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Ways To Tell He’s Cheating

Suspecting that your boyfriend or husband is cheating is often a catch 22.  You sometimes badly want to be wrong, especially at first.  You tell yourself that you’re just under stress and are over reacting or are seeing things that just aren’t really there.  After a while though, some women progress to a point where they know in their heart that he’s cheating (and even begin to collect the proof), and yet he has the audacity to continue to deny it.  These women sometimes actually want to be right because they are tired of being disrespected and dismissed in this way. The resentment and frustration has built up so much that they just want to get the answer and  to then deal with the results that follow.  Whatever category you’re in, the following article will tell you some of the best ways to tell that he’s cheating and to remove all of the frustrating doubt.

Start With The Clues That Are Right In Front Of You And Take Them As The Total Of Pieces That Make Up A Whole: Often, it’s not one little thing that tips you off.  It isn’t the occasional unknown numbers / texts on the cell phone or the bailing out on you once or twice.  These things happen sometimes and are quite plausible. 

If it was just one thing, you could probably dismiss it.  What often really gives you pause is the combination of seemingly small things that just don’t add up.  Coincidence can happen, but not overwhelmingly and suddenly out of nowhere, all at once, over a reoccurring period of time.  Take note if more than a few things raise your red flag. Notice the combination of several things that you can no longer ignore.  Unfortunately, this often happens slowly over time so that by the time you’re at the point where you can no longer turn a blind eye, it’s progressed much longer than you want.

Take A Quick Glance At His Personal Spaces: This one is a little tricky because you don’t want to be caught going through his stuff.  But, when he’s in the shower or away for a bit (where you can actually hear him coming back) check out his car (especially locked glove boxes), his personal junk drawers where you never usually go, his briefcase or backpack, and / or his workspace. 

Many items that point to an affair or cheating are kept in his office (or school) because he assumes that you aren’t going to go there.  And most likely, normally, you aren’t.  But, you can come up with an excuse to drop in and then ask him to go get you a soda or to go get the phone you left in your car while you run to the rest room. (Use your own judgment. Do whatever works.) Once he’s out, look in personal spaces in his office or work space – his junk drawer in his desk, his email, etc.  He will often be a lot less guarded about where he puts things in his work than at home.  Be very careful not to act suspicious. You don’t want to tip him off.  And, if you’ve played this right and he still acts defensive, take notice.

Lower His Defenses And Then Pursue:  If you really know in your heart that he’s cheating, don’t tip him off or tell him about your suspicions until you have enough proof that he can’t wiggle out of it. So, you don’t come right out and ask him. This almost never gets you the response that you want.  I know that you’re hoping that he’ll break down, admit everything, and immediately case all cheating, but it is so rare that this actually happens.

What it usually does is to just make the husband or boyfriend better at hiding it.  So, don’t say anything. Act as though everything is fine. And, if you have already brought it up, drop it for now. Present yourself as though you’re satisfied with the explanations and are giving up the hunt.  Then, come up with a reason why you have to go out of town or are going away with friends for the evening (or longer if you can manage it.) If you can, set it up before hand and talk about it several times, so that when it does occur, it doesn’t come out of left field.

Of course, you’re not really going out of town and you’re not really going out with friends. You’re getting him to let his guard down. Because once he does, he’s going to be very easy to catch during this time period.  He’ll likely either openly have her over or he’ll go to her, or at the very least he will be in touch with her in some way either by phone, text, or email. And, he won’t be as careful about deleting the proof (although if he is, they are ways to get this anyway.)

Use The Technology That Is Available: If you really feel that it is necessary, you can track your man in a number of ways.  You can use phone or car GPS. You can take his cell phone log and copy down the numbers that you don’t recognize. Then, you can use reverse look up to see the address for the number.  You can then take the address and log on to your property appraiser’s office or circuit court website to see who owns that property. (Then, you’ll know where to check when you have your time away.) If he’s deleted the cell phone history, there is software to get it back (even if he’s cleared the cookies or the cache.)

Likewise, you can place a tail on the computer.  Even if he’s opening anonymous email accounts or he thinks he’s deleting every site that he’s been to, there is almost always a blueprint left for quite some time later.

