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Lebanon’s New War

Are you watching the news? It’s easy to look at the fighting between the Lebanese Armed Forces and Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon and dismiss this as the usual hodgepodge of conflict associated with the Middle East. After all, we’ve been seeing this for years. Or have we?

There is something distinctly different between this latest battle and past conflicts in Lebanon. Past conflicts have usually involved a strong Israeli element. But the latest incidents are the first involving a Sunni element that many claim is an offshoot of Al-Qaeda. Whether or not Fatah al-Islam is affiliated with Al-Qaeda isn’t clear. Everybody in the region has different views on who supports them. According to the press, Anti-Syrian groups claim that the group is backed by Syrian intelligence. Other media reporting claims it’s an offshoot of al-Qaeda. Every group seems to have a different opinion on both its origins and its purpose, and the various allegations only serve the agendas of the parties making them. The constant finger-pointing only muddies the issue, a scene reminiscent of the Bosnian conflict.

What cannot really be argued is the fact that Fatah al-Islam serves al-Qaeda’s purpose, intentionally or not. By taking the fight up in Lebanon Fatah al-Islam has put a different challenge to the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples and has brought Lebanon to the very brink of civil war. Al-Qaeda leaders are licking their chops at the prospect, hoping for a polarization of Shia and Sunni groups into their respective camps to justify their future actions in Lebanon, under the guise of defending Sunnis and their faith.

Lebanon is faced with the ever-growing challenge of remaining secular in the face of pressure to polarize along religious lines. The role of the Shias and the Sunnis is a bit obvious. But the immediate challenge is for the Lebanese Armed Forces to step up and quell the conflict. The predominant Shia political and militant group, Hizbollah, has its finger on the trigger waiting for the Lebanese military to fail in rounding up Fatah al-Islam and putting down Sunni militant groups. If the Lebanese military fails in this respect Hizbollah, which enjoys the monetary and logistical support of Iran, will step up and stake a claim as the defenders of Lebanon, providing a significant boost in the popular support they need to sweep into power, either by political means or via civil war. The true challenge is faced by the Lebanese military, to rise to the challenge and crush a direct threat to Lebanon’s status as a secular society. If they are unable to do so, get ready to watch the fireworks.

Author is a 42 year old Canadian with a working background in military affairs, experience in politics etc.

Stop Making Excuses For Your Cheating Husband

The time has come for you to stop making excuses for your cheating husband and lay down the law for your marriage. Marriage is a partnership and you are allowing him to dictate the terms when you forgive him for cheating and take him back time after time after time.

It’s going to require that you step a little bit outside of your comfort zone and exercise some assertiveness. Just remember that there is a right and a wrong way to go about putting things into perspective for your husband when it comes to your marriage.

Wrong Ways to Lay Down the Law for Your Cheating Husband

1) Cast iron skillets. They may be tempting and can make excellent arguments in your favor but the downside is pretty big. The wrong size skillet over a head that isn’t really as thick and hard as a fence post can be bad news for your relationship.

2) Property damage. As tempting as it sounds to follow in the footsteps of certain country music acts, that wouldn’t be a good idea. Damaging his property often has the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for in men – especially if you are damaging his car. The business end of a baseball bat can do a lot of damage but the goal for this exercise is to get his attention to save the marriage and not to run your husband off completely.

Right Ways to Make Your Point for Your Cheating Husband

1) Start a reasonable dialog between the two of you. This isn’t a shouting match and should not be an argument. You need to use your indoor voices and speak with calm words for the sake of everyone involved. If there are little children it’s great to meet in a public place to have this conversation that has playground equipment or something to entertain your children while you talk. Best case scenario involves leaving the children out of it altogether.

2) Write it down. Putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper can be an effective means to work out the negative emotions you are feeling, edit the words you use before they make it to his ears, and it ensures that you get to say everything that’s on your mind without getting interrupted to side-tracked in the process. The best part is that you can start your note over if you don’t like it, feel it’s too negative, or just want to clean up the rough edges a little bit.


Choosing the right tools is half the battle when it comes to stopping the madness of a cheating husband and even for your efforts to get your ex back.


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Wii Games Preview of Samurai Warriors 3 2011

Pressing one button over and over and over afresh ability be addled in principle, but it can be a acute experience.

