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How to Tell Your Husband You Cheated

One of the most difficult things about cheating is finding the right way to tell your husband you cheated. It’s bad enough that you must live with the guilt and shame over what you’ve done. It’s even harder knowing that now you must hurt the man you love by letting him know.

You have several options available to you. Some will work better for you than others. The important thing though is to try and determine which would work better for your husband. Here are a few methods you might want to consider.

1) Just the Facts. Some men prefer getting the facts as they are and undistorted by emotion. A tearful confession will have him out of his element and less receptive to the real truth of the situation. You’d do better, if this is the type of man your husband is to come clean with short, factual sentences and to make your confession as devoid of emotion as possible. Don’t embellish. Don’t elaborate. And, whatever you do, do not offer details he doesn’t ask for. There are some things he simply doesn’t want to know and can’t remove from his mind once they are there.

2) A Tearful Confession. Some men need to know that you are really sorry for what you’ve done and the best way for them to see this is through an emotional revelation of what has happened. While you can definitely wear your heart on your sleeves at this particular time it’s still a good idea to avoid the temptation to provide too much information. Let him ask questions and avoid volunteering too much.

3) Straight Shooting. With this method there is no preamble or beating around the bush. You get straight to the point and offer nothing other than the simple truth. “I cheated.” For some men this is absolutely the best way to go. You put all the control for Q and A in his hands and you’ve made your point and left him to make the next move. It’s kind of like ripping the bandage off a wound. It hurts intensely at that moment but offers a little less of the lingering pain that might be felt with other types of confessions.

Each method of how to tell your husband you cheated has its own pros and cons. You know your husband better than anyone. Which method will he prefer to hear from you in this situation? Obviously, he’d rather you not cheat at all but only you can decide which method would be better appreciated by the man you love.


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Coming To Terms With Your Cheating Wife

It isn’t easy coming to terms with your cheating wife or what your wife’s cheating means to your marriage. You’re going to have to do it though. Sooner or later, decisions will need to be made about the future of your marriage. In this situation it’s important to take your time and make the right decision but you can’t keep going in limbo indefinitely.

What Steps Can You Take to Come to Terms With Your Cheating Wife Faster?

1) Find out why it happened. It’s not enough to understand that it happened. You need to find out why she cheated. Women cheat for many different reasons. Some women do it as a cry for help to let their husbands know there are real problems in the marriage while other women do it as a means of breaking the final tie or bond that holds them to their husbands. Find out why your wife cheated so that you will be better able to come to terms with the fact that she cheated.

2) Stop denying or ignoring problems in the marriage. Women don’t generally cheat when they are perfectly content at home. Only about 30% of women who cheat claim to be happy with their marriages. This means that 70% of women who cheat are in fact unhappy in their marriages. Find out what the problems are and fix them or you risk being in this situation again down the road. That is, of course, assuming you manage to fix things within the marriage for the time being. Until the real problems are addressed and resolved though there is little hope for a lasting marriage to be the result for the two of you.

3) Consider counseling. Not just for your marriage but for you as an individual. Even if your marriage doesn’t make it through this trying time there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to come out of this as a stronger man. And you know what? It takes a strong man to realize he’s out of his depth and seek help. That’s exactly what counseling does for people. It helps them find their feet after life has dealt them a nasty blow. This certainly counts as one of those times.

4) Realize that there is enough blame to go around. No one needs to start pointing fingers. It isn’t entirely your fault that your marriage is on the rocks just as it isn’t entirely her fault. There’s no need to start making accusations or laying blame. You’ll both be healthier and happier when you realize that.


It’s never easy coming to terms with a cheating wife but it doesn’t have to be the end for your marriage. You can either come to terms now and save your marriage or wait and risk facing the need to get your wife back at the end of the day.


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How To Fix The Yellow Light Of Death On Ps3 With These Effective Steps

Are you looking for a way on how to fix the yellow light of death on ps3! Did you know the reason why ps3 yellow light of death happen to you is because general hardware failure which results by overheating on the motherboard.

Here are some few steps you need to follow on how to fix the yellow light of death on ps3:

A- Turn off your PS3 and check if there is any loose cable, then give it some time to cool down and turn it back on again

B- After switching your PS3 off! Try to remove the hard-drive, and plug it back in. From time to time the hard drive connections on your PS3 can become loose and cause the ps3 blinking yellow light. So you might want to repeat this 2-3 times for better results.