I was in this same situation a short time ago. My heart knew that he was cheating, but my head didn’t want to acknowledge it. After thinking on it for a long time, I decided that I really wanted to know the truth, no matter what that truth was. I learned how to get concrete information and proof that my husband thought that he had hid and erased. Once I presented this to him, he had no choice but to come clean. You can read a very personal story at http://catch-the-cheating.com/

Seeta’s catch cheating website is at http://catch-the-cheating.com/

The Quest for Black Gold

The search for oil is analogous to a treasure hunt for parties who have a vested interest in the endeavor. Though highly technological methods have been developed to significantly reduce risks, technology has not yet reached the stage of being able to locate an oil reservoir with complete accuracy every time. However, oil companies, investors and geologists can collect key data to assist them in determining locations with the potential to produce oil. Many techniques have been utilized and studied to determine locations with the likelihood of containing oil, a few of which are examined below.


Layers of rock below the surface of the earth exhibit varying characteristics that can be evaluated to give geologists a better understanding of the underground environment. Since geologists know what types of formations are the most conducive to the formation of oil reservoirs, they can use information about the density of different rock layers to judge the probability of the presence of a reservoir. During seismic surveys for oil, shock waves are sent through the earth and the data is used to map the rock layers below. Interpretation of this seismic data suggests to scientists whether the subsurface rocks have the characteristics favorable for containing an oil reservoir.


Researchers can measure magnetic fields to obtain clues about the presence of oil deep underground. Slight variations in the earth’s magnetic field can provide clues about the presence of an oil reservoir. Sedimentary rock, which is usually not magnetic, most commonly contains oil deposits, while igneous and metamorphic rock are typically magnetic and do not contain oil deposits. Magnetic surveys can be carried out at the surface of the earth to obtain information about a specific area, or from the air to provide a broadened view of the earth’s magnetic field.


Researchers also measure and analyze data about the earth’s gravitational field to locate producing oil reservoirs. Small variations in the earth’s gravitational field can be used to suggest the presence of an oil reservoir below the surface.


By studying relationships between fossils, rock characteristics, wells and electrical data, researchers gain useful knowledge about the type and positioning of underground rock layers. Through careful analysis of the subsurface characteristics, researchers can better determine whether the conditions are suitable for oil exploration.

Several methods are used to determine the locations of oil reservoirs before drilling operations begin, and research continues to improve the accuracy of data collected via these methods. Investors, scientists and oil companies are driven to make considerable efforts to improve oil prospecting endeavors due to the inherent risk and the substantial payoff for success. More effective methods of locating oil prior to the commencement of drilling will reduce the cost associated with prospecting and thus facilitate a higher return on oil investments.

About the Author: Bob Jent is the CEO of Western Pipeline Corporation [http://www.western-pipeline-corporation.com]

Western Pipeline Corp specializes in identifying, acquiring and developing existing, producing reserves on behalf of its individual clients.

Blame Game

What – get rid of blame? That’s like telling a fish that they are getting rid of water. They wuld not understand. They’d say ‘what’s water?’ Blame is so deep in our culture that we would have a hard time sorting this one out.
This article is a conversation where an attempt is made to work out the conundrum and an ordinary dinner party somewhere in the UK.


A bunch of us were having dinner.

“If I had one wish for humanity I would somehow banish ‘blame'” I said . “I think blame is the single most harmful thing to humanity”.

Someone said at once – ‘No – war is the worst’ – and someone else said – ‘surely torture has to be the one thing to ban?’ There were a few of us discussing the matter and the suggestions came thick and fast – from capital punishment to pre-nursery school, from racial prejudice to whaling – not to mention chewing gum.

Regardless of reasons, arguments or debates – blame is at the root of them all. Blame is like the morning mists that can mess with the view and no light shines.

Well I proposed a vague concept that didn’t register – James didn’t even hear. He turned to me and said -“what are you going to ban?”

“Blame” I said.

“Nice Idea” said James – the intellectual among us. “But where would that leave us? – how could we operate a judicial system for a start? – Who’s fault would anything be?” All eyes were upon me and I had no idea where to begin. James took the cue.

“Utter mayhem Ollie” he continued – they wouldn’t be able to give you a parking ticket cos they couldn’t blame you for parking by the roadside could they?” I agreed. mutterings of ‘no bad thing’ was somewhat encouraging. I said,

“What’s the reason we can’t park on our highways anyway ? – if you think about it the original reason was to stop traffic jams – then it turned out to be a way of getting a lot of money into government coffers – there was no looking back after that”.

“So now you are blaming the government for overdoing the parking thing are you not.?”

