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War Movies Continue to Be Popular

If you’re looking to make a lot of money at the box office, there are several themes that are goldmines. Buddy comedies always seem to do well, as do romantic comedies. Big historical epics are a bit riskier, but if done right can pay off with huge dividends. Another type of movie that can be hard to create but has a huge audience is a war movie. Whether it’s based from the general’s perspective or if it’s told by frontline medics decked out in scrubs clothing, war movies are fertile ground for all sorts of topics. Sometimes the movie barely has to be about a war at all-the setting is enough to create a story. Other times there isn’t much story at all and the fighting takes center stage. Whatever the case, war movies have all sorts of built-in audiences like those who have served in the armed forces, history buffs, and those interested in watching a movie about an event that they remember happening in their life.

War movies come in all shapes and sizes. Some movies are technically proficient, showing the ins and outs of the actual battles. These movies tend to be high on special effects, but also strive to be historically accurate. Since books are written about many of the more high-profile battles, there are many out there that could tell if the facts were twisted around. It’d be like putting a scrubs uniform on a soldier rather than their fatigues. They’d stick out like a sore thumb.

But once you get past all the explosions, the fighting, and the adrenaline rush of being shot at, many war movies have a very personal touch at their core. The focus might be on the men and their families, the innocent caught in the crossfire, or the tough decisions those at the top need to make. There are even films that highlight those in scrubs uniforms that take wounded soldiers and try and put them back together again-or at least comfort them in their last moments. Thankfully, most of us have never been in a war, and maybe that’s why we’re so fascinated about war movies. It’s a subject that we’ve seen played out on the nightly news countless times, but that we have no first-hand knowledge of. For all our sake, let’s hope that our war experience stayed relegated to snippets we see on the news, rather than a first-hand account of what it’s like to be on the front lines. If we need more, we can always rent another war movie.

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How Should You React to Your Cheating Husband?

You can probably think of all kinds of ways to react to your cheating husband until it’s really your husband that cheats. You’ve probably told girlfriends what you would do if you ever find out your husband has been cheating but when the moment comes and the situation is hitting that close to home, everything changes in the blink of an eye.

You freeze.

You have no idea what to say, do, or how to react to your cheating husband.

It’s as if someone else has taken over your body and all the things you had planned to do in this situation have suddenly evaporated from your brain. The one thing you thought was truly unthinkable has just happened to your marriage.

Why is Cheating Such a Huge Betrayal?

Cheating is often such a big blow because most women don’t see it coming.  Oh it’s definitely a fear in the back of many women’s minds but it’s one of those things you really feel will never happen to you.

Oddly enough it’s generally not a result of being that sure of yourself but more a fact of being that sure of your husband. That is why his cheating often comes as such a huge blow. It isn’t because he cheated on you alone. It is because you trusted him not to cheat on you and he did.

For many women that is the hardest part to handle. It’s not the broken vow. It’s the broken trust. It’s the disillusionment that goes along with cheating that shatters so many marriages.

How Should You React to the News?

Your reaction when you do find out and once you’ve processed the information will set the tone for everything that comes next. This means that the best possible reaction you can give to the news is no reaction – at least not until you’ve really had time to process everything.

You definitely do not want to take the “woman scorned” route until you’ve decided that you are going to walk away from your marriage. Even then, it’s often better to think twice and take the high road if possible.

Your response needs to be to take a step back and process what has happened. Give yourself time to think about what it means to you and your marriage that your husband has cheated.

Figure out if the fact that your husband cheated changes how you feel about him and/or your marriage. Then decide what you want or need to do next. Avoid making split second reactions that could change the course of your marriage and your life forever.


Sometimes you don’t begin to process everything until after you’ve reacted. While you can’t take back everything you said and did you can still get your husband back most of the time.


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Why The Pc Game Is Always A Favorite

A PC game is the one that is played on a computer rather than a console or an arcade. From the early times where titles like Spacewar were a craze to the days of today, where we have visually rich titles, there has been a tremendous thrust to the PC gaming industry.

PC games began to rise in popularity after 1996, due to the advent of Microsoft Windows and the proliferation of 3D console games like Super Mario 64. Tomb Raiders release in 1996 created waves for its amazing graphics and its stand as one of the best shooter games. With 3D graphics platforms in the form of Direct X and Open GL coming into play, the proprietary interfaces were ousted from the market.

Windows XP made sure that most games were playable on the PC and the improving CPU technology and graphics accelerators presented the gaming environment comparable to the highest standards. People simply love the interactive qualities that the experience when they are playing their favorite game. Not many forms of entertainment or interactive. As a sports betting handicapper now you have the opportunity of turning your knowledge into riches. There are tonnes of little works of art out there that simply don’t have a way into the top distribution paths. And how many crappy movies or bad games-from big studios-have you seen or bought recently? At around this time, there were products like NVidias GeForce 6 Series and Radeon R300 that helped developers to make the games more complex and entertaining. Now we are in the era of episodic PC gaming, which means the game content is delivered in smaller parts at a very low price; a case in point being titles like Half-Life 2. So, get set for some of the PC games by choosing the titles that appeal to you and download or buy these games online at a very attractive price

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What Should You Do When Your Husband Cheats?

If you are anything like the average woman in this situation you’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out what you should do when your husband cheats. There are no easy answers. To some degree, every woman will have to work this out for herself.

There are a few things, however, that will help you move forward with your life though. Do these things so you can get back on with the business of living and stop dwelling on questions like “what should you do when your husband cheats?”

1) Decide today to define yourself. Many women allow themselves to be defined by what they are to others. Wife. Mother. Sister. Employee. Friend. Boss. The list goes on. You are a person independent of who or what you are to other people. Now is the time to define yourself as you see fit rather than place yourself into the boxes other people have designated for you. You aren’t the wife who has been cheated on. You are a woman independent of that person and it’s time for you to define who that woman is.

2) Lay down the law in your marriage. If you plan to continue with your marriage, it’s time to lay down the law and let your husband know this is not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. Put the choice in his hands but stand your ground. You’ve been taught all your life not to issue ultimatums. That isn’t true. Just be prepared to get an answer different from the one you want when you do. He may leave but if you can’t live with the cheating, what have you really lost? Your peace of mind deserves a faithful husband. If he can’t be faithful then you are probably better served by moving on.

3) Decide to learn from this and move forward. Your marriage will be served much better if you can do this with all your disagreements along the way. Few will carry the weight of a cheating husband but the sooner you learn to learn from problems in the marriage and move forward without being weighed down by those problems the happier you and your marriage will be.

4) Accept responsibility and avoid placing blame. No marriage is perfect. There are things you’ve done along the way that you probably aren’t too proud of too. While none may have crossed the line in the sand that cheating does for the average marriage, there are plenty of things you regret. Accept responsibility for those things and don’t try to use his cheating to justify them. Also avoid pointing fingers. Remember you’re not perfect either. When you both master this difficult skill your marriage will truly thrive.


Sometimes it takes losing your husband after he cheats to find out just how much he and the marriage you’ve created means to you. The good news is that it isn’t too late to get your husband back.


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