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Stars the Sensational Indie Pop Band

Stars is one of the most popular and admired Indie rock band with a huge fan following across the world. This group which has been nominated for the Juno award began its journey in Canada and later on shifted base to New York City and finally Montreal. This musical legacy was the brainchild of vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboard player Chris Seligman and was founded as early as 2000.

In addition to Torquil and Chris, the other members of Stars include Amy Milan, Evan Cranley and Pat McGee. The most remember single of this troupe is Ageless Beauty which was a part of the album Set Yourself on Fire released in 2004. A very interesting fact is that all members of this group also belong to the indie band Broken Social Scene and both have a common record label known as Arts and Crafts. In addition to their musical abilities as a group, Campbell is also an actor who has appeared in television shows like Sex and the City and Law and Order. Milan has bought out two solo albums which were hugely successful on the charts.

Stars is an interesting and different name that was chosen for the band in memory of a similar venture thought short-lived one by Syd Barrett. Members of this troupe state that their biggest influences have been Berlioz, Outkast, New Order, The Smiths and Broken Social Scene. Some of the famous albums by this group includes In Our Bedroom After the War, Sad Robots which is available as an online download and the single Celebration Guns which was the title song for the popular television series Zone of Separation.

The Stars band is currently focused on bringing out their fifth album by early July which they intend to make short and concise and based on a lot of synthesizer effects. The album will be released in Canada by the bands own record label Soft Revolution and in other countries by Vagrant Records. The music style of this group has been termed by fans as soft, beautiful and eloquent Indie pop or rock with a mix of nimble production, lush instrumentation and meaningful lyrics. The bands style has undergone a lot of changes from the initial electronic pop-sound to the more recent rock-based instrumentation.

The troupe has so far bought out eleven productions with an eclectic mix of albums, solos, title tracks and remixes; these are A lot of little lies for the sake of one big truth, Nightsongs, The Comeback, Dead child stars, Heart, Set yourself on fire, Do you trust your friends, In our bedroom after the war, Sad robots, Fairytale of New York and The five ghosts. This Indie pop band has been nominated twice for Juno awards for Heart and Set yourself on fire respectively and once for the Polaris Music Prize for In our bedroom after the war.

All Indie rock fans are eagerly awaiting the next release of Stars, the band which has undoubtedly conquered the minds and hearts of this music driven generation.

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U Star Novels – How To Star In A Christmas Carol

Who hasn’t heard of the classic novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? Even those who haven’t read the book are sure to know the story from the many variations of the movie that have been made about this classic novel.

While you may not be able to get a role in the movie, how would you like to star in the novel? Maybe you’re thinking “My father-in-law would sure make the perfect Ebenezer Scrooge”. Well now you can get a personalized book edition of A Christmas Carol in which the characters in the story will actually be replaced by you or someone you know.

U Star classic novels offer classics, such as A Christmas Carol, to you as a personalized book first edition copy of the novel. When you order your copy you can fill out a form and assign whomever you wish to play the part of different characters in the story.

You can choose whoever you wish to personalize your copy of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, his daughters Martha and Belinda, and his sons Peter and Tiny Tim, as well as Scrooge’s nephew Fred can all be portrayed by yourself and any friend or family member that you wish.

Imagine the fun you can have reading it to the children on Christmas Eve with your chosen family members now being part of the story. Don’t be surprised if you wake up and find one or more of them reading it again on their own.

You will receive the actual book, not some form of gift tin, written by an experienced personalized book publisher. With printers all over the world, U Star classic novels will be able to make sure your novel is ready for your reading pleasure in time for the holidays.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a classic novel that has been enjoyed by many, young and old, for over a century. Now you and the people you know can star in this timeless novel offered by U Star Classic Novels.

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BlackBerry 8520 Black offers a world of features

RIM (Research in Motion), the brain behind the BlackBerry business Mobile Phones devices have once again hit the market with an adorable device, keeping their iconic design and certain features intact. Recently BlackBerry has come with a good looking device with all great features and applications in BlackBerry 8520 Black.

The BlackBerry 8520 Black comes in its favorite black color – it suits BlackBerry devices most – and also offers Pink Mobile Phones, if you are female users, the option will make you happier. The most prominent change you will find in the BlackBerry 8520 Black is that the annoying trackball is replaced by a more sensitive trackpad which gives you a nice feeling, and act wisely, so that you may not be annoyed by opening other applications while trying different one. Access what’s imperative with trackpad routing. Like a laptop, the trackpad permits users to scroll through icons, menus and information by gliding your finger over it. Press and click to choose an item and navigate to where you would like to go.