“No I’m not at all James – if I were Mr Brown I’d be looking for any which way to pull more money in to make up for what appears to be an everlasting drain on resources. It’s a bottomless pit”. Sarah frowned at her soup and muttered quietly,

“Looks like the military are taking the biggest chunk aren’t they?”. James thought for a moment.

“I suppose you could be right – I can’t think of anything else they could tax that hasn’t been taxed already”.

“Exactly – so it has to be fines now which is virtually free money because we already have the courts set-up and all it takes is another new rule for us to break. – bus lanes have been doing well for them lately”.

“Of course they could always export more than they import and actually make some money that way “. said Sarah business woman and and mother of three young ones. Her husband Michael glanced briefly at the ceiling and said

“Sarah could you pass the potatoes – I really think we have to understand a bit more about economics before venturing solutions. Thank goodness I’m not in politics” he said smiling at James.

“Actually she does have a point, taxes are supposed to be a supplement to the trade and industry – that is the country’s trade – to put bread and butter on the table” said Rebecca who was a keen junior in a law firm working towards a partnership. She picked delicately at her salmon and looked thoughtful. She continued after a selection of compliments for the hostess’ excellent cooking.

“On the other hand I can see a huge welter of blame towards the government for not handling affairs very well – I mean look at the mess they have been making lately. I mean if they were a firm hired to run things they would be facing all sorts of law suits.”

“Yes indeed – said Sarah “Did you hear how Camden lost all that public money by putting it into shares instead of actually spending it on benefits for the people?”.

“Hang on” I said – the no-blame ethos dictates we don’t blame their little cotton socks for that either”. Joe had been like a bulldog chewing on wasps for the duration of dinner. he looked rather cross.

“Yeah right!” retorted Joe “How’s that going to work? the idiots get away with everything – and no blame means they can carry on just doing more rubbish just the same – next thing you’ll be suggesting a teleseminar on the subject – or a petition or something.- “Bless their cotton socks – HUH!.”

“Look Joe – are you suggesting the governments and banks DON’T get away with it already? All they have to do is to find someone to take the blame for them and tell ’em “you’re fired” and then they still have loads of money and everybody’s happy. Joe I think what you are doing is talking about the status quo”.

“Same as it ever was” said James – a bit of a historian. Only a few centuries ago you’d bung them in the Tower or hang draw and quarter the poor sacrificial apology – whoever he was.”

“OK said Joe so what happens if you just say nothing – how can that improve things?”

“Hey – Joe the guys you are talking about are the ones we voted in. We are the ones who pay their wages. I suggest we do that so we can blame them instead of anyone pointing a finger at poor innocent old US. – but just look at the price we pay for that lot… half our wages goes to propping up these ineffectual people” .

“Wouldn’t you say that calling our government ineffectual is blaming them for not being effective? and don’t you think that’s a bit of a generalization – I mean my MP is a really committed hard working person and I can’t see how it’s his fault?” ventured Annie who had said little all evening.

It’s just a question of looking at the facts that’s all. FACT he’s taking wages in consideration for what? What has he promised exactly? No that’s a rhetorical question. Just imagine if every MP took their job very seriously and made every effort to deliver their promises or else make sure that the PM delivered his promises. Just imagine if the blame game did not exist then there would be no ‘hot potato to pass down the corridor to someone else’s office”.

“God she’s an idealist” said James – let’s get on with the matter in hand – pudding – look we all make mistakes”.

“Yeah Right” insisted Joe again. So the credit crunch is a mistake and I know three people who have lost their homes -and I’m packing boxes so it’s too dam close to home. But here I am playing the blame game right?

“How on earth can these financial people call themselves experts when time and time again they land us all in the drink just by making mistakes…..not just once or twice but regularly every couple of decades it’s ‘Whoops sorry the poor just lost everything again and guess what – the rich seem to be sweet as a nut.

“They even done diagrams in economic books explaining it’s called a hockey stick.”. Joe poured himself another glass of wine and attacked the cheese board with the enthusiasm of a Frenchman.

“What I want to know is – how come the Brits just take everything lying down?”

“They don’t and never have” said James “One of the few races if you ask me who learned from our past rulers that uprisings and civil wars are worse than taking it lying down… rather lie down in beds than on a prison floor I’d say. Look at where the Russian and French revolutions got THEM. It’s just that the Brits get going when it’s worth it – like the poll tax thing.”

“Yeah right- they just changed the name”. retorted Joe.- “Nobody’s fault right?”