Did you implement the previous steps and still no positive result. Here are some other options that you might want to look at it:

1- Send your PS3 to Sony:

Sony will fix your ps3 blinking yellow light for free IF you are still covered by their warranty, but if your ps3 had passed the warranty period, then you need to pay huge fee $ 150+ to get your ps3 fixed, and it takes around 2-4 weeks which it’s almost a month for Sony to fix your PS3. and the most important part you will lose your saved information which i’m sure you don’t want that happen to you .

2- Fix your PS3 by yourself without Sony’s help:

You can fix your Playstation 3 yellow light of death by yourself with a repair guide. Don’t worry the process that you need to follow is really simple and effective and most importantly you will not lose you saved data in your hard drive, besides you wouldn’t believe at the tools you need use to start fixing your Playstation 3.

Let me list down the advantages when you plan to fix your console by yourself:

1. You don’t need to pay Sony huge fee because you will be fixing your ps3 by yourself a lot cheaper

2. You don’t need to wait almost a month to get your PS3 fixed because with the right tutorial guide you will be fixing your ps3 within short period of time.

3. Fixing yellow light of death ps3 by yourself will not cause you to lose your saved information in your hard drive


So let me show you a review about how to fix the Yellow Light Of Death On Ps3 repair guide that you need to use to fix your PS3 yellow light of death, plus the tools you need to use to get your console up and running within a short time. And the most important part you will not lose you saved data in your hard drive.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play : Best PS3 features in the smart phone

Sony Ericsson is one of the leading mobile phone companies which stands among the topmost phone brands. The company is engaged in manufacturing various advanced & hi-tech devices with plenty of astounding features. It has recently announced an advanced gadget named as Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The handset is provided with loads of wonderful features which are vary distinguished from other smart phones.

This wonderful handset looks  pretty & cold & is gaining large popularity world wide. Every users will be able to avail this excellent handset through cheap Sony Ericsson Xperia Play deals.Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is provided with a large screen of 4 inches which displays a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels & gives awesome view of pics. This ultimate smart phone boasts buttons like play station through which users can experience best games on it. The handset is provided with a 5 mega pixel camera which gives pics in 3G effects.

The camera also helps users to capture high quality photographs with crystal clear effects. The amazing gadget is provided with an internal memory up to a storage of 400 MB and 380 MB RAM, in which users can store their important data and information. Apart from this, the handset also allows users to access web through its EDGE, 3G, WLAN, GPRS and many others.There are lots of lucrative Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Deals which provides this wonderful handset at highly affordable rates.

These lucrative mobile phones deals are classifies as Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Contract Deals offers, pay as you go deals & SIM free phones, which will help users to buy this expensive handset at cost effective rates. Users will even be able to avail several other offers which includes free gifts, free incentives, money back & discounts along with these fantastic mobile phones. All these deals will be coming soon on all online stores portals  soon, which will be provided by all the leading networks of UK such as Virgin, T-mobile, O2, Vodafone, Three, Orange & plenty of others.

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Signs of a Cheating Wife You Can’t Ignore

There are certain signs of a cheating wife you can’t ignore when you see them in your marriage. It is up to you, at certain points in your marriage, to rein things back under control and really dedicate yourself to making your marriage work.

Keep in mind that cheating isn’t always about a physical act. Emotional cheating can be even more devastating to a marriage. These signs will cover both physical and emotional signs of a cheating wife you need to be on the lookout for in your own marriage.

1) Sudden silences. You know better than anyone that your wife isn’t prone to long periods of silence. She talks about everything with you. At least, she used to. You haven’t fought and there’s no reason you can think of for her to be angry with you but she still isn’t talking. If your wife suddenly stops talking to you then it’s probably a matter of her wanting to avoid saying something that’s weighing heavily on her mind, heart, or conscience. Regardless of your confidence in your marriage and her fidelity it’s a good idea to get to the bottom of her sudden quiet sooner rather than later.

2) Changes in clothing, perfume, and bathing rituals. People are creatures of habit. That is why it’s so easy for people to fall into a rut. If your wife changes one or two of these things it could be nothing. If she changes all three of them at or around the same time then it’s a recipe for disaster for your marriage unless swift action is taken. Clothing and perfume could mean that she’s dressing to impress someone else. Changes in bathing rituals are often indicators that she’s trying to remove any lingering evidence of her affair that may be left over.

3) Profound distance between the two of you. If your wife is suddenly a thousand miles away whenever you’re together then there are problems whether they involve another man or not. Quite often these distances are the result of another man. Her mind is on him, her predicament, where she wants to go from here, and even how much she doesn’t want to hurt you. Affairs for most women are a very complex ordeal and she has a lot of things to weigh and decisions she knows she must make.

