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Beauty of Black Sheep

Last Wednesday morning, I hit the highway to drop off my laptop to get some repairs. As I sat in the early morning traffic, my mind was flooded with memories from my former corporate days.

As I looked ahead of me at all the traffic, I remembered all the mornings, and evenings, I’d spent in sitting in my car- feeling like I wasting my life away.

I always remember looking around – trying to catch the eye of other people in their cars – wondering if they were thinking what I was: “What are we all following each other to? What are we chasing?”

When I was in corporate I always felt like an outcast. Come to think of it, my whole life I felt like an outcast – a black sheep – someone who always got into trouble for drawing outside the lines, not fitting into a mold, or box, wanting things to be different, and searching for an escape hatch – a place where I could find a blank canvas to draw-out that vision.

Even when I quit corporate and launched my own gig, I spent many years trying to ‘fit-in’ within the entrepreneurship mold. Without realizing I was doing it, I began to try on other people’s visions, and ‘ways’ of doing things, yet none of them fit right. Once again, I found myself wondering – where does a ‘black sheep’ like me fit-in?

The truth is, black-sheep don’t fit-in. That’s the point.

You know you’re a black sheep when you know you’re different, you know that you’re creative, you know that you have ideas, great ideas, yet you may not know where to channel them. You may beat yourself up for being different- feeling like – if you could just find a place to ‘fit-in’, then everything would be okay.

Yet, I encourage you – rather than looking for a place to “fit-in”- socially, personally, professionally – rather – look within and begin to embrace that beautiful black-sheep – that woman who is different, and was born that way – unique, creative, and a genius – who rather than writing on someone else’s canvas, has to find her own to paint her masterpiece.

There are various canvases on which you can paint – professionally, in my opinion, creative entrepreneurship is that canvas, and I have no qualms in saying that.

I’m totally and utterly bias towards being an entrepreneur. Is it easy? Nope. Is it for everyone? Ummm, no. You have to want it, and you have to know why you want it so badly. I believe you need to leverage the platform that creative entrepreneurship provides, and know what you’ll say when you reach that platform.

Finding, and using your Voice, isn’t always an easy thing – or a popular thing. If you’re a creative women who may have grown-up being told (in many ways – verbally and non-verbally) that you need to “go sit down and be quiet”, you may have a hard time with even knowing that you have a Voice, something unique, that you want to say, and only you can say it in your own ‘way’.

I encourage you to take some time, reflect, dig-down, see if the black sheep analogy resonates. If it does, being the betting woman I am, I bet you have something very unique to ‘say’ and share with the world, all you need is the right platform.

Will you take some time to embrace your black-sheep and discover what she has to say?

As always, it’s your choice.

Brenda Stanton is a leader in the field of female empowerment. A creative visionary, business advisor, and personal coach, Brenda supports women to Claim Your Worth™ in all aspects of life and business. Brenda specializes in helping women to value themselves and show them how to go from feeling like “not enough” to “more than enough” – while transforming their perceptions and beliefs so they feel capable, deserving, and worthy of the life-style and business of their dreams. To learn more about Brenda and her Transformative, Life-Style programs visit her at http://www.brendastanton.com

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Can Romance Save Your Marriage From Cheating?

People look back and think of all sorts of things they could have, should have, or would have done to prevent cheating. Some of the ideas are fairly ingenious. One fairly common theme that comes up often enough is the idea of using romance in the marriage to prevent cheating. Can it work? To a certain degree it can. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

So, how does romance work to put the fears to rest and get your marriage back on track after cheating?

1) Romantic acts show that you’re putting effort into the marriage. That is what your wife wants to see most from you at a time like this. She wants to see you making an effort to make things right in your marriage. Taking the time to set up romantic dates, gifts, and activities is a great way of showing her that you believe she really is worth the time and attention.

2) These acts remind her of all the reasons she fell in love with you to begin with. She needs to remember that feeling and cling to it in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Romance is great because it not only takes her back to happier times in the relationship but also reminds her of the many reasons she chooses to stay with you.

3) Being romantic is a great way to show her that you are committed and serious about your efforts to make things right. It’s also a great way to slowly rebuild her faith and trust in you. Trust is the largest casualty of infidelity by far. It’s hard for her to simply hand it back to you so you can hurt her all over again. Making her smile with silly and romantic antics helps her do just that on a much faster scale than is likely to have been possible without these romantic gestures.

4) Being romantic also allows you to put your best face forward and show off a bit for the wife you’re trying to woo back into the marriage. This is your opportunity to let your soft, mushy, romantic side out for a little much needed attention.

5) Does it take more than romance? Absolutely! There is more involved in saving a marriage after cheating than simply being romantic but romance is an excellent place to begin for the sake of your marriage and the many happy years you hope to have together in the future.


Romance is a very powerful and useful tool that can not only help you save your marriage but can also be used to help you get your ex back.


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How to Prevent Cheating In Your Marriage

There is no one absolute right or wrong answer that is guaranteed to work either way to prevent cheating in your marriage. There are some things though, that will make it more likely to avoid cheating being a problem that crops up between you and your husband. Here are a few things you’re going to need to do to make sure that is the case.

1) Spend a little time each and every day working on your marriage together. It’s a lot more difficult for someone to risk throwing away something they have invested so much time, effort, and energy into. Your spouse will feel the same way. Take time every day to do something together that is meant to strengthen your marriage.

2) Consider talking. Some men are better at pointing than others. You’re going to have to talk through the problems that crop in all marriages along the way. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage so stop trying to live up to that fictional marriage that was perfected in 1950’s television sit-coms. It can’t be achieved by real people facing real problems. Real marital problems certainly can’t be solved in thirty minutes or less one night a week.

3) Discuss your expectations of marriage and see if you can’t find where expectations and reality just aren’t meeting. Most people find that when their expectations are really looked at, they are impossible. We have these huge expectations of marriage and what it should be that are simply and totally unrealistic. If there are some expectations that are set in stone you better be ready and willing to roll up your sleeves and get busy working to make them happen.

4) Look your best. Get in shape. Get a makeover. Improve your posture. Buy new clothes. When you look your best, you feel your most confident. Confidence is sexy and he’ll definitely notice the new you and most likely will like what he sees.

5) Change things up a bit. Don’t let your marriage become the same old boring routine. Mix things up and be spontaneous whenever possible. But, keep in mind that busy and spontaneous are not the same things. You need to work on being spontaneous when it’s just the two of you.

6) Feed your friendship. If you spend all your time focusing on the sex, the mechanics, or even the finances of your marriage there is a huge component of your relationship that is starving for attention – the friendship factor. Your spouse should be your best friend. How long has it been since you interacted as friends?


There are not many absolutes in life but one thing is sure, you won’t be able to get your ex back after cheating if you don’t take drastic action fast.


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