“Right” said James with a smile – “Coffee”?

********************* Jackie Mackay – is engaged on a project to help the homeless in central London. She says “We have to start from here. Take one thing out of our culture and one simple tweak could have a massive effect”. The scene above could be one such start – from somewhere.

Caught Between Two Black Men

I am blessed to have an uncle who has truly been a father figure in my life. Let me first state I was raised in a two parent home, but both my parents died when I was in my twenties, and at that time my uncle stepped up and became more than just my uncle.

He is a son of the south and vividly recalls the sting of segregation. He vividly recalls colored only signs, his father being called a boy by children his age and the KKK marching through the streets. He is in his seventies and does not believe he will ever see a black president in his lifetime. He moved to the North and spent a lifetime working in the steel industry, and retired on a comfortable pension.

My husband is an Ivy League graduate who possesses an incredible work ethic. He has worked in corporate America for the past 20 years. He has seen progress in race relations, but occasionally he has felt the sting. One incident comes to mind, he was working as an account executive for a family owned business and one of the partners asked him to come to his child’s graduation party and act as “security”. My husband is a tall guy, but the point is this request would never have been made of his white co-worker. In spite of this kind of situation he can still see the progress, but he still can’t believe America is actually ready for Sen. Obama.

I stand between two generations of disillusioned black men. One who experienced a glimpse of the promised land, and the other one who stands on the cusp, but is still not fully living the dream.

Why is it so hard to believe this in 2008? Is it because we have become used to seeing black candidates that were one note “soloists”? These former candidates championed the cause of the poor and the down trodden and, only sought an opportunity to verbalize societal ills on the big stage of the convention floor? Their voices never truly reflected the concerns of all black Americans.

We have longed for a candidate that talked about all the issues. We no longer want a special speech full of rhymes and nonsensical prose.

I believe that Barack Obama is the candidate that we have longed for and I will spend the next few months trying to convince two black men that Barack Obama is for real and the time is now. America is ready and this is not a fairytale as some have said.

It is a time to write some new American history that not only reflects the stings of the past, but also reflects the vibrant hope for the future.

Joni Reynolds is a media director for a non-profit organization. She has been writing articles for the past 5 years and has written articles for http://www.clubmom.com What’s Up? Annapolis Magazine and monthly email to empower women, Just Joni. She has worked as a marketing manager, copy director and writer for corporate and non-profit companies. She also speaks for women’s groups and non-profit organizations.

Snooker Game

Of all the billiards games billiards is probable 1 in all the most exciting. The prospect of potting red and colored ball alternately sees players virtually licking their lips in anticipation. The game demands amazing talent and persistence and those that excel are treated virtually as celebrity. If you want to join their league then it does take extra than merely hours of practicing.


Snooker as a sport demands you to do two things. The initial thing is to have the opportunity to pot the balls successfully. The second factor is to location the cue ball in technique that facilitates the potting of the next ball.


For these who watch the professional snooker players, they, as a rule, position the cue ball in a manner that they are ready to pot the black ball the utmost number of occasions soon after they’ve potted a red ball. Generating certain the position of the cue ball does take hours of apply but it also has some far more components to it.

Stance plays a giant function in playing UK Snooker. The perfect way you stand determines whether or not you’re going to have the flexibility to play the sport correctly or not.

You also must study creating the cue ball come again or follow and the quantity of power you put behind a specific shot. When you may well have an expert educating you all these recommendations then it becomes less complicated so that you merely can grasp the concepts and play accordingly.


You might suppose which you could study snooker greatest if you discover your self training on the table. Feel about it no 1 in your club may well have time sufficient to teach you concerning the game.


In any snooker club the variety of tables is a lot a lot much less compared to the number of gamers and no 1 has the patience to teach the game. An internet billiards club is where you can invest hours studying the sport with out worrying about the time you take to study and practice each shot. Your trainer will make certain that you get as a lot time as you want.


The other advantages that you get with a internet based snooker club are access to movies and articles by which you’ll be taught not solely concerning the fundamentals of the sport but in addition the facts and hints needed in precise match scenario. You also get to satisfy distinctive members and play “members solely” tournaments with them. With information, follow and software you steadily grow to be the UK Snooker player you at all times wanted to be.


Whenever you pay you get much better results. In case you are severe about enhancing your functionality as a UK Snooker player then the paid web sites are your finest bet. Be half of at the moment and turn into a professional soon.