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A War Within?

An acquaintance of mine asked me if I would read Bob Woodward’s book The War Within, and I told him that I would if he would do me the favor of reading my rebuttal. He also said that he would do so.

I had meant to provide a rebuttal after I had read the book. However, the gentleman pressed me to provide a rebuttal. The following is my reply to this good gentleman:

I have not actually read The War Within, yet; however, I do know a bit of what it is about.

The fact that there has been — or even continues to be — in-fighting in the Bush administration’s White House certainly does not come as a surprise to me. While I have not studied all of the presidential administrations that existed during times of war, I know of some. All of those of which I am aware certainly had their share of in-fighting and even skullduggery. Wars wreak havoc in the world of politics. No one likes war. Outstanding leadership — both military and civilian — is difficult to come by. Even more difficult to obtain (in the realm of politics) are quality individuals who remain steadfast and unwilling to sell out themselves and our nation, if necessary, in exchange for short-term political gain.

I believe that Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest U.S. presidents of all time. Yet, within his own cabinet there was nearly constant dissension — most of it driven by the political expediency of wanting what today would be defined as “better numbers in the polls.”

William H. Seward, who early did not value Lincoln’s abilities as a leader, even tried what amounted to a ‘coup’, attempting to shame Lincoln into essentially turning the administration over to him (Seward) while permitting Lincoln to remain as a ‘figurehead’ in the office of the President. Lincoln did not dismiss Seward for this, as would many faced with the same situation. Instead, he showed both his great grace toward all men (especially Seward), demonstrated his own leadership in a quiet and non-public way, and allowed Seward to remain at his cabinet post. However, Lincoln did make it very clear to Mr. Seward that the decisions would remain in Lincoln’s own hands and would be Lincoln’s own responsibility.

I’m not sure that George W. Bush’s poll numbers have ever reached the extreme low that Abe Lincoln’s numbers reached. It’s hard to make a precise comparison, but when you consider that ALL of the Confederate states’ population probably rated him near zero and probably less than 35% of the Union population approved of his administration at some points, it would be difficult to imagine that Lincoln’s poll numbers would not have been worse than George W.’s at their lowest ebb.

Even before there was a President of the United States, the Continental Congress and General George Washington were all put through the grist mill of negative public opinion when things went badly during the American Revolution.

And, of course, if World War II had been treated by the mainstream press like the Vietnam War or the Second Gulf War has been treated, it is highly likely that we’d all be speaking German today. For sure, France would still be speaking German and there’d be a lot fewer Jews dotting the landscape of the world, I would venture to say. The total losses in the Second Gulf War hardly bear comparison with the lives we spent on D-Day alone in our efforts to turn the tide in Europe.

Even Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson took his hits in the polls and, while LBJ ruled his White House with an iron fist and little was heard outside its confines about dissension, I don’t believe for one minute that there was not some controversy under those circumstances.

Unfortunately, most of my generation has not carried on the grand tradition of “the greatest generation.” Most of my generation have lost sight of America’s greatness. No other nation in the history of the world has spent more of the blood of its finest men (and women) to obtain peace and liberty for others — asking nothing in return. The men and women reporting and writing in today’s mainstream press are, for the most part, ignorant of history (American history to be certain, and for the history of the world — forget it, they know virtually nothing). As a result they have ‘facts’ without ‘theory,’ and facts without theory beget no ‘knowledge’. Thus, though they are full of ‘facts’ they ‘know’ nothing as it really is.

Do not mistake me: I say that America is “great”, but I do NOT say that America is “perfect.” As long as there are flesh-and-blood men in government, there will be no lack of faults and defects. Abe Lincoln was one who confessed this with frequency in his letters, papers, and speaking.

There are many that think things could have been done in a better way in our war with Iraq? Certainly! There is no doubt and Monday-morning quarterbacking is easier (and more certain) than coaching the game in real time. But consider how many generals Lincoln went through before he found General Ulysses S. Grant — and how much anguish he went through with the lives of young men lost, and the grief he suffered at the hands of his detractors. Should this present war be any different of necessity?

And, even after Lincoln found Grant, and Grant proved himself successful, still Lincoln’s opposers complained that Grant “drank too much whiskey.” Lincoln’s wise answer was (to the effect): “If I knew what kind of whiskey he drank, I’d send a case to every general in the Army.”

