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Black Koi – Explained

One of the most fascinating fish varieties in the world is called Koi. This is the Japanese for carp. It originated as an ordinary carp growing really healthy, in large Rice fields. In the 19th century, the farmers began to see that these carp had begun mutating into many different varieties of color ranges, depending upon the food they ate, the environment to which they were subjected, and the temperature of the water. You can get this mutated carp in a large number of colors like silver, orange, red,blue and of course black. One of the reasons why the black Koi is so popular, is because its iridescent glittering body makes it a really pretty arrow rushing through the blue water of your pond.

Black Koi is comparatively more easily found than the ordinary Koi, because you can get pure black color more often than other colors. You might find spotted black Koi, too. The color is often more bronze than black. The reason is because these fish are quite capable of changing their color according to their surroundings. Mimicry is quite a game with them, and that is why when a breeder decides to go in for breeding pure black Koi, he shall have a bit of problem finding specimens, who do not have other colors and patterns dotting the skin. An ordinary Koi is supposed to live for anywhere between 150 to even 200 years, if everything goes well! A black Koi lives for around 30 years, from spawn to fully grown adult. An adult can lay up to 1000 eggs at one time. The fry need to be taken care of really well, because cold water is going to kill them as quick as hasty pudding. Adult Kois have the power to bear low temperatures, and that is why they do not worry much about surviving the winter in the half freezing pond. The prominent color scheme in the fry is going to turn up in a couple of weeks.

Kois started out as ordinary carps until they began to be mutated into a different assortment of colors. These fishes grew up to a length of 36 inches, which means that a family of 2 could be fed well on one Koi. If you manage to breed the black Koi with another colored Koi, you are going to see an increase in size of the resultant Fish Fry.

The Karasu or crow is going to have orange or white spots upon its stomach, and with a black body. Matsukawabake is one of the most exotic and amazing of black Koi capable of changing the color if the temperature of the water changes or it is fed a different diet. If there is no temperature change, it is going to remain uniformly black. The most popular variety of Black Koi is known as the Kumonryu , which supposedly has the shape of the Japanese Dragon. So , if it has white spots . It is considered to be a Dragon coming out of the white clouds in the sky! With good care, your Dragon Koi is going to give you many hours of pleasure through many years!

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