It’s all about the ambience in which those buttons are used. Look at the aboriginal Super Mario Brothers: you’ve got a administration pad, a jump button, and a run button. With just those three inputs, Miyamoto and Nintendo created a 18-carat plan of art.

Samurai Warriors 3 has an advance button, a stronger advance button, an even stronger advance button, and a jump button. I don’t anticipate anyone’s traveling to affirmation that Samurai Warriors 3 will be affectionately remembered as one of the finest examples of alternate media 20 years down the track, but admitting its simplicity, it is a badly absorbing bold with a hell of a lot of content psp games.

Samurai Warriors 3 comes from the aforementioned ancestry of Koei’s accessible Dynasty Warriors, and will be anon accustomed – demography ascendancy of one of a massive agency of heroes, you’ll be wading through absolute armies and cutting up 500+ annihilate counts in 20 minute increments. Nominally, you’re angry as one allotment of a above army, but in absoluteness you’re the one who’s traveling to do all the fighting.

What makes it a acute acquaintance is the belly appulse that the bound combos and appropriate attacks accept – there isn’t a abundant accord of array in what you’ll be doing, but there is a 18-carat activity of ability that you’ll acquaintance as you allegation appear an absolute adversary unit, alive that they’re about to be broadcast like leaves in a hurricane.

It helps that the bold is actual pretty. Nintendo absitively to footfall in and broadcast the bold for English-speaking audiences, abundant like it did with Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri, and abundant like that dino-slaughtering epic, Samurai Warriors 3 pushes the Wii to the limit. Appearance models are analytic abundant and calmly activated – and there can be as abounding as 50 on the awning at once psp games.

There’s aswell a accomplished lot of abstracts crunching traveling on in the accomplishments – units on the adverse ancillary of the map to your appearance will affray with one addition and the tides of action will ebb and breeze about you. It’s an absorbing accomplishment on Koei’s allotment to actualize a breath battlefield on the Wii’s bound capabilities.

It aswell helps that the bold is abiding in Japanese history. Anyone who has done some abstraction of Japan’s accomplished will recognise the names and the aback belief of the characters, and accommodating as these characters in ballsy battles is like demography ascendancy of Hannibal on his attack adjoin the age-old Romans – and again bloodthirsty the absolute citizenry of Rome single-handedly.

On booting the bold up for the aboriginal time, do accomplish abiding you about-face the accent advantage to Japanese to get a added accurate acquaintance (and to get rid of the English articulation actors, who are terrible) – it’s still subtitled, so you will not absence any of the political dramas traveling on in the background, and you’ll be accepting the a lot of out of one of the game’s finest appearance – the 18-carat history and ability that frames the violence.

Each of the game’s 40-odd characters accept their own adventure arc – just arena through all of those will yield you a continued time, but above that there’s a ‘create a fighter’ mode, some online options, and a accomplished agglomeration of weapons and armour to buy and upgrade. Abundant like Monster Hunter Tri, this bold will eat into your time in a amazing way.

Though you’ll accept allies on the battlefields of Samurai Warriors 3, they’re mostly academician asleep and will charge austere hand-holding. It’s a little too simple to get the “game over message” because an accessory that needs to survive gets himself slaughtered, but abreast from befitting a abutting eye on area those analytical allies are active about on the map, the bulk of action (or thinking) you’ll be asked to do is minimal.

And this is the game’s better blemish – while Mario has been reinvented (or at atomic essentially added to) in anniversary new game, the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors blueprint hasn’t absolutely afflicted in its abounding years. For anyone who has played a few of these amateur in the past, there’s annihilation absolutely new in Samurai Warriors 3. For the newcomers to the alternation (a abundant allocation of the Wii’s user base, I’ll wager), this bold comes awful recommended – as a accent abatement technique, slaughtering 25 agenda bodies per minute can’t be beat.

For more info about psp games please visit my website and enjoy yourself.

