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Popular Two Wheel Racing Video Games

If you’re into playing video games that involve riding vehicles that have only two or three wheels, then you might want to see what types of video games are available for the different gaming systems such as the Xbox, Playstation 3, Wii, and more. There are a number of different recreational vehicle video games that will suit your needs.


If you enjoy riding motorcycles, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing some of the many video games out there that feature different types of motorcycles. You’ll find that there are games made that feature choppers, sport bikes, and cruiser style motorcycles.

Many of the games that you will find available today that feature motorcycle racing action take place in a cross country setting that takes you on a long distance journey to your final destination. The goal in many of these types of games is to beat the clock. In some, however, motorcycles aren’t used for racing, but they simply are a vehicle that can help you escape chasing law enforcement officials or other enemies who might be out to get you.

Dirt Bikes

Off road racing action is often times a very popular type of racing that people enjoy participating in on the gaming system. Dirt bike games have become very popular over the years because of the fact that they feature some of the most action packed two-wheeled racing out of all of the different types of racing games.

You can choose to participate in enduro or cross country style races or you can try you luck in the fast paced high impact supercross style races inside of an arena or outside in the middle of a stadium or country fairgrounds.

BMX Video Games

There are other types of two wheel action video games that are just as exciting as motorized recreational vehicle games. BMX bikes are very popular as well, and many enjoy taking on a challenging city course amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Try your luck on the ramps of the local skate park, or take part in some hardcore street racing action in the many different types of BMX games that are available for sale today.

Most of the different types of video games mentioned above are available for just about all of the different types of gaming systems such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and more. If you enjoy racing video game action, then you’ll certainly want to check out the types of games mentioned above.

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Black Box That Floats

The unfortunate crash of Air France flight AF 447 Airbus 330-200 on 01 June 2009 into the Atlantic has once again underlined the importance of the ‘black box’ in investigating the causes of an aircraft accident. The ‘cockpit voice recorder’ and the ‘flight data recorder’ together constitute the black – box, considered the most critical piece of equipment in terms of providing vital clues to the causes of the accident. Recovery of the black box subsequent to a mishap is done by means of the Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB), a device fitted to the black box. The ULB sends out an ultrasonic pulse that can be detected by sonar and acoustical locating equipment. Unless the black box is recovered, one cannot progress further, and the analysis of experts/professionals runs the risk of being incomplete or off the mark. The ULB has a design life of 30 days and therefore, recovery of this black box has to be carried out on a war-footing, inclement weather conditions notwithstanding.

The accident investigation agency doubts whether the black box flight recorder of AF447 could be ever recovered under miles of water! When black box is such an important system, why is it not designed to become available immediately after accident? Why is it bolted to the aircraft structure? When the aircraft fuselage lies at the bottom, along with the black box, how can one quickly unravel the mystery of the crash? There is therefore an urgent necessity to re-visit the black- box design.

Design Challenge with stringent specs

Painted bright orange to make it more visible in an aircraft’s wreckage, the black-box is a tough metal-and-plastic case fitted in the rear of the aircraft-the area most likely to survive a crash. The case has two shells of stainless steel with a heat-protective material between the shells. The case must be able to withstand a temperature of 2,000°F (1,100°C) for 30 minutes. The flight data recorder provides information about air speed, direction, altitude, acceleration, engine thrust, and rudder and spoiler positions from sensors that are located around the aircraft. There are 88 parameters required as a minimum under current U.S. federal regulations as against 29 required until 2002. The recorder must be able to withstand an acceleration of 3400 g (33 km/s²) for 6.5 milliseconds. This is roughly equivalent to an impact velocity of 270 knots and a deceleration or crushing distance of 450 cm. Additionally, there are requirements for penetration resistance, static crush, high and low temperature fires, deep sea pressure, sea water immersion, and fluid immersion. This is in itself a tall order and a challenge for the designer.

The real challenge now!

What is required is a black-box, which floats and does not go down with the aircraft, so that it can be recovered in no time!

That is to say, a black-box must be self ejecting and positively buoyant. Ejection can be made possible with depth sensors or by taking advantage of kinetic energy at impact to separate itself from the aircraft chassis. On reaching the surface, it can be provided with a standard GPS for localization. Today it is possible to develop such self ejecting and position indicating systems for recovery of underwater systems such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, underwater weapons, etc.

Certain unique facilities are available to test the black- box to a shock level of 3500 g, or even more,for 6.5 msec duration. Specifically designed ‘shock resonance tube’ can be fabricated to develop such high shock levels.

Carbon composites reinforced unidirectionally with carbon fibres have a flexural strength of 8400 to 9800 kg per square cm at 1500oC (in Helium). Densities range from 1.4 to 1.64 g/ml, and are considerably lighter than other materials in use currently. To make the black box a floating system on ejection, there are ‘balloon recovery’ systems as floatation devices available. The balloon recovery system can be made to withstand high temperatures, a must for aircraft applications, by cloaking it with intumescent paints/flame retardant additive coating.

