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Aarkstore Enterprise Global Video Games And Piracy Market – Handheld And Pc Gaming Driving The Video

Aarkstore announce a new report “Global Video Games and Piracy Market – Handheld and PC gaming driving the Video Games Piracy Industry ” through its vast collection of market research report.

Executive Summary

The report covers global video games and piracy industry structure, market size, trends of video games market that drives piracy, effect of piracy on PC, Console, Online gaming and various other sector of the market and finally the remedies for the industry players such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Activision, Take-Two, Konami, etc. In terms of geography, the report has described the intricacies of video games and piracy market in US and Japan which together covers over 50% of the global video games market. The report has primarily forecasted the loss to global video games market due to piracy and its forms along with region by region analysis of the piracy specifically in Video games software and hardware market.
The video games market includes spending by the consumer on console games (including handheld games), personal computer games, online games, mobile games and video game advertising. The global video games market was valued at US$ ~ bn at 2009 which is expected to reach US$ ~bn by 2015. While recession has its effect, video games industry has soon showcased the recovery and is considered as one of the fastest growing component of the media sector worldwide growing at a over 12% annually.
Video Game Piracy is referred to as the unauthorized copying, selling, and distributing of licensed video games without the permission of the copyright holder. Atleast 73% of the actual global revenue from video gaming (including console, handheld, PC, online and mobile gaming) is lost due to piracy every year. Almost US$ ~ bn was lost in 2009 due to piracy and counterfeiting in video games to the worldwide market which is expected to reach US$ ~bn by 2015. Major trends in video games market also entails the story of driving piracy market being discussed in detail in the report.

United States

Video games industry in United States is a highly developed and largest market amongst other countries which accounted for almost 40% of the global video games market in 2009.The console gaming market dominates the video games industry in US with PC games, mobile and online contributing only a small share. The commercial value of loss due to piracy to US video games industry was US$ ~bn in 2009 (piracy rate of ~% in 2009) which is expected to reach US$ ~bn by 2012. Piracy level in PC games in US is extremely high while console gaming has a low rate of piracy

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