not coming to, try to schedule a very important trip that your partner needs to come with you.  It has to outweigh your partner’s trip exponentially.  It’s like your partner’s annual ball to your sister’s wedding.  Then observe what they do.  If there is someone on that trip that should not be there, then your partner will be raving mad and try to get out of that trip of yours.

Ask if you can check their phone or their email – If they are not hiding anything from you, then they should have no problem with that.  This is true, especially if they had no problem with you checking their phone and their email before.  If they are hiding something, then this is one of the good places to start.

Solo trips become more frequent – Before they cask you to come with them when they go to the mall to buy something.  Now, they want to travel alone.  This might be just a simple misunderstanding, but if it gets more frequent, you better start asking questions.

Expenses are increasing –  It may just be a fluke and not cheating.  Try asking them why their personal expenses have been so high lately.  They should be able to explain what happened to the money.  If the higher expense is due to an additional hobby or an additional part for the car, they should be able to tell you about it.  What they cannot say is that they went out with this person I am cheating you with.

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