Developments in technology also throw up new and exciting possibilities in the design of the black – box. Some form of cockpit video recorder can also be incorporated into the system. The mp4 player, the current rage of music fans the world over could become part of the flight data recording software. If suitable software were to be used, then mp4s would be capable of recording over 500 hours of flight as against present 30 minutes. The black box can also be made to transmit and receive real time data continuously like cell phones. This would enable saving valuable resources for the investigators, and also aid transmission of recorded data wherever needed. Backup can also be built in with the provision of a similar box inside the aircraft itself.

A self-ejecting black-box equipped with balloon recovery can be retrieved fast, hold large amount of data, and throw light quickly on what causes aircraft mishaps.

The author is the Director, Naval Science & Technology Laboratory,

Black Koi – An Overview

Koi come in a variety of stunning colors, one of the most popular of which is the black koi. The Japanese developed and popularized the fish by learning to breed them in a variety of colors and patterns by varying their diet along with other factors. Today, there are so many varieties of koi that even experts cannot agree on the exact number of varieties.

The essential black koi, with its black base coloring, remains a cornerstone of the species that evolved from Chinese carp. Most of the varieties of black koi have other color variations as well. One variety of black koi, called the Karasu, or crow, is entirely black when seen from above, having a black upper body and black fins. Its underbelly, however, is usually white or orange. Another variety of black koi, the Hajiro, has some white markings on its nose and fins. The original all black koi, the Magoi, is actually more carp than koi and is the base species that other black koi are descended from. Although it looks black at first sight, it is actually a dark bronze upon closer examination.

The Kumonryu, or dragon fish, is another popular variety of black koi. The Kumonryu is named for its resemblance to its namesake, the dragon. Black koi, as well as all varieties of koi, can actually change their coloring during the course of their lifetime. They can also become speckled or lose their speckles. Color is affected by diet, temperature and the health of the fish. It can also vary seasonally. A healthy koi kept in constant conditions will vary very little so don’t worry that the koi you select for its beauty will suddenly change to a different coloring.

Koi live in fresh water ponds and eat a wide variety of foods. Their breeding season is dependent on the weather and tends to be in the early summer or late spring. Koi become sexually active once they reach about ten inches (koi grow to about three feet in length). Male koi can sometimes be recognized by the breeding spots that appear on their heads. You can also recognize them because the area around their anus is concave. The male koi likes to take a leading role in the mating season and will chase the female of his choice. After spawning, eggs hatch in under a week, however it is several weeks before they begin to show their colors.

Koi are very social fish and like to swim in small groups rather than large shoals. They can also be very friendly with their human keepers. Many people have noticed that koi have very interesting personalities and are fun to interact with, especially at feeding time. You can train a koi to come and accept food from your hand.

The many different colors and markings on varieties of black koi make a fascinating koi collection. Collectors of koi like to mix up the varieties making it easier to tell the fish apart as well as impart a colorful note to their koi pond.

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Best Leveling Guide For World Of War Craft

Nymph leveling guide is probably the best guide for the world of war craft. The package consists of 4 guides. The 4 guides that make up this package are as follows:

Gold making
Leveling up

You will be able to secure this e book in PDF format. A special feature of Nymph guide is that you can us the guide while you are playing the game. This is the best comprehensive leveling guide that you can think of. It is easy to follow too.

About nymph leveling guide:

The e book consists of more than a hundred and twenty pages. Thinking how will you be able to download it? Dont worry. It is absolutely an easy process. You have to download from the members area once you have placed your secure order. There are clear instructions given, which you must follow step by step. Thus, you will be able to collect 10,000 gold in a week.

The instructions will tell you about the best spots from where you can make gold in the game. Some of them who skip this instruction go all Hayward by missing the important places of collecting gold. The process of grinding depends on which level you have crossed.

But the guide will tell you which of the places will be fruitful to grind. You will also become an expert merchant if you follow this guide closely. You will able learn about some of the principles of Auction House. You will thus become an expert gold trader and will develop enormous capacities of picking up gold with little effort. This guide is for experienced players of the game as well as for starters.

There are a total of 230 pages devoted to the leveling guide section. Follow the pages closely and you will be able to climb from level one to level eighty in less than seven days time.

It has Death Night Leveling included in this. There is Class Guide too in this. There are detailed descriptions of how you can overcome hurdles and succeed in your quest in the leveling guide. The guide has been created keeping in mind your conveniences. The leveling guide is again sub divided in to 2 sections:

Horde Leveling Guide
Alliance Leveling guide

These 2 sections cover all levels. The horde leveling guide has a map which will take you to higher levels, until you reach level 80. You will be guided to a way which has resources of gold etc with the help of horde leveling guide.

In the nymph guide, you will also get a professional guide. It consists of 125 pages. The rules laid down in the section of the professional guide will help you to become a master of all the professions that are there. You can also shed some load off your shoulders by learning some tricks of the trade that are laid out in the professional guide.

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