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How To Have a Star-Like Status on Twitter

Do you want to have a star-like status on Tweet? Are you wondering how the celebs pull it off? What exactly is a star status, and how to have one? In this article, you will get to know more.


What is a star status? Well it’s simple, a star status on Twitter is when you have more followers than people you are following. Different people will have varying degrees of this, but usually the most successful and biggest names in various industries will have a lot more followers than people they are following. They only usually follow the few people that really mean something to them.


It’s easy for the celebrities to have a star status on Twitter, they’re already stars. People know who they are, they have their own fans and following already in place when they get on Twitter.


How did everyone else try to pull it off? Well all depends on who you are, what you tweet about, what your relationship is to your followers, and whether they feel empowered to carry on your message to their followers, thus growing your following.


Another common way to gain followers is to follow others, there’s good chances that once you start following someone they will follow you back, however, this is never a 100% sure that they will return the favor.


What happens to many is that they end up following a lot more people than are following them back. This is also possible through many different automatic following tools out there available. By looking for words that people tweet about to find similar interests, follow them and hope they follow you back slowly growing your overall numbers.


There’s one downside to this, the 2000 follower ceiling, a ceiling that most Twitter users don’t even know exists, because most users will never reach that limit. What it is is that when you’re being followed by 2000 people, Twitter will no longer allow you to follow more than 10% beyond the number of people following you. So what do you do then, you have all these people you’re following, a bunch not following you back and Twitter won’t let you add anyone new.  Well it’s easy you start unfollowing some of them, freeing up space so you can follow more. This particular process to gain more followers never gets you to a star status though, because you’ll always be close to even or  following more than follow you back.


For a while many people were also afraid to unfollow those that they were following, because there were many automated tools set in place to automatically unfollow them as well if they stopped following. So accounts kept getting bigger and bigger and you’re sill following more than you’re following…  Gets confusing right, who’s following who. Am I following you?


Then there were some programs to automatically go in and weed out all those that weren’t following you back and unfollow them. Other services were in place to automatically unfollow anyone that unfollowed them.


That’s all changed, this year we saw Twitter Slap 2010. Unlike Google who slaps people who use their service. Twitter slapped those that created programs and tools to work with their service. They stopped all the mass unfollowing and any automatic unfollowing.  What has it opened the door for? Well it’s like this.  Now there’s no white-listed (approved) programs left by Twitter that allows for any automated unfollowing.


So how can the rest of us now pull off this star like status? You have to do it manually. No more fear of getting rid of deadbeats, people who haven’t actually touched their twitter account in months. No more fear of getting rid of those that only send out links to their programs, the bots and others who have twitter so automated they wouldn’t ever know if you mentioned them. You can start unfollowing all these people.  Why because there’s no system in place to unfollow you back when you unfollow them. They’ll keep pushing forward as always continually adding people. You won’t have to fear loosing too many followers that didn’t really matter in the first place. You keep the quality people, you keep the high numbers of followers, but you loose all those that you previously followed that were actually ruining the overall experience that is Twitter.


You’ll be able to shore up and get more acquainted with the real people you’re following, allowing you to have a better relationship with those that you’re following. You’ll actually be able to see real conversations going on in Twitter that you can participate in again. You can concentrate on the quality over the quantity while it will appear there’s a lot more people following you, because anyone that was relying on an automated system to take care of their account for them won’t be unfollowing you back. Thus, you can add more and more quality people that will be further impressed by the fact that you have more followers than people you’re following. That also gives them an extra warm fuzzy when they see that you took the time to appreciate them and follow them back.


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Getting the Most for Your Technology Dollar

Getting the Most for Your Technology Dollar: Can PS3 Play PS2 Games?

If you’re like me, you probably have trouble keeping up with the latest technology. Even if you can have the latest and greatest product, you may find it financially irresponsible to throw out your old stuff just because you get new stuff. The problem becomes finding platforms for the old stuff to run on. This is especially true for gaming systems. Can PS3 play PS2 games? Let’s find out.

A Revolution

When PS3 came out it set off a revolution in gaming. The graphics and capabilities blew previous iterations out of the water. The good news and the bad news is that it replaced a very popular platform: PS2. This was good news because of the new features and crisp clarity of the graphics. It was bad news for all those PS2 users who had all those games that were now virtually obsolete. So many of those games asked the question of Sony, can PS3 play PS2 games? The answer appears to be yes and no.

Different Versions

The original versions of the PS3 did come with some compatibility. If you got the original 20gb version many of those original games were usable. This is also true of the 60 gb version. They offered the best backward compatibility. However, newer versions are more problematic.

When Sony tweaked the platform they initially got rid of the backward compatibility. The 40gb iteration offers no compatibility. After many complaints they offered a software update for their 80gb version so that PS2 games could be played again. Can PS3 play PS2 games? It depends on which version you have.

How can I know?

There are two easy ways to find out of you have a compatible game console. First, check the number of USB ports on the front. If you have four, you’re probably okay. If you have two you’re probably not. This is the easiest way to find out.

Also, check the model number on the back. It is a number beginning CECH. If you have CECHA, B, C, or E, you have compatibility. CECHA and CECHB have special hardware that allows gameplay whereas CECHC and CECHE uses software to emulate PS2 play. This latter iteration is more problematic as it does not always work smoothly, so be aware of this.

If you have a large collection of PS2 games it is good to find out if you have compatibility before you purchase your new system. Knowing what to buy can save a lot of frustration in the long run. Can PS3 play PS2 games? Know the answer before you buy. You’ll be glad you did.

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