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How To Tell If Your Girlfriends Cheating – 3 Common Signs Of Cheating Girlfriends

When you are starting to get suspicious that your girlfriends cheating on you, when is it okay to confront her? What if you are just being paranoid? Luckily there are ways of how to tell if your girlfriends cheating, and if used properly you will know when and if you should make your move. Avoid angrily accusing her of being unfaithful because a few things do not add up. Try to gather as much information as possible.

Keep in mind that these are very general rules. It is best to gather a lot of information together and make an informed decision. Sometimes people act strange because they are depressed or distracted by a problem you may not be aware of. By identifying a few red flags you can accept cheating as a possibility or rule it out entirely.

1) Phone Hang ups

Often times cheaters will give their lover their home phone number. Even though they are instructed not to call at certain times they may call anyway. This is usually the other man trying to sabotage your relationship to have your girlfriend all to himself.

These could simply be people dialing the wrong number and realizing it at the last moment. However we usually do not realize we have dialed a wrong number until the phone is answered by someone we do not recognize.

If you get a lot of phone calls where people are hanging up as soon as you pick up the phone, but not when she picks up, it could very well be her lover. But do not jump to conclusions until you get more evidence.

2) Secret Messages

This could be stepping out of the room every time she receives a text message or spending ridiculous amounts of time on the computer. It could even be pulling her friends aside and whispering all the time. If you are with some one who is faithful there should be no need to hide who they are chatting with.

Emails and text messaging have allowed cheaters all new modes of communication, but it can be very obvious when some one is trying to hide a text message, especially your girlfriend. This is one of the more obvious signs.

3) Change in Attitude

This boils down to a completely different side of your girlfriend. This is where you notice she is less talkative and avoids any kind of physical contact with you. This is the cheaters guilt manifesting itself into a different persona.

Sometimes its not an attitude change but a change in her desires to look more attractive. Has she been buying sexier underwear and fussing over her appearance more than usual. This is a common red flag for a cheating girlfriend.

Should you Confront Her?

If 2 or more of these signs are present there is a strong chance that your girlfriends cheating on you. Whether it is an emotional or physical affair is yet unknown, but something is not right with all this suspicious behavior.

After applying these signs to your own relationship you should be able to make an assessment. After watching your girlfriend you may not know for sure, but you will either feel like maybe you were being paranoid, or that she very well could be cheating, but your still not sure.

If if there is no strong feeling that you were just overreacting at this point then you should confront her. You do not have to accuse her of being unfaithful, but present the evidence that is before you and make her aware that you want to help if there are any problems.

By taking this approach you are not accusing her of anything but simply taking an interest in her well being. When presented with her strange behavior as of late even she would have to admit that something is not right. This could be a problem that she had not felt comfortable to speak about and has nothing to do with cheating. At this point if she gets mad and defensive she is most definitely being unfaithful. Only you can decide what to do at that point.

Did You Find Out She Was Cheating?

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Why Men Cheat ? 1 Shocking Reason Why Men Cheat And How To Make Them Stop

Are you wondering why men cheat? Once it’s happened to you, you’ll find your mind wandering to that question quite often. You’ll hear a lot of different reasons from different men about why they do it but it all pretty much boils down to one thing. Keep reading to find out what that one thing is and what you can do to make your man stop cheating on you.

There is one thing men need from their wives more than anything else in the world. What is it? It’s ADMIRATION. Not adoration (though that’s certainly a good start for most men) but admiration. He needs to feel as though you admire and respect him.

Think back to when you first met and you were dating. Think of how you responded to his corny jokes (no matter how many times he told them). Did you laugh at him like he was the wittiest guy on the planet or did you roll your eyes and walk away? How about now? Do you still laugh at his jokes and lean into his conversations or do you roll your eyes and turn away from him?

It doesn’t end there though. Remember what it was like when you were glad to see him and spend time together no matter when you could manage to eek out a few minutes in your busy day – even if he’d just left the gym? Now, do you give him the hug and kiss he’s been looking forward to and admire the effort he’s making to stay in shape and look good or do you hand him the towel and tell him to hit the shower first?

It’s the little things that change over time. You stop trying to flatter him. Trust me ladies, it’s impossible to flatter your fella too much. It simply can’t happen. It’s in the time after the flattery stops that the other woman is able to dig her claws in.

She laughs at his jokes, flirts and flatters shamelessly, and then bats her eyes up at your big strong husband who has just left the gym and tells her how strong he looks and how much she ADMIRES a man who stays in shape. And ladies, guess what? He falls for it every time. Those little strokes to his ego are the strongest aphrodisiacs on the planet to a man who feels like he’s no longer admired and respected at home.

Want to stop asking why men cheat and make your man stop cheating? It only take one simple, teeny tiny little thing to make that happen. You have to make him feel as though you admire him once again.




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