No, indeed, I do not doubt Bob Woodward’s accounts (not having read them) of a “war within”, but history teaches me that this is not the critical factor nor the matter by which an administration is to be judged by the longer view of history. In fact, the man that has the courage of his convictions, the one that does not sway in the winds of public opinion, the one that is most like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and even John Kennedy (who the Democrat party would barely recognize as a Democrat today) will inevitably be troubled in their administration by those who would cater more gladly to the winds of political opinion or those who covet “good press” rather than true virtue.

(c)2008 Richard D. Cushing

Richard D. Cushing is a freelance writer and author on several topics including history, politics, government, political science, and more.

Great Giochi or Video Games to Entertain All

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War On Nuclear Terror

Iran and North Korea are almost a nuclear power now. Once getting the nuclear hardware in their hands, the rulers of these countries are bound to be more powerful. And it is not new for them and their other neighbors to use the weapons of mass destruction against their own citizens, too. Recent history is full of such proofs. Even if we rely on their sanity, there are all the possibilities that the hardliner groups operating within these nations and openly supported by their rulers may catch hold of such weapons. At worst they may attack the nuclear plant itself and play an unbelievable havoc. Adequately equipped with rocket launchers and other facilities to destroy targets from a long distance, these radical groups are so powerful there; and security personals have often been proved helplessly weak before them.

There is another side of the coin, too. In modern times, no country should be prevented from taking advantages of the latest technology. Nuclear power plants provide the cheapest energy. If the developing nations are to be kept away from using the nuclear energy, as there is potential danger of using the very facility for producing nuclear warheads, the most developed nations must come forward with helping hands. They should providing alternative sources of energy to these nations.

The nations like Iran and Pakistan (and there are so many, including Israel, in the line) can’t be denied the benefits of scientific developments. Nor the sending of western troops would be a solution. Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of such misconceived solutions. These countries have become the largest cemeteries for foreign troops.

To assist them in energy sector would be a preventive measure. Make the economic packages offered to these countries more human and devoid of strategic interests. Instead stamping them as rivals, make them trusting trade partners. It can pave the way for trustful relations. If we wish the mutually assured happiness, then we have to cultivate the exporting of the services and goods only, and not the fighter planes and missiles. It’s the only way for our survival; it’s the only way left for our survival, perhaps.

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Black Galaxy Granite

Originally known as star galaxy granite, Black Galaxy granite is a type of granite stone and is very popular all across the world. The material of black galaxy has a blackish background with golden specks in it, hence the name. The black galaxy granite is widely used in homes and commercial establishments as flooring, counter tops or worktops. It’s normally available either as small tiles which are used for flooring or as slabs for worktops. But it’s most widely used as kitchen counter tops because it’s a very hard and durable stone with a uniform color and background. It’s generally polished and glossy on one side which is used as the surface of the worktop and it gives a brilliant contrast to the steel and metal accessories in the kitchen.

So if you are thinking of renovating your house, you can definitely opt for a Black Galaxy granite worktop for the kitchen or bathroom or even tiles for the house. It’s currently one of the most cost effective types of granite available. Black Galaxy granite has all the good qualities of a typical granite such as low maintenance, hard wearing and durable, scratch, moisture, mold and heat resistant. Along with the standard advantages, it is very striking in appearance and has uniformity in color so that you can use it all over the house with the same effect. So, if you have decided to go through with black galaxy granite as one of the renovation materials for your home or office, then you can contact some of the granite providers in your neighborhood. They would definitely have the black galaxy granite in their product range. It is best to first have a look at the sample of the black galaxy granite before buying it, to judge any issues, fissures, chips or abrasions on the surface of the slab. Only after satisfaction that the granite is up to the mark, should you order the delivery. The edges of the black galaxy granite are rounded in a smooth curve, or in other designs depending on the instructions given.

Black galaxy is available and used all over the world but is mostly quarried from Andhra Pradesh in India. Here there are three types of black galaxy granite types available. These are the large speckled, medium speckled and small speckled depending on the sizes of the golden colored specks on the black background. The gold specks appear on the surface of the granite due to the presence of ferrous rich Enstatite (type of bronzite which together with iron gives a sub metallic luster). But as the quarrying has increased over the years with the growing demand for the black galaxy granite worldwide, the volume is gradually decreasing to worrisome levels. This will lead to increases in prices over time as the demand will overcome the supply. There are other places in the world where black granite can be found, but the gold speckled black granite which looks like a galaxy in a black sky is a different experience altogether!

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