The BlackBerry 8520 Black comes with a brilliant screen which displays over 65,000 bright colors, presenting a wonderful viewing experience for the users. As I said, BlackBerry keeps their iconic features in every device and this too is not much of difference with a full QWERTY keypad for typing and sending messages straight forward, and comfortably. For the young generation of mobile phone users BlackBerry 8520 Black offers one of the most advance Social Media application, where you can access sites like Facebook, Twitter and other IM applications of different websites.

BlackBerry 8520 Black Mobile Phone protects your tool devoid of compromising functionality from this Plastic Case. Its Plastic Case is molds flawlessly fit to BlackBerry Mobile Phones shape and emphasize its attractiveness. This 106 g device comes with all the added features like GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 2 MP camera. Get your piece of HTC 8520 Black from our UK Online Phone Shop on incredible deals.

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Review of DeathSpank Thong of Virtue

It’s been only a few months since the release of the first DeathSpank, and PS3 are back again, with its sequel, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue. There are loads of freebies on the internet, for the early birds. Those buying the DeathSpank sequel in the first week have been promised Extra DLC. Other freebies include, the Snowy Mountain dungeon, and Tankko for those buying the DeathSpank sequel within the first two weeks of its release.

The plot picks up from where the original DeathSpank had left; with DeathSpank having defeated the evil Lord Von Prong. The DeathSpank finds himself in the middle of a war torn place. He has to find and destroy the six eponymous Thongs of Virtue or mystical undergarments that are copied in the great Fires of Bacon. Each of these virtues has the power to destroy those who challenge their glory. The game is different from its prequels in the sense that here DeathSpank travels to locations that aren’t fantasy areas, but they are battle fields.

The best part about DeathSpank is that he is a hero, who’s always helping others. He is either recovering products for a maiden, or dealing with a pirate. Although these quests and side quests are interesting to play (you get to collect hundreds of weapons as well), it’s easy to get lost in these quests.

The DeathSpank’s weapons arsenal too has expanded. He now owns pistols, rifles, machine guns, shot guns, ray guns, hand grenades and bazookas, in addition to the swords, axes, hammers, clubs, and wands that he already had. There’s also a new weapon of justice that sucks the targeted enemy of his will, and thus recruiting him to the DeathSpank’s command. There’s also an array of explosives like poison and ice grenades to help the DeathSpank.

The original DeathSpank had allowed a second player to join in and take charge over Sparkles the Wizard. In this version, there’s another sidekick, Steve, the Ninja. Steve is a unicorn riding, master of the mystic arts and can dual- wield katanas.

You don’t have to necessarily know about the prequel as the game’s designed to be played as a standalone adventure. There are tutorials as well, that explain the rules of the game.

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is great in terms of presentation. The characters have a very good sense of humor as well. The graphics are eye popping. The story line however may seem a little nonsense for some. For those who’ve already played the first DeathSpank, the game might be a little familiar. However the overall effect is fantastic and a must play for every avid gaming enthusiast.

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Cheating On Your Wife ? 3 Ways To Get Instant Forgiveness For Cheating On Your Wife

Did you know that it’s possible to get forgiveness for cheating on your wife? Even if you get caught you can convince your wife to forgive you for cheating – instantly! Don’t think it’s possible? You better believe it is.

No matter how much we think about cheating as being the ultimate evil in modern marriages, the average marriage is made up of stronger stuff than most of us realize. If you’re interested in having a stronger marriage after cheating there are four things you can do that will not only get an instantly favorable reaction from your wife but also that will help you build a stronger and happier marriage than you would have ever thought possible before cheating on your wife.

1) Ask for it (it being her forgiveness). Don’t ask your wife to take you back. Don’t ask for a second chance. Be very specific in what you ask at this moment. Ask only for one thing. Ask for forgiveness for cheating on your wife. Focus all your effort and energy on that one thing. Other things will come in time. Right now your main focus and goal needs to be getting your wife to forgive you. The first step in the right direction is to ask her to forgive you.

2) Show your wife all the reasons why she should consider forgiving you. Don’t right it down and hand it to her. Don’t recite it out loud. Show her. Remind her with your actions of all the reasons you are so wonderful together. Remind her of all the things she loves most about you by being and doing those things. Let her see, first hand, all the reasons she has for forgiving you by letting her see all the reasons she loves you so much.

3) Tell her how much you appreciate her. Guys, this is huge. It’s really, really big. Let your wife know how much you depend on her, how much you need her. She will be powerless to stay angry with you when she sees how much you need her. You know what else this does? It fills her need to be needed. Women need to feel important and needed in a relationship when you let her know all the reasons you need her in your life and all the things she does that make your life better, she will move heaven and earth to continue meeting your needs as long as you continue to make her feel appreciated for doing so.


There are no absolutes when it comes to love, marriage, and matters of the heart. But, these are definitely sure bets when you’re trying to get your wife back and save your marriage after you’ve cheated.


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