Does Marriage Counseling Work After Cheating? My Opinion Based on Experience

The other day, I had a wife email me and tell me that she wasn’t sure that her marriage was “going to make it” after her husband’s affair. The husband was very remorseful and swore to do anything that he could to “make it up to” the wife and save the marriage. This offer included marriage counseling. The wife was torn about this. She had to admit that she still loved her husband and she didn’t want to break up her family, but she was so angry and hurt that she couldn’t fathom ever feeling any differently. She asked me if marriage counseling could, in my opinion, turn things around or if it would just be a waste of time and money. I’ll share my experiences with counseling after my husband’s affair and tell you whether I think it helped in the following article.

My Experience With Marital Counseling After My Husband’s Affair: I know that it’s probably not politically correct to say this, but I honestly think that our marriage counselor made the situation worse. However, I think that this was partially due to the fact that we went with the counselor that was all wrong for me. Our counselor was female and while I thought this would be a good thing as I was hoping she could help me make husband to see how deeply he had hurt me. I thought that since she was a woman, she would share my perspective, but this was not the case.

It felt to me that at every turn, this woman gave my husband the benefit of the doubt even though he was the guilty party. Granted, there were issues in our marriage that needed addressing. But, she constantly dwelled on them so that I always left her office feeling much worse. We would argue at her office and then we would argue in the car on the way home.

We went on this way for a long time but as the sessions got progressively worse, I ended up refusing to go any longer. It was only then that we searched for a new counselor. We finally settled on a man and this worked out much better for me – much to my surprise. It’s so important that you find the counselor that you are both comfortable with. If one or both of you are sitting there with your fists clenched and your toes curled, then you are just wasting your money.

The counselor should not “side” with anyone. They should be impartial and focused on healing you both. They should help facilitate the communication and the negotiations and I personally feel that they should always try to end the session on a somewhat positive note. You don’t want for them to allow one spouse to drop a bombshell and then to say “whoops we are out of time” as the old counselor did.

Why Do I Need A Marriage Counselor Anyway? Can’t I Work On My Marriage After The Affair Myself?: Theoretically, you could. But few people have the objectivity to take a step back and see the situation as it really is. This is because you are simply too close to it. You aren’t able to see all of the issues and the nuances at hand. With that said, some people are really quite uncomfortable “airing their dirty laundry” in front of a third party, so to speak. And often when there is this kind of resistance, they will just shut down and not participate anyway.

Here is what a good counselor can really do for you. (And, this is what you will need to be able to do on your own if you chose not to use one.) He or she can help the both of you to understand what may have been some contributing factors to the affair. He or she should then not only help you to identity them but to work through them. They also should help arm the both of you with better ways of interacting, communicating, and restoring the trust and intimacy. Because they are an outsider, they can often see some vulnerabilities and tendencies which may have never occurred to you, but may be holding you back quite a bit. In short, they are there to point out what you are missing and to smooth the way toward fixing it.

I know that sometimes people are just going to be resistant to marital counseling no matter how much sense it makes. Should you chose not to use one, then you will need to be very conscious of working through all the major issues on your own. Choosing not to see a counselor doesn’t mean that these issues still aren’t there. And, if you do not work through them, they will just lie in wait and never allow you the peace and trust that you deserve. So, you should take baby steps toward restoring the trust and toward identifying and then fixing the vulnerabilities in your marriage. You should also work toward creating something new, better and different, which leads me to my next point.

The Most Important Thing That You (Or A Counselor) Can Do For Your Marriage: I believe that the most important thing that you need to do to heal a marriage after an affair is to see this time as an opportunity to create what you have always wanted and deserved. So there were some things that weren’t working in your marriage? Well, now is the time to change them. Accept nothing less than you deserve.

The most effective way to move past or to get over an affair and save your marriage is to create a new, better, and closer marriage than what there was before. This is the only way to ensure that you aren’t constantly looking back or reliving the past. When you have a marriage which is better than it has ever been, then you don’t really want to live in the past because you are too busy enjoying your new present.

You don’t always need a counselor to do this, but it’s an important step that you absolutely should not skip. If you just remain miserable and doubtful in your marriage, then what is the point in doing all of the work to save it? Honestly, although our second counselor did help us greatly, I think most of the transformation was made by us – through a lot of hard work, commitment, honesty, patience, and a willingness to place our marriage above all else while we were healing it.

I know that the idea of working through the issues (whether you are using a marital counselor or not) can be frustrating, but it can be so worth it. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger than ever after my husband’s affair. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is at an all time high. I know longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read my very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/