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Star Sign Stencils – Star Sign Stencils Show Zodiac Pride

If you know people with great leadership qualities and bold spirits, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see them sporting star sign stencils of the Aries Ram. These signs pop up everywhere and reference the cosmic order relating to when someone is born. Signs cover about a month long period, from around the 21st of the month into the next month on the 21st. Your friends and co-workers who read their horoscope everyday might use their sign as a personal logo of some sort, or display their sign on their key chain or other common items.

It’s easy for anyone to have start sign stencils applied to their skin or use the stencils to apply the design to just about anything. You can purchase all 12 signs in the Zodiac or just get the one that applies to you. It might be a fun birthday party idea to have a body paint artist join you that can draw everyone’s star sign. Make sure you know what kind of materials the artist will be using so everyone can be assured the signs are not permanent or toxic. You also want to find out how much the artist charges for your event and if that payment covers the entire event or is by the hour.

Star sign stencils can be very simple or very elaborate depending on the skills of the artist and desires of the users. You can get stencils that are just simple symbol or mark to designate a sign or you can get complicated designs that practically tell a story. For example, the Gemini symbol is known as essentially two vertical columns with arcing end pieces. The symbol signifies two, or twins, or a sense of duality. For creative types who want something more elaborate, an artist can stencil a Gemini sign as two complete figures, perhaps in some pose of unity or opposition. It all depends on the creativity of the artist.

Star sign stencils can be purchased online or in a variety of regular retail and general art stores. You might also try looking in the knick knack section of some bookstores that carry unique, interesting novelties. Once you get your stencil, choose your colour and where you put it on your body wisely. If you use some kind of permanent ink, you may get sick and be stuck with a design you decide you don’t like or want applied to a different area of your body or other surface.

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