Knowing there’s a problem is not the same as knowing how to solve it though. Swift action can make all the difference in the world and may actually save your marriage if you notice these signs of a cheating wife quickly enough.


Even if you miss the signs completely and lose your wife as a result there is no reason you can’t get your ex back. In fact, it’s very doable if you have the right plan in play.


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Black Onyx Stud Earrings

Black onyx stud earrings are a favorite among jewelers. The beauty of the stone alone is breath taking, but combined with its hardness and ability to blend and contrast with other metals, they are very widely used. Black onyx stud earrings are making a comeback nowadays, and have been making huge waves in the fashion world.

According to a census by the United States Census Bureau, by December of 2009, 6.802 bilion human beings inhabit this planet. China and India hold most of the population, and the rest are spread all over the glove. All in all, that’s about 1500 different culture groups around the world. Every culture is different, but they all have something in common: they all use stud earrings. Stud earrings are the most widely used design of earrings all over the world. From indigenous people, corporate types, teenagers, babies to rock stars – everyone has stud earrings. There was a time when stud earrings were used solely by women. The late sixties and seventies played a part in making stud earrings useable and wearable by both men and women.

Polished black onyx can be fitted into any stud earring. Perfectly round or oval ones are the most popular, but they come in a lot of other cuts like teardrop, square, triangle, and pear. Usually, a black onyx stud for a girl would be 3 mm in diameter. However, this is not the only size available. Some measure 6-9 mm, and are medium sized. These black onyx stud earrings are usually eye catchers. However, for those who really want to make a statement, 100 mm black onyx studs are recommended. Just be careful as they tend to be heavier and can stress the holes in the ears. It’s not recommended for young children to wear big studs, as their earlobes are too small.

Traditionally, the fittings for black onyx stud earrings are in either 14 or 18 k yellow gold. However, other popular settings like white gold and sterling silver are also commonly used as an alternative. Because black onyx is very versatile, and is quite hard, with its deep black colors, a lot of metals complement this stone.

Stainless steel is a cheap alternative to the precious metal varieties. It is non-corrosive, so the black onyx won’t be damaged. This is a common metal for men who want a simple look with clean lines. Another alternative, titanium, is the ‘space-metal’ that enables those who have sensitive skin, as the metal is hypo-allergenic. Meanwhile, a pair of onyx stud earrings set in platinum will really look elegant and interesting.

While dangling and hoop earrings are usually only used by women, men use flesh tunnel earrings. Stud earrings in general are androgynous, and can work for both men and women. While some men are a little hesitant to try studs set with other gemstones, with black onyx is simple enough to pair with anything. For women, black onyx stud earrings are a great alternative to bulky hoops and dangle earrings.

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Alexandria Black History Museum

You may not have known that the Alexandria Black History Museum was established with many different purposes. Firstly, it is built to celebrate the African American experience in America, then to enhance the lives of visitors as well as Alexandria residents and finally to to create understanding and tolerance among different races and cultures. Certainly, the diverse exhibits will inspire the imagination about the lives and experiences of the African American community in Alexandria and Virginia, as well as African Americans in general for any visitor irrespective of their ethnicity.


The museum organizes tours of the museum, arranges lectures and engages in other activities with relevance to the accomplishments and history of African Americans in Alexandria. The museum’s collection includes paintings, books, photographs and other artifacts projecting the experience of African Americans in Alexandra and Virginia from the year 1749 to the present day.


The museum’s building is a valuable artifact in itself, including the earlier Robert Robinson Library which was once the Black public library during the era of segregation. The Robinson Library houses the permanent collection of the museum. In the year 1995 the museum opened the Watson Reading Room situated adjacent to the museum; this too is a historic site as the building was used as a church and early school for the Black community. An array of sculptures produced by famed sculptor and artist Jerome Meadows for the Alexandria African American Heritage Park are also an integral part of the museum’s collection.


The whole collection of the museum is very diverse and encompasses over 3,000 artifacts. Religious objects form an important part of the collection, with items like a century old pump organ utilized at a Baptist church in the region and a church bible of similar age attesting to the religious heritage of the people.


Original documents relating to the lives of African Americans such as those involving segregated schools, military credentials of Black soldiers and documents involving the history of Black organizations are another highlight.


Other notable categories including African objects such as wood carvings, a steadily evolving collection of photographs relating to their experiences and the Moss Kendrix collection, the documents of a groundbreaking Black public relations firm are other major categories of the collection.


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